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  • its not a juice, but try mixing a little agave and carob, or raw cacao powder together until smooth. it tastes delicious. especially over some strawberries or bananas.
  • It took a couple of days to know i wanted this and a couple of weeks to form something of a pattern. But in saying that, i think everyone goes through phases where they crave cooked more than usual. I’m in it for the times where i’m so sure of this…
  • Hi stacey! how long have you been raw for? maybe it’s just a little bit of detox if you’re new. I had a terrible throat when I started but it went away after a few days and I haven’t been sick since. I’ve heard around the forums that fasting for a…
  • Hi all4raw :) Why exactly are you scared? is it the acidity, sugar…?
  • Your weight may be little low to do juice feast, 109 is still tiny – one way of compromising would be to have a fresh juice in the morning and don’t eat solids until 1? this is meant to be very very cleansing. Be careful :)
  • Oh yeah, forgot to mention – vodka (with water and fresh lime). ill have a big night out at least once every two weeks. It’s too difficult being this age, with the group of friends I have to never drink. I figure my body can deal with it now occasio…
  • I have a weakness for hommus on salad, sundried tomatos and cooked chick peas. Also, if i’m eating out and HAVE to eat, steamed veggies :) Also, organic carob mixed with agave – for the chocolate cravings
  • wow ^^ i have to say congrats!
  • There is so much good advice here! In my first 2 months, I gained 5-ish pounds (starting at roughly 140 pounds, 5’7’) In the last month or so, ive dropped to 115, but it’s only because i’ve been experimenting with juice feasting. Juice feasting has …
  • as an afterthought, should you start off with one week raw, then start a juice fast – for the week that you are raw, start the day with a juice and nothing else until lunch time – that will ease the transition. Jumping straight into a fast will mak…
  • Congrats on the decision to become raw! A juice fast maybe isn’t the best way to start – maybe you should think about trying raw for a week and then doing the fast. They are extremely challenging if you havent done one before, and will make you cra…
  • keep us updated :) I’m going to try for a 5 day-er this time, starting monday as well
  • I think I had about 6 a day. Two grapefruits per juice, 3 times a day
  • Day 4 now – i’m going to keep it up until tomorrow i think. The results are pretty amazing. although i still have some cellulite its significantly reduced, i’m talking between 50-75% gone – for the first time in 4 years… I think i’m going to make t…
  • I’ll keep you updated and try to find some actual information today :) Day two (almost halfway!!) I forgot how bad the headaches when your detoxing can be!!
  • To be honest, I’m not 100% sure (I haven’t read any of David Wolfe’s books). It’s just been mentioned on several forums that a grapefruit juice fast is effective, and I thought it couldn’t hurt to try. It’s summertime over here which makes it easier…
  • How about having a wheatgrass shot or two until you can manage your greens? I’m guessing you’ve tried iceberg lettuce too?
  • Oh, and make sure you are drinking enough juice – drink as much as your body needs :) My absolute favourite juice in the world – 3 apples, and a punnet of strawberries (if they are in season).
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  • Yammygirl – yes, thats exactly what detoxing should be! it’s a good sign. in my experience with juice fasts, the first 3-4 days are VERY challenging, and you’ll find times where it gets worse for a few hours, but you have to keep reminding yourself …
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