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  • Fermented Food recipe ideas?

    i eat kraut with everything. i love just a simple meal of flax crackers and kraut. you can make different kinda of kraut too.

    garlic, cabbage

    apples, caraway seeds, cabbage

    kim chi



    you can make your own kombucha.

    i like to make cultures pears and then make raw icecream out of them :)

    Are you 100% raw?

    Have you heard of Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz?

    Bucha Belly
  • seeking raw pregnant mothers

    spirited mama -

    i have started wokring with a local midwife, i'll be attending my first birth at the end of this month :)

    do you have a blog or email i can stay in touch with you outside of goneraw?

  • Dreadlocks

    Who here has dreadlocks? how long have you had them?

    I've been wanting to get locks for quite some time now but I keep having set backs.

    but they are back the front of my mind again, and was wanting to get some tips on going about getting them and maintaining them.

    Yes i know about knottyboy - i was wanting to get their kit and have a friend help me....

  • seeking raw pregnant mothers

    This is Tzefira- rawmamanibbles my new name, UPDATE!!

    we are doing real good.

    i had my raw baby in july and completed a natural birth at home. it was so wonderful i cant wait to do it again. my labor was 19 hours long and i fasted the whole time, wasnt my choice, it was my bodies- everytime a contraction came i thought i would vomit. pretty neet to think u can do come intense work like that for 19 hours and now eat or drink. anywho, he came out beautiful and healthy. his color and breathing was on point and he nursed right away.

    i am not longer 100% raw like i was during my pregnancy and i have added some raw goats dairy for the vitaimin k2 - (suggestions from shazzie) and i eat a small amount of cooked food - hallelujah diet style. my milk supply is wonderful and my son is thriving.

    i would suggest an estatic birth to any women( you CAN do it, you were created to do it) and raw is def the way to go during pregnancy, i didnt get one stretch mark - i dry brushed everyday and used fresh coconut oil. - :)