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  • I also agree with the maca. I've heard great things about miscarriages and maca.
  • Apple cider vinegar is good for the flu. This is a great site for at home remedies www.earthclinic.com.
  • Yeah I agree, you can usally get african black soap from the health food store. The best website that sells it is www.nasabb.com. They have some of the best black soap. Black soap is great for acne, blemishes and an even skin tone. But you usually h…
    in Face? Comment by rawisbeauty
  • Aloe vera gel or juice is good for cleaning skin, exfoliating and moisturizing. Also african black soap is great.
    in Face? Comment by rawisbeauty
  • Yeah your right Pixx, handmade soap does contain glycerin. Just not nearly as much as toothpaste so it doesn't stop tooth remineralization.
  • I just use regular natural handmade soap to brush my teeth. It's cheaper and last longer. It's also a cheap alternative to tooth soap, which helps teeth to remineralize. Which is something teeth can't do using regular toothpaste (too much glycerine)…
  • Well if your not against washing your hair with handmade all natural soap, this could be a good alternative to shampoos. I wash my hair with any hand made soap I have around. It's get the hair really clean without stripping the hair of it's natural …
    in No Poo Comment by rawisbeauty
  • Yeah I second natural henna. A cheap easy way to thicken hair.
    in thin hair Comment by rawisbeauty
  • Thank you Smwery, Suasoria and Raw Explorer. This is some great advice. You'll have no idea how much this is helping me. I think that I can actually do this and I'm sure a month from now I will be a lot healthier.
  • Thank you Rawmen Noodles. Good advice. I already started buying avocados. I guess I'll buy nuts, seeds and coconuts soon.
  • Nutritiondata.com is a great place to find info on, calories, protein, iron, calcium and a whole list of other vitamins.
  • African black soap is good for evenning skin and scars. Papaya soap is great for scars also. Then we have vitamin e oil.
  • Yes you can use a skin brush on the face. Make sure it is 100% natural bristles. Synthetic are too rough. Many people use coconut oil on there face safely. It's a wonderful skin oil.
  • I second the coconut oil and dry skin brushing. Really look into skin brushing for acne. It's cheap natural and people swear by it. It's a great way to exfoliate your skin and rid acne.
  • I too have heard a lot of good on msm and stretch marks. I think it's worth looking into.
  • Stretch marks are a sign of a zinc deficiency. If you google stretch marks and zinc deficiency you may find a little info. From what I hear taking a zinc supplement can reverse the stretch marks. When our body is low in zinc the skin can't stretch p…
  • I'm not sure if this will work but MSM is good for healing torn or pulled muscles. I know people who used it for this purpose and will start using it today myself. It may also work for a hernia. If nothing else most likely it will cure the pain sinc…
  • Jazz Raw thanks for sharing your story. It was so beautiful and inspiring. I definitely believe in raw cures. I also believe that if you believe in healing, it will find you. But it takes a lot to believe in something that's supposedly impossible. I…
  • 21 but get mistaken for 16.
  • Baltimore Maryland