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  • What caused the epilepsy originally and is it controlled?
  • Great blog, but do you really think all-out fruitarianism is a good idea?
  • I'd like to know when and where a few subsequent generations of raw eaters have been observed. What's Frederic Patenaude's source for that statement?
  • Keep them in the dark.
  • Eyes can help to indicate your body's chemical state, for example, someone with an excess of toxins in their system is likely to have little spots on their iris. Or possibly, the iris colour can become clouded or tinted, so there's your colour chang…
  • Don't feel guilty, you're not harming anyone, not even yourself. What you eat is your choice, and if raw doesn't work for you all the time, then let it go every once in a while. Don't make a religion out of your diet, that's harmful.
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  • Worth thinking about. Ocean currents wander all around the globe, so if they're carrying radioactive material then maybe there is a possibility of some slight contamination. But on the other hand, it might end up so widely dispersed as to be virtual…
  • If it gets that hot, you're doing it wrong!
  • I have used my crappy electric oven (came with the flat) as a dehydrator by putting it on the lowest possible heat with the fan on and the door wedged slightly open. It's not too consistent or reliable for that purpose though.
  • Sounds like fun. Good luck with it!
  • You're quick off the mark there! :) Very simple. You get your quinoa, soak it for about 3 hours, then rinse and drain, put it in a dark place at room temperature, and rinse every hour or so. You'll see the little tails appear very soon.
  • Probably is, but I'd avoid it anyway. Just a money-making thing - you can soak and sprout quinoa yourself within a day!
  • As if you need some old book to back up your choices. Listen to your body! If you're eating raw right then you'll be in top form, all the time.
  • Wooooo foraging!!! The quality of wild food depends where you are. Some areas (like mine - north-west Ireland) have a big variety of wild edibles, but other places can be a bit tough. Do your research, there are loads of books about wild food out th…
  • Thanks for all the advice! I'll give it a go anyway, worst that can happen is they say no. Hikuro, I don't think much nerve is needed to ask businesses for what they'd consider "out of date" stuff, or even surplus stock. Do you know about Food Not B…
  • This might be useful. I live on the Atlantic coast, where seaweed is a thriving industry, and this is one of many companies selling it around here. http://www.seaveg.co.uk/ Why it's .co.uk, I have no idea. :/
  • Sort of on topic, except this lad's mental. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1943037
  • No no no! And ignore any source that tries to tell you things like that! Everyone is unique and you need to listen to your body to know what's right for you and when. This might take a bit of training if you're used to a standard western-style diet …
  • Cheers for the input. I'm in the west of Ireland. I was just thinking, what are sprouts like for energy? I already eat a good amount.
  • Get a few and try sprouting them (nuts too). If they won't sprout, avoid them.
  • Just an idea, I haven't tried this, but how about running some sprouted buckwheat through a food processor and then stirring in chia seeds?
  • Any pumpkin or squash has turned out fine raw for me. Grate it, whizz it in a food processor, or slice it into narrow chips. Lovely!
  • What an excellent post! Reminds me of how I started thinking regarding animal flesh and fluids when I first went vegan. Seems like raw is the next step up. :)
  • How are carrots fruit? They're fleshy roots that don't contain seeds.
  • Fruit is voluminous, heavy and easily damaged in transit (which is why it's so expensive in shops!), so if you're bringing food and don't have much leeway for weight I'd recommend sprouts, especially buckwheat. Do you know anything about foraging? D…
    in RAW camping? Comment by Deadly Steve
  • Wherever there's a niche, someone's going to try and make a market out of it. If people get sucked in, it's their problem. Maybe they'll realise they're being fooled, maybe not. By making a video like that you're possibly helping people lean towards…
  • Maybe wash them if they aren't organic, to get rid of possible chemical residues. Then sort them, or possibly find a better supplier!
  • Are you taking in enough water? Blood can thicken if you're under-hydrated. Raise your intake for a few days and see if that makes a difference. If so, keep at it. If not, I don't know what's causing it.
  • I've never heard of any of this stuff (or read any David Wolfe for that matter) and I don't seem to be missing out on anything. Beware of marketing!
  • Maple syrup's not raw at all, it's made by boiling tree sap. But whatever floats yer boat!
    in agave syrup! Comment by Deadly Steve