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  • Awesome on drinking lots of water and working out! Make sure you're getting enough sleep too. ;) As for losing weight on raw, I think it's definitely important to focus on just eating raw... but... there are definitely ways to make the weight loss m…
    in Vegan to raw! : ) Comment by TruDance
  • Thanks for posting this article. I know there's a lot of difference in the types of raw food diets. I love that we can share this information here and openly discuss it like this. Now that's what I call being open minded and looking for the right an…
  • Awesome, glad to see others will be able to make it! :)
  • I think both are great. It's more a matter of what you're looking for... sometimes price is an issue too, so we can give you our opinion as much as we want but you'll probably need to try the blendtec before you know! :)
  • Hmm I'm not sure about fresh pecans, but I do store bulk nuts in my freezer. Then I just thaw out small batches and go from there.
    in Fresh Pecans Comment by TruDance
  • It's probably the cabbage! And also, you might need to add some berries - those tend to cover up the taste better. That and pineapple, papaya, etc. Some good greens that I use are: spinach, kale, swiss chard, romaine, parsley, coriander, collards, e…
  • Hmm I use just a regular hemp "nut milk bag" and I wash it after every time.. though I don't use any special soap or bleach.. I don't know about using bleach either actually.
  • CrazyChilean you can make raw soups in a blender or with a juicer. You can even heat raw soups up to 105 degrees F using a dehydrator or on really low settings on the stove.
  • Aww! Thanks so much for sharing your story. So incredible! Way to go! Keep it up, and keep your doctors guessing.. who knows maybe your doctors will start recommending it to their other patients too?!
    in Hi i'm new here Comment by TruDance
  • My juicer also said not to juice bananas and even mangoes. It's funny because I've seen "banana juice" marketed, but when I read the label it was all artificial flavors. Yuck! I usually blend bananas into smoothies, that has worked well for me so fa…
  • Sprouting buckwheat is totally doable without tons of equipment. I like using a nut milk bag, but actually with buckwheat you don't need to leave it for that long for it to sprout nicely. Especially if you're using it for desserts and recipes and st…
    in How to sprout? Comment by TruDance
  • You can also include some "warming spices" like ginger, like on top of a salad or something. That always gets my circulation going, and might be useful. Not sure if that's part of the 811 thing or not, though since I don't know much about it. Though…
  • Wow thanks for sharing Kandace! I definitely agree with TCM (traditional chinese medicine) and herbal solutions.
  • I second the idea that it might be detox. Though feel free to try Kellyanne's advice to cut out spices, salts,oils, etc. Ccoyle oil pulling is when you swish cold pressed oils in your mouth for 15-20 minutes, then spit it out and rinse. You can get …
  • Not sure about Alissa's recipe, but you can try this recipe: http://www.elanaspantry.com/raw-chocolate-fudge/
  • I store my ground flax seeds in the freezer too.. I thought that was because flax seeds can go rancid quickly once they have been ground into meal? I also only grind dry flax seeds. But if you soak them you can make raw crackers and stuff.
    in Flax Seed Comment by TruDance