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  • Hey Piscean! Well of course everyone is different. I have found that having juice in the mornings works for me. I feel it gives my digestive system a rest each day. However, if you can do one day a week of ALL juice that is going to give you great r…
  • Hello! Our bodies are all different so this is a difficult topic! However, I do feel I have struggled with weight gain and have found with works for me. I eat primarily fruit throughout the day (usually start the day with a green juice and then late…
  • Wow! I was so happy to see that so many people responded to my topic! Yay! How bout this. Put your email address if you are interested in a hang and I will email some dates to everyone….maybe we can get something together! Maybe we could all meet at…
  • I agree! If you feel great then keep doing what you’re doing! But I have found that miscombining food even in small amounts creates a dip in my energy and I can tell stuff is moving around in my stomach and I might get gassy. Also, as long as after …
  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate the advice (and sympathy!). I am going to explore some natural options. And stop eating nuts!!
  • I gained weight on a raw diet, and then I completely cut out nuts/fat from my diet and the weight came off effortlessly. But I know each person is different so what works for me might not work for everyone.
  • I totally agree about peanut butter! I found that I don’t really like raw peanuts, so I agree that we were addicted to roasted salted peanut butter. I stopped eating nuts completely a few weeks ago and I feel so much better with improved digestion f…
  • Hmmmmm…... well if you are exercising every day and only eating when you are hungry, perhaps you should consider if your body is at the weight it wants to be at? Just a thought.
  • Hi Kelley! I highly recommend doing the MC to transition to a raw foods diet. I did a 13 day fast and lost 10 pounds, and then kept it all off as long as I stayed raw. As far as getting through the fast, it is hard at times. I wrote the number of da…
  • I am nuts about green smoothies. That book “Green for life” is amazing, it changed my life! My favorite smoothie is: 2 big bananas 1 cup strawberries 1 ripe pear 1/2 bunch of collard greens or 1/2 bunch of kale I never make them without at least 1 b…
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  • Yeah, nuts do give me “stomach issues” sometimes—I don’t think we necessarily “require” nuts every day, so don’t eat them unless you want to! You could also try nut butter instead.
  • Well I have a green smoothie for breakfast, with collards or kale, bananas, pears or strawberries. Then during the day I have a really big salad…usually 1/2 cup of nuts throughout the day along with lots of fruit. Weird right? I don’t wear makeup.
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  • I believe the answer to your trouble lies in simpler meals with fewer ingredients. I only occasionally have raw treats which have many ingredients, as they do tend to upset my stomach a little. Also, go easy on the nuts—our bodies don’t really requi…