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  • When I have a craving, I remind myself it's just a mental craving, not a physical one. Stick with what makes you feel better. Everyone is different, tune into how a food makes you feel.
  • Smells like hell, tastes like heaven!
  • Sounds yummy! I'm starting one on Thursday...just the easiest day for me to start. I'm going to add some of the juices to the blender with bananas too. That could up the calories for you.
    in Juice Feast Day 1 Comment by rawinirl
  • Yea, they're nice. If you don't like the fuzzyness, scrub them, a lot of it comes off.
    in Unpeeled Kiwi Comment by rawinirl
  • Perhaps consider a colonic. They can help the detox quite a lot.
  • I've chopped up kale into smaller pieces and taken out the larger stems, dehydrated and then run through the food processor. I store this in containers and sprinkle them over stuf when I want a bit of oomf and interest. Quite nice. Love the smell wh…
    in Kale chips Comment by rawinirl
  • oh yea, forgot to add. at about day 7 or 8 i took a bath and put on an avocado mask (my skin felt dry). it was all i could do to not lick my face! LOL!
  • i've done one 10 day cleanse and i did the SWF in the evening starting about 8pm. i used epsom salts though and put them in capsules. it was about 11-12 caps for the tablespoon of salts. it did the job though. just couldn't handle the taste. if you …
  • BioCare makes a good sub-lingual B12.
  • Never too late. I'm 45 and just started a 6yr (yes 6 YEARS!) part-time Bachelors Degree in Art and Design. It meets one day a week. Great for social end to. It gets me out and lets me have adult conversations too! :)
    in Art Comment by rawinirl
  • Mayo. Not much rawness out west. Have you found much? Ya sorry Elana:)
    in Europeans? Comment by rawinirl
  • I'm in Ireland too. Where are you Steve?
    in Europeans? Comment by rawinirl
  • Use a glass jar with a lid and overfill the jar then put on the lid. You are sealing out the air, which causes oxidation.
  • This is an amazing book "The Live Food Factor" by Susan Schenck. Website:http://www.4livefoodfactorfriends.com/. She was anorexic and then bulimic. Covers EVERYTHING about the raw life and all the bad stuff about a SAD (Standard American Diet) diet.…
  • I've had colonics and the one thing that was out of me that was different was old yeast. I was in hospital 2 years ago for 6 weeks and had lots of antibiotics. My colonic therapist/nutritionist said it was probably from this. I love them and go ever…
  • Black walnut tincture is used in combination with ground cloves and wormwood for parasite cleanses.
    in Parasidic Walnuts Comment by rawinirl