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  • Ouch! My sensitive teeth

    I had the same problem but it seems it has sort of gone away. Whenever I would eat high sugar non-fruit items like dried fruit or the occasional chocoalte I had shooting sharp pains in my top back teeth, it was all I could from falling to the ground and hit my head against the floor from the pain. I asked my dentist about it just a few weeks ago and they did X-rays and found that cavities might be forming and I have NEVER had a cavities which in America really says something. The assistant while cleaning my teeth found I had somewhat of a pit back there and appearantly many people in my family have this too. In the pit food will collect and eat away at enamel so that might of been part of the problem as well, and I eat a LOT of citrus so that doesn't help.

    As for toothpaste I use Tom's of Maine which to me is more like the mainstream "sensitive" varieties, my grandma and uncle both used sensitive toothpaste from big names then I convinced them to try Tom's and they converted. I just got a flouride free toothpaste and I plan on using it after every meal to keep 'em clean and food from collecting and eating the enamel.

    I have researched how to reverse cavities because I always thought all I need is some Calcium which I do get enough of usually in greens but I have also started to supplement again to be on the safe side. The most important nutrient in preventing cavities is Vitmain D. ( http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.com/2009/03/reversing-tooth-decay.html )

    I recommend you try and clean your mouth out after eating anything especially fruit but most importantly see your dentist.

    Oh I should add exercise took away my tooth pain away for some reason I guess I got the blood flowing and more pain relieving stuff was pumped there.