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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • xeno…

    you gotta go at your own speed

    those meal examples in the book are way out of most peoples reach until very experienced…why they are good is to get ideas and to see what foods combine well…not only can i not eat like that, i can’t afford it

    for me i want it simpler

    as far as greens…no forcing….just steadily increase as much as you can, but never to the point that you don’t enjoy it….

    as far as sharing cooked meals…if i put my ‘too serious’ hat on , i’d say that food should be just eaten to survive, not for entertainment…however, i understand your situation….good that your boyfriend is supportive , but if you truly believe that cooked food is doing you harm, maybe it’s quite a compromise….if you are unhealthy or feeling un-energetic then this could offset any pleasure had from eating the meal together

    unless you are set on it , could you not agree to have a certain amount of dinners a week cooked and the others, raw…

    normally i wouldn’t say, but you did ask :o)

    you need to do what feels right for you…if you familiarise yourself with good food combining and always have a water-rich salad with your meals it would definately help you not to lose too many of the raw benefit gained during the day…a great book for this is ‘fit for life’ by marilyn and harvey diamond

    hope this helps

    veganlicious…hmmm ???? don’t know…i guess it depends on the length of the flight…for me it would be bananas for calories, ease of prep, no need for a fridge, not messy and not a problem for the braces

    another suggestion would be to use a citrus juicer to juice 1.5 litres of orange juice….these standard citrus juicers are great ‘cause they keep the fibre…i use an electric one…i guess it would be a lot of work with a hand opersted unit…maybe a litre of juice and 4 or 5 bananas…very little space

    when you are at the hotel, again bananas…available everywhere, no need for refrigeration…i s’pose once in another place you are free to buy whatever you need as you need it…go out in the morning, buy 2 melons , eat and move on…bananas wrapped in romaine for greens…mango-filled lettuce parcels…. :o)

    hope this helps

  • of course…as flybaby said, oranges…would save the time juicing..also good for hydration which is ideal for flying


  • Thanks for the insight.

    I also thought about doing at least some dinners raw, some cooked. I think what I will do is have the majority of my dinner raw. For instance, have a salad and fruit, and then after that have a bit of cooked if I feel the need. I’m hoping that way perhaps I’ll be full enough that I won’t eat as much cooked food as I would if that was all I was having. I’m just glad my fiance has stuck with me through thick and thin. He never puts me down or anything, he’s just always there for me…even when I confuse him. Lol.

  • sounds like a perfect relationship

    good luck..keep popping by :o)

  • “I’m just glad my fiance has stuck with me”

    He should be glad that you have stuck with him even though he is cooked, lol. Sorry, I’m shutting up now.

  • July 16

    Food Log

    1438 calories

    93/4/3 (carb/protein/fat)

    Breakfast: 4 extra small bananas, 1 medium banana

    Mid Morning: 1 large honeydew melon

    Lunch: 6 peaches

    Mid Afternoon: 2 dates right before and after deciding to try

    Dinner: 2 mangoes, followed an hour later by 4 oz romaine That was planned to be a much bigger meal of romaine, but the nice expensive organic romaine, well inside the sell by date was mostly rotted. This is a repeated problem I’ve had with it, no matter which store I get it from. It seems ridiculous to go to non-organic romaine, but this is appalling.

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water,

    Exercise/activity for the day: 30 minutes rebounder 10 minutes (less probably) running/walking, but RUNNING! 16 pushups 17 minutes upper body weights, sadly cut short just as I was really getting into it

    7:45 hours/minutes sleep

    Sun – not sure how long, was out measuring area to set up for demo garden with coworker. It will be a place for us to film gardening clips for our web site. YES! this will allow for regular daily sun exposure during work hours. I’ve been missing this part of my day for 10 years now.

  • Xeno,

    Maybe the two of you could start exploring making raw food more beautiful. Doing something to make your raw food plates/platters really attractive – color combos, some of those Japanese garnishing techniques, fancy cuts, etc. Also, exploring unusual, different fruits and veg you haven’t had before. Flavor combinations of raw foods that are highly complementary. Gourmet 811! ;-)

    With the intensity of raw food flavors I think it could be really a fascinating new culinary challenge for the two of you. Go over to Give It To Me Raw, and look at Robby Barbaro’s food photo albums to see what I’m talking about.

    And if you’re into creative cookery, an obvious challenge here is the truly scrumptious 811 compliant salad dressing!

