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  • Today, I'd have to say catalope, yesterday it would have been strawberry or pineapple. :)
  • Hey, bluegreenherbivore- you very eloquently described my average smoothie to a T !!!!!! I chalk it up to the fact that my blender, while nice enough for me and my budget, is not a vitamix or one of the fancier really high powered brands. Since I ha…
  • My 2 cents worth of advice is to start sprouting lentils and mung beans. Great sources of protein, raw, etc. Many sites offer clear instructions. Only equipment needed is a glass jar. Sprouts plus fruits, greens, some nuts and seeds should be an eas…
  • Of the 3, I'd recommend giving in to the potatoes, if you just want to see if trying it will either satisfy you or be disappointing, and either way end the craving. A baked potato or some mashed seems easier on the system and less processed than the…
  • Wow, zinfandel, thanks for some great information on protein needs. Made my day!!
    in potluck time! Comment by osoniye
  • Sorry to hear that vegankid, I'd stick with lots of greens, even if they're cooked, in fact you can eat more at one time, I think if they are wilted. Also nuts, whether raw or cooked are a good source of protein. All of the best to you!
  • Ha ha, Untrasaurus, that's hilarious. Keepin' it literal. 8-)
  • Yeah, the green bags work better on some things than others... they are great for keeping bananas from ripening too fast on the counter, ... really good for that! But for collards in the fridge, a bit disappointing... they turn yellow in a couple of…
  • Great decision to go raw, jtlovesongs! Hope it goes really well for you. I'm sure you'll be noticing many health benefits and weight loss in the near future.
  • Hi Swayze, I'm curious to hear what you did to keep the boredom/restlessness at bay! Feel like sharing?
  • Welcome sassyraw! Wow, I think the answer to your question is in your post- keep your mind on how great you feel on the raw diet compared to the physical condition of the people trying to push unhealthy eating on you. You know, they're really saying…
  • Hey, Troub, Sorry to hear about the stress and non acceptance at work. I'd just like to urge you to protect yourself more from these people- like if someone at work gives you "the look", just smile back or ignore them, or else by initiating a conver…
    in I'm about to cry Comment by osoniye
  • I guess you could say I'm a "recovering omnivore". I still have lapses, but before going largely raw, I was mostly a vegetarian at home and omnivore when out with friends, (and social eating is still my downfall). But, yeah, I used to eat pretty "he…
  • Yeah, I totally agree with troub- keep up the fat content up andstay hydrated!!!
    in uh oh Comment by osoniye
  • mdc- LOL that "annoying tendency to break out in fat"- I sooooo have that too, on SAD!!!!!!
    in Raw Frustration Comment by osoniye
  • Hi gardenmama- I agree with a lot of what kosmoxaos said, and I would add that maybe for you the raw lifestyle will prevent health problems that you will never even realize could have been there. Your personal info is quite limited, so I don't know …
    in Raw Frustration Comment by osoniye
  • Hi chattanoog- I don't know what the recipe is, but could you substitute some avocado and/or mashed banana for some of the oil? That would add fiber and displace some of the fat.
  • Hi odearyme- Far as I know steaming is a form of cooking- it changes the composition of the matter that makes up the produce. Some people do steam some veggies they find hard to digest, like broccoli, but that makes it just vegan, not raw.
  • Hi Abbie- My 2 cents is to start with a smoothie for breakfast- anything you're in the mood for, just so it's raw, and then some heavy salad foods for lunch, like greens, tomatoes, marinated eggplant, onion, garlic, sliced avocado, olive oil based d…
  • Yeah, I've eaten a lot of mangoes like that... I try to pull or cut any really big dark threads out, but I don't think it's dangerous to eat them- I've never got sick from them, and they taste OK to me.
  • Yeah, I agree with Kelly, that's magazine bologna! From past experience what I can say is it's not safe to eat steak after 4- that can give great heartburn, but honestly, raw fruit??!!
    in No raw after 4 Comment by osoniye
  • Hi Kelly- I don't go wild with fruit for fear of dental erosion... but I do eat a lot of tomaotes and cucumbers, so maybe I eat more fruit than I think... just love my nuts and avocados too much to go 811, thought!
  • Hi Troub- nice to see you around again. I didn't know you were running. I remember from your posts a long time ago that you were really low calorie, and still wanting to lose some lbs but not being able to... I'm curious how running has affected tha…
  • I'm no Dr... but have you tried blended apples, or bananas or stemed rice?... they might help. If you've lost a lot of weight, it might be worth seeing a dr.
  • oooo emtpdmom, I'd love to see that list. One thing keeping me from the master cleanse is not being able to eat anything at all and just drink that lemonade. Hope you can find it!
  • I'd steer clear of the wine for a month and see how you do.
  • Hey Troub- Wow that sounds like a great set-up at work. I'd like to know more about your hand blender- is it fairly quiet? Does it handle spinach OK (and other greens)? What brand is it? Thanks!
  • yeah, put me in the cheap blender, core and de seed stuff category. I don't peel apples, though, and they do OK.. I don't mind a slightly chrunchy smoothie. (a "roughie"? lol)
  • I've been wondering- how long can sea tangle noodles be kept out of the refrigerator? I was thinking of carrying some packages along for traveling, might be around 40 hours out of refrigeration, and then back in, do you think that would be safe. Als…
    in Kelp Noodle Smell Comment by osoniye
  • Hi daniefon- great food ideas and great attitude. It does seem to work best to serve a lot of stuff that sad eaters are used to eating mostly raw anyway, and making a really delicious version of it... also sounds like a great strategy to have someon…