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LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

Afternoon : )

Currently I have been wanting to make sure that I am getting all of the vitamins/nutrients that I need.

I am 100% raw and have been for five months, and i just want to make sure that I am healthy.

I currently use Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein Powder + Fiber and these vitamin supplements called "Alive".

I am curious to see what vitamins/supplements that you guys use - and could reccomend to me.

Im a high school student so hopefully it wont be anything to crazy and expensive!

I have been trying to do some reaserch on b-12 and calcium ect... but I am looking for sites/refrences to that aswell.




  • keewikeewi Raw Newbie

    Vitamins and Supplements are really unnecessary if you are eating a sufficient amount of green leafy vegetables. I assume you are a guy so you definitely should avoid calcium supplements as these will calcify parts in your body. If you want to get a natural source of B-12 and you have a garden or access to wild edibles; do not wash or clean them before you eat. This is the natural source of B-12 that our ancestors have been thriving off of. The organic microbes in the soil are very good for you and don't let any fear mongering person tell you different. Do not try this with store bought produce or if the source is not organic.

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    Actually I am a seventeen year old girl.

    I know that many people are not fans of taking vitamins and supplements, however even though I am getting a good deal of green leafy veggies in my diet I still would like to take some vitamins for the time being in order to make sure that I am indeed healthy and remain this way. I unfortunatly do not have access to a garden or any natural produce.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Mikfizzle~ I work with a line of non-toxic, foundational, effective, leading edge supplements (eg. the first available vit/mineral blend that is all plant derived). If you are serious and ready to take action NOW, feel free to email me and we can design a program to accomplish what you are looking to do.

  • Hey Mikfizzle

    I'm not a big fan of supplements generally but recently I did a course of B12 after 8 years being vegan and it felt amazing! I think B12 is very dependent on how good your digestion is and mine tends to be my weakest area, particularly if I'm under any stress. B12 is stored in the liver so you don't need to take it all the time, I'm going to do a course every year now I think to keep me topped up.

    I also take vit D in winter time as I live in cold, gloomy UK and can never afford holidays!

    I tend to take nourishing herbal infusions instead of multi-vits/ minerals though as they are much more natural and bio-available. I love nettles and oatstraw!

    P.s. I love your blog, you're a shiny star :)

  • LilEarthMuffinLilEarthMuffin Raw Newbie

    thank you so much tulsi for your kind words about my blog : )

    See i dont even know where to begin when looking for supplements and things like that because there are simply so many different ones on the market to choose from.

    If you dont mind me asking what kind of vitamin D do you take, or have taken.

    what are herbal infusions, i have never heard of them before?



  • Yeah I know what you mean, it can be very confusing! When I first starting studying we got all these catalogues from different supplement companies and when I read through them I felt like I needed about half of them!

    Within time though I got to know my constitution, what my weak areas are and what I might be deficient in on a raw vegan diet or during times of stress etc. Now I hardly take anything, just the things I mentioned and some herbs if something specific comes up.

    The Vitamin D I take is by a UK company called Viridian who do ethical, vegan supplements. I don't know if you can get them in the US though. Most Vitamin D supplements aren't vegan so you have to look around for one that is. I know Shazzie always recommends one called orthobone vegan or something which is from US but I have never seen or taken it as you can't get it here so I can't tell you anything about it.

    Nourishing herbal infusions are like a really strong tea that you leave to steep for several hours and then drink throughout the day. You can only do it with certain herbs, I can send you a pdf that I have about making them if you're interested. Just let me know your email. :)

  • P.s. I meant to say that the best way of knowing whether you're healthy or not is to monitor how you feel.

    It helps me to think that we are on a journey to wellness and that this involves a deep inner conversation with ourselves. Perfection isn't the goal as things are constantly changing and new challenges arising. Thats why we need to keep conversing with ourselves and gaining better understandings about what we need to be healthy.

    No one else can ever tell you what you need to take or how you should feel.

  • SuasoriaSuasoria Raw Newbie

    Ick, I hate when people use this site to market a business.

    I take a daily multivitamin, a B12 supplement (sublingual) every other day or so, extra vitamin C (good to have on hand, anyway), an antioxidant, plus whatever junk my husband feels like loading me up with. If I have specific issues or complaints I'll take a specific thing for that, mainly herbs.

  • would you mind sending me the pdf on herbal infusions? thank you. LR

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