  • xeno – my dh eats SAD, but is open to eating raw if i make something. instead of totally different things, i usually make a salad for both and he adds some other stuff (meat, bread, beans and rice). as for dressings i know what you mean about the blended fruit – it’s not my favorite, but i’m trying. i usually make a separate dressing for him – or add some olive oil. As for the menu ideas from the book i haven’t followed them (i don’t want to get too strict), but i’m sticking to 811rv. Instead i’m just using all the vegetables that i love in the salad and trying to modify dressing recipes that i like (e.g carrot dressing) and adding lots of herbs (mint, basil, parsley, etc.)

    As for feeling sad – i can identify with that too. I feel that way sometimes when i think of all the foods i loved, but don’t eat anymore. the thing is i’m starting to feel so much better, that it’s now more of a choice, as opposed to denial. hope this helps :o)

  • DAY 16 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: not much, maybe 3-4 hours of restful sleep; was somewhat conscious most of the night; super-hungry around 3:30 am, had grapes exercise: 20 mins running, 3 sets 15 pushups

    wee morning snack: 1 cup red grapes breakfast: 4 cups cantaloupe lunch: 32 oz orange juice 2nd lunch: 3 medium bananas followed by 1 mango snack: 1.5 cup strawberries dinner: salad with about 5 cups romaine and greenleaf, 1 large red tomato, 1 cup cucumber, 2 valencias, 1/4 avocado

    total calories: 1550 85/7/8 C/P/F

    notes: full, medium loose bm w/ VERY small undigested material (pretty close to digested); slightly less than typical bloating after fruit meals but lots of bloating with salad (moderately uncomfortable); was super-tired when i awoke but ready to get up anyway; felt like doing a small run; had consistent energy all day though a little sleepy for about 1/2-hour around 5 pm; opted to read instead of play ultimate frisbee or ride my bike

    watched dr. graham’s 2005 talk about fitness and nutrition on youtube(http://youtube.com/watch?v=7lp65DC0I68&feature=...), which i thought was fantastic. then watched rozalind graham’s talk, “social and emotional aspects of eating,” (http://youtube.com/watch?v=icsFTnltYuY&feature=...) at the same event and had my combined passions for psychology, nutrition, evolution, biology and physiology reignited – they’re HOT! started reading bruce lipton’s “biology of belief” (found via robby barbaro’s page) and i’m on fire!! this has been a good day for me : )

    if you visit those youtube videos, note that there are six parts to dr. graham’s talk and five to rozalind’s. i highly recommend watching them all.

  • hilary – thanks for links! – just started watching them :o)

  • Thanks for the links Hilary! Congrats on running, kayell. That is one excersize I loathe.

    I finally slept a full 8 hours last night. I had only been sleeping 6 – 7 previously.

    Yesterday I had a 7 banana and celery smoothie for breakfast, a 5 banana, 1 mango, 1 head romaine smoothie for lunch and a grapefruit for dinner.

    1,580 cals 92/5/3

    Took spinning and 2 aerobics classes. Forcing myself to stay away from the internet has resulted in a lot more gym visits. My goal is to go every morning this week.

    Have a great day everyone :)

  • hi guys…just wanna link to sarahs , always excellent, 811 blog


    yesterday (wed 16th july 2008) she printed an e-mail interview with lennie…lennie is a close aide to doug, and a major part of the 80/10/10 team

    short but great…really cuts through the obsessional nonsence and talks of her own gains in health….and weight :o)

  • Xeno, I can relate to your salad sentiment. During my first week, I tried to do it all by the book, following Dr. Graham’s recipes and gagging them down just so I could get my “required” 2000 calories per day. But I felt terrible! And then I felt desperate. Like, how can I possibly do this? I’m failing at yet another thing I really wanted to work (overnight)!

    Well, with helpful suggestions from challenge friends on how to simplify and try to feel out my body’s unique norms, including bmr, by eating less and only one type of food per meal, I started to form a more realistic picture of how I work, as opposed to how I “should” work.

    Since then, my body has had more room to feel out the diet, expel a lot of toxins, and adapt to this way of eating it’s never seen before. Really, I’m asking my body to do a lot here, so I have to give it space and time to work things out, though my perfectionist self would have preferred the overnight method.

    I’m still not super-comfortable after I eat and I have other symptoms I could list, but they’re far less intense than they were last week and the week before. And infinitely better than when I was eating SAD. That’s progress. I’m a work in progress. Forever, probably.

