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  • I tend to take the word "raw" literally, that is, nothing that has been exposed to temperatures high enough to denature it. Don't worry if you're not 100% raw, you'll still get most or all of the benefits if you're 80% or more.
  • Too many tomatoes tend to give me something similar. It's always gone within two days maximum though.
  • You have my sympathy, and lots of it! Personally I think you need to trace all your problems back to what started them and work from there. And in the meantime, look after yourself. :)
  • Do you need to choose one over the other if they both work well for you? Variety is always a good thing. :)
  • Sciencequeen, I and many others here would recommend getting your carbs from sweet fruit rather than grains. Here's a tip, taken from my own experience. If you're craving grains or grain-based food (as I sometimes still do), eat a few pieces of swee…
  • You never even mentioned sweet fruit? Do you eat much? If not, you should, and if so, eat more! I'm not 100% raw but I've found that when I crave carbohydrates (which my and many people's brains have learned to associate with rice, bread, pasta etc.…
  • A short water fast might help to even things out, it gives your body a chance to work through its backlog of cleansing and processing. Finish eating for the day in the late afternoon or early evening, then take in nothing except water until the same…
  • Forget about what other people say you should eat! It's your body, not theirs! Go with what you like, what feels good and what has the greatest benefits. For you and you alone. No more "is it OK if" questions! :)
    in allergies? Comment by Deadly Steve
  • They're fine! Most fruit seeds like that are indigestible anyway. Oranges are class, keep horsin' em down!
  • I assumed that this whole thing meant free health care along the lines of the Canadian system, but mandatory health insurance is nearly as bad as making people pay for all their treatment! I think something like the Irish system would suit the US re…
  • Refined sugar is addictive, but yeah, I agree with eating loads of dates. They may be a bit more expensive than other fruit but they're soooo worth it! Especially if you can find Medjool or fresh dates.
  • Low-calorie is always a bad idea, not only because it impairs your body's everyday self-maintenance but also because the natural reaction to reduced calorie intake is a slowed metabolism, which means you will actually put on weight much quicker than…
    in AVOCADO Comment by Deadly Steve
  • Get out of the house! Go walking or cycling or look for events in your area. Find things you enjoy doing. I'm the same with snacks when I sink into a habit of staying inside for a long time. Very unsatisfying. It's much better to come home after a s…
  • Could you be allergic to something you're eating that wasn't in your diet much before, maybe?
  • A vegan forum isn't the place to discuss this.
    in Raw Fish? Comment by Deadly Steve
  • This Is Why You're Fat. I forget the author. The photos in that book will make your diet seem amazingly healthy!
  • Mung beans are good. They're cheap, go well with any vegetables or greens, and have a nice texture. I like to have some sprouted buckwheat handy whenever I can though! Sprouted nuts are nice every once in a while too.
  • It gets a bit annoying when discussions about raw animal products come up, in my view that stuff has no place on a vegan forum. Obviously everyone can decide for themselves what to do with their own bodies, but we don't need to read about it, and it…
  • Eating random stuff with your hands just feels so RIGHT doesn't it? :) Tell you what, you've landed on your feet with this website alright. I won't name names but I've seen plenty of raw food message boards that are full of elitism and snobbery and …
  • I rarely use recipes! And if I do it's mostly just for ideas. Virtually all my meals are improvised on the spot from whatever I have in the kitchen, and most of the time it works fine. My lunch today was some lettuce and fruit eaten with my hands, n…
  • Lash into the smoothies and eat as wide a variety as you can, especially fruit! Don't pay any attention to your weight - it'll take care of itself as long as you treat yourself well.
  • There's a small Irish company called Natasha's Living Food who make really nice kale chips. I forget all the ingredients but there's tomato, tamari, lemon juice and nutritional yeast in there anyway. So good!
    in Kale chips Comment by Deadly Steve
  • Why why why why do you want to put any of that muck on your skin? It all gets absorbed you know!
  • Cut out anything acid-forming, like refined sugar, any grains, and animal products. This will benefit you as a whole too. Keep in mind that no part of your body is isolated, and effects of diet, environment and mental state (eg stress) can manifest …
  • I'd avoid Holland and Barrett, it's all overpriced bland shite in my experience. Look for places that do box schemes, I get a pile of random organic fruit and vegetables at almost wholesale price delivered to my front door every Wednesday. Independe…
  • This is an interesting question, I've thought about it a few times but can never really settle on an idea. Would large areas return to wilderness when there's no market for farmed animals or their feed, or would land prices fall so low that people w…
  • While we're on the topic, it amuses me when Americans talk about spunk.
  • Ah, so that's why I never saw snow peas in the shop! :)
  • Mind and body are not separate. At all. Keeping your body clear and clean allows your mind to process out all its own bad stuff too.
    in Emotional Comment by Deadly Steve