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  • condoms..
    in Birth Control Comment by persimmon
  • Alvera roll on deodorant is what my boyfriend + I use...my mom ordered a case of it and never used any of them so we have practically a lifetime supply for free. Read the vitacost reviews, many people agree that it works great and is VERY nontoxic.
  • I don’t really consider dehydrated foods living. They are essential to recipes and “gourmet” raw food, but they aren’t as healing as fresh, juicy greens, fruits, and soaked nuts/seeds. If you wouldn’t eat it in its fresh state, why bother with it af…
  • In the past, I have spent as much as lzhpt…all on fresh produce, and especially in the summer. Now I try to limit my spending by fasting occasionally and cutting down on organic purchases.
  • Please visit my website revealing the truth about this rumor. http://fruitrx.googlepages.com/coconuts
  • Well, when I’m at school, my favorites are things that you don’t prepare and don’t make a mess. I usually bring green apples, packets of grapes, or baby carrots. I like very simple things, so I’m sorry if I couldn’t be of great help in my personal e…
  • It’s good to know I’m not alone, mango woman.
  • Can I like…send you money? Or dried fruit? I feel so bad for you! One thing I used to do was purchase in bulk and label things with the wrong code (only at major markets, never a co-op, although still bad karma), sometimes getting 18.99 items for 4.…
  • Eh…TC Fry did not die of complications from a B12 deficiency, he was a cheater and ate macaroni and cheese, canned food, and ice cream, to name a few. I think a lot of raw “gurus” don’t practice what they preach…
  • Hachiyas are so annoying. They have to be REALLY ripe or else that astringent taste is still there. I do like the taste and of fuyus more – their skin is the most interesting texture, but they’re usually unbelievably small at stores around here. I’d…
    in Persimmons Comment by persimmon