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Master Cleanse Cycle 2

Having followed some of the other cleanse forums I decided to see if I could get some people to join me in cleanse. I will be starting on Monday and if anyone would like to join me I would be STOKED!!!...I am amazed at how many people join on the forums, it’s so inspiring to know that all of that support is at your fingertips!



  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I’m already on Day 2 of my MC so I’m a little further ahead, but I’d love to keep you company!! Update: Day 1 and Day 2 so far have been a breeze. No energy lull, no detox symptoms, and minimal food cravings. I have to find a good laxative tea, cuz I got something from a Chinese store and I realized later it was for weight loss, in fact, it doesn’t make me go at all…unfortunately HF stores don’t stock that stuff here in Italy. By the way, my replies will always be a bit late cuz of the time difference.
    Ready, set, go!!

  • Hey LovelyScene I might be joining you on Monday :D Carmentina gave me some great info on cleansing and I will be reading up on it then possibly starting on Monday :D!

  • Hey Lady’s! I’m very excited to see I have some people to join me!
    Carmenthia- a natural herbal tea called Senna works wonders…it’s an herb so you don’t have to worry about the availability…anywhere there are herbs you can find it!
    I am so excited to start on Monday. This will be my very first cleanse however I have been studying the book for over a month to make sure I do it correctly. I will not be doing the salt water flush because I will be drinking the tea! I’m SOOOO READY!!!...Carmenthia Stay Strong!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Hey there. Day 2 is over and I’m almost disappointed it hasn’t been harder.
    The worst part is drinking salt water for the flush. Honestly, if it keeps being this easy I might even go beyond 10 days! I’m quite energetic. I hope it’s as easy for the rest of you!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Oops, forgot to add that I got some laxative tea from the pharmacy – Senna leaves just like you wrote LovelyScene. Don’t know why I didn’t think of going to the pharmacy sooner!!

  • I am going out tonight to get some laxative tea myself :) I might start my MC tomorrow, I suppose I will see how it goes as I am at work Sat and Sun and it might be hard for me to be doing my MC at work lol. Otherwise I will start Monday :)

  • Just wanted to say that I have done the Master Cleanse twice. The first time was a bit easier than the 2nd. It is an amazing experience. You feel so lite and everything seems to move at a much slower pace…giving you time to smell the flowers so to speack. Keep us posted of your experience and if you have any questions of what to expect feel free to ask.

  • Thanks so much Domniki, it’s great to hear people’s experiences! I will keep everyone posted :D

  • Evil- Good luck if you start tomorrow and Domniki Thanks for the support!...Carmenthia I took some of that tea last night and was late to work this morning so use cautiously :0)

  • I am on Day 7 of the cleanse, and haven’t had any major problems either, Carmentina. I’ve been taking the senna tea at night and the SWF in the morning, and I like doing both actually. The tea gives stomach cramps in the morning, and the SWF helps soothe the intestines and stop the cramping. Lovelyscene – keep that in mind in case you decide to do the SWF. The book recommends to do both, and the SWF wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

  • I got some senna & mint tea today – I am trying it out now. I will see how it goes! :/ I am working tomorrow morning so who knows what is going to happen!

  • Renoir- I actually had a question about the SWF..How in the hell do you possibly stomach it? I haven’t even tried..I think I have a phobia about…When I was younger my use to make me gargle salt water and I use to HATE it! Now I associate salt water with the evil doings of my mother!...I literally get chills thinking about it! What type of salt do you get??

  • i have been intrested in doing a cleanse but what book do you guys go by and what are the things i have to buy at the store? thanxs

  • w00t, I started mine today :) I just hope that 8 hours at work doesn’t destroy my will power :/

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    JKMN, here’s a 30 page outline of the Master Cleanse, but it’s really a quick read: http://healthandlight.com/TheMasterCleanse.pdf
    LovelyScene, the SWF isn’t really bad. The worst part for me is drinking the salt water. I’m using a straw and taking about 15 minutes to drink it. If you drink it faster I’ve noticed you kind of start to retch. Don’t forget to lay down for a half-hour on your RIGHT side after drinking. Here’s a good link with details about the SWF: http://www.cleansingorsurgery.com/saltwaterflus…
    Evildarvirus, just make sure you allow enough time for the SWF to take effect. It takes me up to an hour and a half after drinking. I’ve actually gone jogging immediately afterward and no problem. I just wanted to add that I work at home, that’s probably why it’s quite easy for me (so far!!) and I’ve cancelled all my social plans for the weekend!