    But I’m clear now about what’s driving me to keep going: the diet, with its roots in Natural Hygiene, makes sense to me scientifically, intellectually, and increasingly, physiologically and emotionally.

    I also have a life partner who eats (so) SAD, which poses its greatest challenge for me when I find myself wanting to explain to him just how I think he’s killing himself. But I catch myself, remembering that he grew up with a mom who constantly shoved alternative health and nutrition down his throat; he’s now individuating from her and finding his own path.

    He, maybe like your fiancee, has been so supportive of me finding my own path, that I would insult us both if I were to try and control his direction. And I know well that if he had tried to interfere with my movement, I would have resented him for it and closed myself off to his influence.

    He and I may have an easier time with the dinner situation because each of us has been dealing with individual food issues since we met, so we’ve almost always (for 3 years) prepared our own meals and eaten them separately. In the very beginning, though, I thought we were “supposed” to want to prepare and eat food together; that’s what I’d done with previous relationships. So that was hard for me to adapt to, but I did eventually adapt. I think the ability to adapt is one of my greatest qualities as a human, and the reason why I’m not still eating SAD today.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell you I hear you. And that, because of my observations of my own process, I have no doubt that you will make decisions that make most sense to you at an instant – whether or not they’re by any book. Each one will be perfect in that instant and will propel you in whatever direction you and all your cells are most compelled to go. You’ve got plenty of time! Try to forget outside judgment; the only judgment with any true weight is your own. And, if you are willing to change, you will do it in ways that make sense to you. Your whole being will adapt. Same with your fiancee.

    Try to stay open. Don’t pin yourself into any definition that isn’t yours and that is incapable of bending and rewording itself.

    Also, when the fear and sadness come up, try to let them be there rather than resist them. I think resistance is really futile when it comes to coping with my uncomfortable emotions. They’re all part of me and they have something to teach me about myself. They want to help me adapt in an ever-changing environment, yah?

    Above all, watch Rozalind’s talk on youtube. The link is in my DAY 16 post, above.

    This reply is almost certainly more cathartic to me than anyone else, but it’s possible a few others might find at least one snippet to which they relate. And I think relating is great, so…

  • fantastic :o)

  • Thank you all so much for both your humor and your support. I think the emotional and mental aspect of diet change are so overlooked in general. We hear so much about this “obesity epidemic” and yet there are new diets that come out on store shelves all the time… but most seem to only tackle the surface- “eat this, not that.” That’s why I really fell hard for 80/10/10 because Dr. Graham goes deeper and talks about emotions and mentality.

    As for falling off the wagon, I can definitely say that I feel better and have so much more energy when I do 80/10/10rv. This morning, after cooked food for dinner last night, I felt tired and could barely get up. I had bags under my eyes. I felt heavy and gross. I don’t like that. I know that 80/10/10 is the answer, I think we all do… the challenge is to lead this kind of lifestyle when it seems to be at such opposition to the rest of the world. I really do hope someday more people will eat this way.

    On a related note:

    The news this morning was talking about new research that came out this morning about low-carb, low-fat, and “atkins-like” diets. They wanted to claim that the “atkins-like” diet helped people lose weight better, but in the end they just came around talking about “fruits and vegetables.” I don’t get it…. anything I ever hear about losing weight, or being healthy, or lowering cholesterol, etc… they always mention fruits and vegetables… but as soon as we make our diets out of those foods alone… we’re the crazy ones? This world is messed up. Why are we seen as fanatics? I don’t understand why fruits and vegetables as your main food supply is seen as so radical. I can’t get over how many people by into the whole protein myth. People always ask me what I do for protein. When I tell them most of it comes from the fruits and vegetables… most of them can’t believe it. Most of them had no idea there was any protein at all in fruits and/or vegetables.

  • thanks for the suggestions…

    el bo…I never thought about the wrapping banana in romaine, sounds yummy.

