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  • How many avocados per day is okay?

    A lot of good stuff has been said already. As a few people already mentioned, don't fall prey to the lie that all fats are created equal and that a low fat diet is part of a healthy lifestyle. Crisco, Animal Fats or something like that are NOT the same kind of fats you're getting from eating avocados. Personally, I eat 3-4 avocados per week and have found that it keeps me fuller to reduce snacking cravings.

  • What is the one kitchen tool you could not live without?

    At least we've narrowed it down to an appliance. Still. it's so tough to say!! I have a Nutra Ninja Blender which I use almost daily and I love it. I also have a Raw Rutes Square Rutes dehydrator, and that gets used almost daily as well!! In terms of offering some fantastic tastes and textures I wouldn't otherwise be able to create on a raw diet, I have to go dehydrator. Raw Crackers, Fruit Leathers, Vegan Jerky, ETC

  • Neti Pot

    I use a netti from time to time during certain seasons. Personally I use the arm and hammer brand saline which I think is baking soda based. I love it.. I do know that my ears feel less "plugged" up when I am using daily and consistently on my sinuses. As to whether there's a connection or it's in my "head" I don't know!laughing

  • best type of dehydrator???

    There's inexpensive ones out there for sure. If you're just getting started dehydrating, you could even practice with your oven on a warming temperature setting with the door cracked open. Keep a thermometer there to monitor that the temp stays nice and low. Just to get familiar with the concept of dehydrating. Raw Crackers, Fruit Leathers, ETC. You don't want to spend big $$$ if you're not even sure this will be a good fit for you. If you already know you love dehydrating, I'd encourage looking for a used stainless steel one. You won't look back. Earlier this year, I saw a used Raw Rutes dehydrator (the same model I have) going on ebay for right around $280. I think it had a couple dents or something but still. There's others on there too. Deals are out there! :D

  • dehydrated avocado?

    jeanj said:

     yes that is possible check out this dehydrated avocado recipe and this one too

    it is also suggest to get a good food dehydrator that will help you however i am not sure for storing them for the longer period

     I did it exactly like the second recipe once and it was not bad. A little strange to me, but not a bad trail snack. Definitely go heavy on the lemon juice as mine tended to turn a little brown even with the lemon.