  • JKMN Another good thing to pick-up from your local healthfood store is the book from author and creator of the Master Cleanse: Stanley Bourroughs…The Lemonade Diet is derived from his book. Study it before you decide to actually do it, if done incorrectly you can make yourself extremely ill! So I would make sure you read the book!
    Evil Keeps us informed on how your feeling and keep the faith!
    Carmenthia-thinking about the SWF make me gag :0)

    **The best info for me JKMN are these forums.

  • Hey guys, I have decided to start my MC on Monday :) If anyone wants to start a MC on Monday and has MSN please let me know :D

  • I”m in! I’m probably going to start it tomorrow (Sunday). Good Luck to all of us!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Update on Day 3: the same as before – quite easy and no bad effects at all. No hunger pangs at all. I wanted to note something that might be why this is all going so smoothly for me. I’m not doing this for weight loss (although that would be an added bonus), so everytime I feel a little hunger coming on, I drink the lemonade. In other words, I’m not at all holding back and I’m probably having MORE than the recommended dose. I did weigh myself at the beginning and will at the end, just out of curiosity. Detox is what this is all about for me.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Carmentina: I’m so jealous!! You seem to have it so easy. I struggled until the last two days.. a lot.. I stuck with it though, to a tee.. didn’t cheat once.. but boy was it hard. I’m glad it’s going so well for you! Good job!

  • Carmentina & Kminty3, any after thoughts or words of wisdom?

  • lovelyscene im going to see if my liabrary has the book, but a quick question have you tried the lemonaid diet before? if so what is it and can you eat while on it? thanxs!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    JKMN, you can’t eat anything while on the MC. It’s a fast really, so only lemonade, water, and mint tea.
    Shutter Nutter, words of wisdom: drink loads of lemonade the first few days, which are apparently the hard ones. Take some wherever you go. Never lose sight of your goal. Try to keep food/food situations as far as you can.
    Kminty3, honestly I woke up feeling wonderful this morning – alive! I think my body’s liking this.
    Beginning Day 4: FIRST HITCH. The laxative tea finally took effect last night (the first night it didn’t). I had to get up to pee once then a couple hours later to poo…not my idea of a nice night. Mild cramps. Honestly I prefer the SWF, as gross as swallowing the brine is, but at least you know exactly when it will come on and no cramping. My sister’s been doing the MC too, and she’s decided NOT to do the laxative tea cuz it’s disrupted her sleep for too many days. Her MC is going pretty much like mine.
    Get on your marks everyone! Ready! Set! Go!!

  • JKMN, Carmenthia is right…you are unable to eat anything while on the diet.
    Shutter Nutter I suggest getting the book it’s small and doesn’t take long to read but it gives you loads of knowledge about why your actually doing it. I am not doing it for weight loss and wouldn’t suggest the MC for that reason BUT…from what I have read if you NEED to lose weight you will and if you NEED to gain weight you will. Stanley Bouroughs actually says that as your cleaning out your intestines you will pass years of built up waste material.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Question: when transitioning back after the MC, should we help our intestine along with some probiotics? It seems wise to me.
    Anyone starting the MC soon: stock up on Toilet Paper!!

  • I’m sending out the Good MoJo to you all! I’ve been toying with the idea of doing it soon, but I have to finish breaking my coffee habit. I’m almost there. Maybe I’ll check back and see if anyone wants to join me for an April 1 (FoolsDay) Master Cleanse. Good luck to you all this week!

  • Carmenthia, the book never says anything about probiotics during the actual clense. However, if your taking anything in a pill form I advise against it. Just eat raw. There is nothing that a “man made” pill can do that natural fruits and vegetables cannot. “You cannot reproduce something that god has created, does man think he can do it better?” Fuzzy, thank you so much for your support! For all of ya’ll, I will be documenting my entire experience via video. When I begin streaming I will post the address! Good Luck to all of you. I begin tomorrow!

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Beginning Day 5. Still so far so good, although two new hitches: 1-having an even harder time with the cold. I’ve always been a cold wimp (I’m a California girl!!), but now I’m wearing gloves at HOME!! 2-woke up a little dizzy. My head’s spinning a bit but otherwise I’m fine. Tonight I’m gonna do the Senna tea a little early and I won’t do the SWF tomorrow morning cuz I’ve gotta leave home EARLY and will be away ALL DAY, so I’m sure it will be a tough day. I’ll bring a 2-liter bottle of diluted lemonade to last me through the day. Thanks for the probiotic advice LovelScene. Good luck to you all!

  • w00t. Day 2 for me. Day 1 wasn’t bad, just whenever I got hungry I had some lemonade or some water. I have lost 1 kg in weight overnight which is about 2.2 lbs. I am looking forward to today, seeing how I go. Good luck with your day out Carmentina!

  • WOW!!...You guys sound like your doing GREAT! I started this morning. Camentina I tried doing the SWF and it is a no-can-do on my part! Evil, I can’t believe you have lost 2 lbs already Whaa Hooo!

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