  • xeno…yes, ‘tis a crazy, mixed-up world

    vaganlicious….banana/romaine wraps…great way to get your greens :o)

  • xeno…one more thing

    80/10/10 can still be maintained while including cooked….811 is just the ratio…raw and vegan are other parts to it…

    what you are watching for is fat levels still…this is extremely important if you are still gonna be eating fruit throughout the day…too much fat will maybe cause you problems…doug himself has said that it would be better to eat a low-fat cooked meal than to eat a badly combined raw meal that’s laden with fat


  • I’m one of the obsessives Lennie was talking about :/

  • Accidentally deleted the original post instead of copying it to format the new one :P I’ll try to recreate it bit by bit for clarity and posterity’s sake – if I left out anything important in my long-windedness, let me know ;-)

    DAYS 14, 15, 16:
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half now!), big bunch of bananas for lunch, grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce with romaine, butterleaf, redleaf, and baby spinach, plus a little cuke mixed in!!) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and plums tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    Let’s see, I mentioned my son trying the Good Seasons Italian Mix tossed with tomatoes to wean himself off dressing, then afterwards, the regular version tasted way too oily. Breakthrough! (see follow-ups by Kayell and me below and on next page.)

    1598 kcal 89/7/4
    1534 kcal 89/7/4
    1849 kcal 89/7/4

    Um, I mentioned Dr. D’s “High Energy Diet” DVD and Natalia Rose’s “Raw Detox Diet” as good transitional programs for those who are struggling with going 100% 811rv. They both focus on proper food combining and Natalia suggests a 2:1 ratio of raw-to-cooked fare, eating light to heavy during the day. Her ideal regimen is fasting from dinner to lunch each day, breaking the fast with fresh juice and fruit only, raw (and steamed) veggies in the afternoon, saving cooked fare for the evening (with a healthy helping of raw in the correct ratio,) leaving the food all night and part of the morning to digest.

    Dr. D advises clients to eat a pre-dinner of fruit to satiation, with 30-45 minutes for digestion before eating the main course. This helps alleviate overeating on cooked and cravings. I did well with Natalia for five months before hitting a plateau, and it really helped me introduce some great new habits of eating with my family (DH reintroduced “Summer Salad Nights” – with all the trimmings, of course – which actually used to be a regular event at our house!)

    I had streamlined the cooked portion of my diet down to fresh fish seared in olive oil and sweet potatoes (Natalia refers to both of these as “quick exit” foods) with butter and sea salt :P plus avocado oil and sea salt on my salad, so it was a simple matter of finding an alternative for my dressing once I learned that the overt fats (avocado and almonds included!) were holding me back from making further progress. Since I had been cooking for the family during my transition, the smell of my fresh food appealed/appeals more to them than theirs did/does to me!

    Lastly, I believe I thanked Sunnie for noticing my absence and explained that I’d decided to post once every three days after we had difficulty getting on the site before the upgrades (similar trouble accessing the thread today, 23 July.) Also welcomed Elliot back and said it was nice to hear that he’d had time to have a nice rest during his fast :o)

    14-19 JULY 2008 Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event in August!!

    14) Running, 5 mph (12 min mile) 15 104; Walking, 2.0 mph, slow pace 10 16; Walk/run-playing with child(ren) moderate 25 76; Stretching, yoga 15 46; TMI ;) vigorous (active) 10 6; TMI ;) moderate 15 6; TMI ;) moderate 40 15; Walk/run-playing with child(ren) vigorous 25 100; Mowing lawn, pushing power mower 20 70

    15) Running, 5 mph (12 min mile) 10 70; Walking, 3.0 mph, mod. pace, walking dog 10 25; TMI ;) vigorous (active) 60 34; Stretching, yoga 15 46

    16) Stretching, yoga 30 91

    What a difference a little motivation and a change in dietary habits can make ~ YAY!
    Vayan con Dios, Amigos ~ I AM! :o)

  • I just realized my little friend never came :)

    Not one drop!

  • Hi,

    I’m still here, doing well and staying on track. Did 1.75 days of mono meals. I’ve now gone back to more variety, but a LOT less than I was doing. The mono meals were helpful in working on some of my less desirable food habits. I plan to repeat the mono mealing periodically (once, twice a week?) to keep myself on track.

    Excercise is going well. Managed to make myself do the walk/run/puffing jog this PM, even though it was 96F! Upper body weights earlier.

    I’ll catch up on posting in the morning. If you want to see my fitday intake record, it’s over on GITMR.

    Xeno Re: “I don’t understand why fruits and vegetables as your main food supply is seen as so radical.” It’s easy (relatively) to grow lots of fruits and veg in your own yard. It’s pretty tough for most people to have a wheat field or cattle. Where’s the profit?

    Penne The Good Seasons mix I used to get was LOADED with salt. Might be good to check that. A good alternate for transitioning might be one of the Mrs Dash Blends. I used to be seriously hooked on the Chipotle/Lime, but there a lots of flavors. You might also try a furikake – sodium from the seaweed, (and check other ingredients), but much lower the GS. In any case though, terrific, and ever so much better than all the oil.

    Sunnied I’m envious. Menopause or effects from raw can’t come too soon. LOL

  • Just got The China Study! Can’t wait to crack open that bad boy.

    Well I succumbed to another meetup. This was at Lifefood Gourmet. I had a fruit parfait and then a salad (no dressing). Way too much Irish moss in the parfait and there was a dried herb and onions on the salad but at least I am not experiencing any bloating or discomfort. It’s great to be around raw foodies but it’s frusterating hearing people talk about how they avoid fruit and swear by juicing 3 times/day. There was even a girl there saying that she sometimes skips dinner and just has chocolate because “the cacao bean is better for you than vegetables”. At the risk of sounding cultish, I only want to be around 811ers!

    Other than that I had a pineapple, strawberry, grapefruit, orange smoothie for breakfast and banana/parsley smoothie for lunch (not a combination I would recommend). Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.. well at least we know penne is ;)

  • DAY 17 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: maybe 7.5 hours, somewhat restless

    breakfast: 1 mango followed by 3 medium bananas lunch: 3 cups red grapes blended with 4 cups chopped celery 1st dinner: 1 mango followed by 4 medium bananas

    exercise: 1-hour and 12-minute bike ride, mostly uphill, some quite steep

    2nd dinner: 3 medium bananas blended with 5 packed cups green leaf lettuce

    total calories:1726 92/5/3 C/P/F

    notes: morning bm was full and loose with a fair amount of larger undigested material (salad, i presume); had several small solid bms throughout the day, shortly after meals; number of times i urinated in 24 hours: 11 (wanted to count after i learned that dr. graham suggests healthy urination should occur between 8-12 times per day); was slightly tired all day but felt energetic on my bike ride in the evening.

    dats about it.

  • DAY 18

    sleep: maybe 9 hours; woke up feeling very tired

    breakfast: 5 cups cantaloupe followed an hour later by 2 mangos and a medium banana snack: 9 apricots lunch: 1 mango followed by 1 banana dinner: 4 packed cups green leaf, 1 large red tomato, 1/2-cucumber, 1/4-avocado

    exercise: 20-minute uphill bike ride to friends’ birthday party

    snack: 1.5 cup red cabbage and 1 medium red tomato

    total calories: 1264 84/7/9 C/P/F

    notes: bm full, loose w/ undigested salad stuff. though i felt too tired to exercise most of the day (mostly because i was still sleeping when it was cool enough to do so), my general energy was good and balanced. went to a party in the evening: ate before going. food (Mexican) smelled good but i had no interest in eating it. left 1.5 hour later when i felt hungry and sufficiently socialized.

    just finished reading “the biology of belief” and i can’t recommend it highly enough! has filled me with roots to connect to swarms of dangling questions in my mind. i thought it relevant to diet and everything else.

    mmm. brain food : )

  • I just want to say I’ve been having some serious emotional stuff come up this week. With all this open space in my body for energy to move around, old fears are emerging by the plenty. And the lack of numbing food leaves me with little other option than to work with the emotions. Had a long night of that last night (after the party) with my partner. Was hard, no doubt, but so important and indescribably strengthening for both of us.

    Also, I am so grateful to be “surrounded” by all of you. This is great experience for me : )

  • I just went to a lecture by Dr Joel Furman. Interesting, similiar to 811 but different.

    I have had pain in a tooth on my lower left when I eat so I have been chewing on my right but now I am starting to feel a pain on my lower right :( Has anyone else exprienced this? I asked a fruitarian tonight and she said that I must be lacking in a certain nutrient because my teeth should be taking care of themselves. Is there such a thing as reversing a cavity? I don’t have dental :/

  • sunnied – I’m in Miami too! Coral Gables area. Which farmer’s markets have you been going to? With all this fruit and produce, I’d like to check out some options other than Publix, Milam’s and Whole Foods. I know of the Sunday market on Lincoln Road, but that’s about it.

  • July 20

    I just realized, this is my 30 day raw anniversary! Also realized I haven’t posted here in far too long. Sorry to all. Must stay out of dramas elsewhere.

    Food Log 1722 calories (my highest by far on raw)

    92/4/5 (carb/protein/fat) According to FitDay, which obviously can’t add

    Breakfast: Honeydew (local)

    Midmorning: Bananas and fresh figs (local), some orange juice to add zing

    Lunch: Longans, mango

    Midafternoon: Romaine

    Dinner: ‘Cherokee Purple’ tomatoes (local), mangos, vidalia onion (local)

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM still hooked on the tea

    Exercise/activity for the day: just working lightly around house. It’s just too hot today. Wish I’d rebounded etc. early this morning.

    20 minutes sunning

    8:30 hours/minutes sleep last night

    sunnied Joel Fuhrman is terrific. Following his “diet” got me from 190 down to 175 and everything he had to say about nutrient density really opened me up to the idea of 811. How was he in person? Anything especially interesting to say?

  • DAYS 17, 18, 19:
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half now!), big bunch of bananas for lunch, grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce with romaine, butterleaf, redleaf, and baby spinach, plus a little cuke mixed in!!) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and plums tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    I also made the orange/cashew dressing/topping from “The High Energy Diet” DVD (no blender, so the nuts were just finely chopped,) and it had a nice creamy taste as a sample dish with my greens, but no one was especially keen about it going solo on the salad.

    1708 kcal 90/6/4
    1665 kcal 88/7/5
    1288 kcal 91/6/3

    14-19 JULY 2008 (EXTENDED INDEFINITELY!) Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event in August!!

    17) Running, 5 mph (12 min mile) 10 70; Walking, 3.5 mph, uphill 10 50

    18) Mowing lawn, pushing power mower 25 88; Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 25 100; Gardening, using heavy power tools 25 125; Cooking or food preparation 60 94; Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-moderate 25 76

    19) Mowing lawn, general 40 180; TMI, moderate 40 15; TMI ;-) vigorous (active) 40 23; Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, feeding 120 245

    @Kayell CONGRATS on your Rawsome achievement!! Thanks also for the suggestion about Mrs. Dash! Don’t know why I didn’t think of that. I just threw out a few old bottles I’d gotten when on the “Six Week Body Makeover” a couple of years ago (guess they’re on the right track in the salt department, anyway :P)

    Oh, and I hit that emotional wall this weekend myself—had a nice, long cry with the encouragement of Rozi’s insights on the “Nurturing Peace” CD. I’m glad that Doug covered this in the book, because I wasn’t prepared for it the last time I went raw.

    @Sunnie Thanks for noticing… again ;-) I thought about leaving that “activity” out, partly because I figured it would just look like I was braggin’ LOL I don’t usually check the clock, but we kept getting interrupted by our toddler that one day, and finally slipped away right before dinnertime. Anyway, I decided why not go ahead & post it? Spices things up a bit and I was curious to know if anyone was paying attention to all that miscellaneous data…

    Also thought it might encourage others to know that this diet enhances every aspect of life. We started seeing unexpected improvements at the beginning of the year with Natalia Rose’s “Raw Detox Diet” (along with DH’s return to marathon training) and honestly, didn’t see how things could get any better. Doug’s really got something here ;-)

    Last time, I was following “Nature’s First Law” and decided to try abstaining to fully detox, since my DH is definitely a cooked foodist (high carb, moderate protein, and moderate-high fat/salt, as a marathoner.) Let’s just say, it didn’t “enhance” our relationship too much which is another reason I eventually gave it up :P

    w00t on the skipped cycle ~ That’s a good sign, eh? I posted a question about fertility and natural birth control on the VegSource board a couple of weeks ago, but think it was too far down the line to get notice by the second day (plus my title just mentioned ecological breastfeeding and natural child spacing.) Btw, I finally looked up the number of calories burned by b’feeding (200-500,) so I added that to my activities, too.

    About the raw meetups, I think you’d be inspired by Dr. Doug’s “Time Out” speech at the Raw Food Fest 2000 (see Part 2 om Ryan’s YouTube Channel.) Last, but not least, there’s a post by me (and one from Dr.D) on the VS board re:Dental Self-Sufficiency, believe it or not, in answer to a similar question. Check out http://www.oramedia.com for information on healing your teeth naturally. Good news all around!!

    Hang in there, everyone, we’re coming into the home stretch! Laissez les bons temps rouler! (Let the good times roll!) :o)

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