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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • Hi Bocelli! I am not far from you (Biscayne and 23rd St). Your best (and closest) bet is to head Glaser Farms in the Grove. http://www.glaserorganicfarms.com/Pages/Market%...

    Josh’s Organic Market on Hollywood beach is another one I frequent weekly. I got the most beautiful fresly picked greens yesterday :)

    How is the Lincoln Rd market? I haven’t been there in ages since everything was conventional last time I went.

    kayell, Joel Fuhrman was great. I found it very interesting that when asked what ratio cooked vs raw one should eat, his response was that he does incorporate cooked veggies in his plan to give a more satisfying feel so there would be no fruit or fat over-indulgences. The only good reason he could give to eat cooked food was to avoid eating another! It got me thinking about the 811 approach. It seems as though, more than anything else, it is more anti-overt fats, than anything else. Is the best reason we are eating so much fruit, to avoid eating fat? I’ve decided to significantly up my greens intake (maybe I just wasn’t eating enough before) and to slightly reduce my fruit intake. I’m hoping this will be the key to accelerate weightloss. Don’t worry guys, I am still doing 811, just I am having 4 bananas at one sitting vs 6 or 7.

    Thanks for the info, penne!

  • DAY 19 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: maybe 9 hours or so, mostly restless

    breakfast: 1/2-watermelon followed an hour later by 3 medium and 2 small bananas

    lunch: 3 large bananas

    dinner: giant smoothie eaten in 2 sittings; 1/2-pineapple, 3 cups orange juice, 1.5 cup strawberries, 2 cups grapes, 4 stalks celery

    exercise: 1 hr 10 minute hike, vigorous uphill and ran downhill

    total calories: 1912

    92/5/3 C/P/F

    notes: woke up feeling tired again but energy improved throughout the morning so that i had lots and felt gleefully inspired to do a bunch of chores; bm full and loose w/ undigested salad material; got a lot of calories today.

  • DAY 20 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 10 or 11 hours; felt awful when i got up (well, i did eat pineapple last night!)

    breakfast: 1/2-large honeydew

    lunch: 2 mangos followed by 1 large banana

    dinner: 5 packed cups apricots and 1 large banana in a smoothie

    total calories: 1228

    90/6/4 C/P/F

    notes: bm very loose with lots of undigested material; sat around and read all day cuz energy was low; took a nap late afternoon; walked a total of 2 blocks; felt much more awake in evening but want to retrain myself to go to bed and wake up early, so i got into bed by 10:30; body and eyes felt asleep but thought was conscious and skin itches kept emerging, so i tossed until about 4 am, when i finally fell into dream; stayed limp and half in/out of sleep until noon when eyes and body were ready to move around.

    i’ve had some degree of restless sleep most nights since i began the program, the worst of which i now confidently attribute to pineapple (i won’t touch it again, i promise!). but the other times, i’m not sure about. i realize i don’t eat as many greens as i probably “should” and i wonder if that may contribute somehow to restlessness and then subsequent overtiredness. i may soon ask dr. graham about it because it’s overall interfering with my activities and work.

  • Sunnied> “At the risk of sounding cultish, I only want to be around 811ers!”

    I understand. Sometimes I feel the same way. I feel like once you read the book, you just “get it” or something. I feel weird talking to other raw foodies who are so crazy about the nuts and mock meals. “I made this mock chicken salad the other day… ” I mean.. I used to be the same way, but after 80/10/10 I felt like “what was I thinking!”

    I usually just keep quiet and listen. I don’t want to push my views on anyone. Even though I know I’ve been struggling a lot, I know that 811 is for me… but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. I just wish more raw foodies read the book, though. I worry about the raw foodies who are eating a diet so high in fat. I’m worried about all the people with the mindset of “as long as it’s raw.”

    As for me, I’m still struggling, but I’m keeping my goals in sight. I talked more with my fiance this weekend. He believed me before, but I think now he’s seeing how passionately I believe in this stuff. He even offered to just eat whatever raw food I put together instead of making his own dinners. I’m not sure if I’m ready for that yet, though, plus I feel too guilty making him change his eating because of me. I think each person should come to that on their own and not eat a certain way just to please someone else.

    We planned out the menu this week as raw until dinner and planned for us sharing some raw “first courses” together. On one day this week I’m doing all 811. I’m going to cut out one cooked dinner each week. So next week it will be two fully 811 days, the week after, three fully 811 days, etc. I’m hoping that cutting out one dinner each week will help. That way I’ll still have a few cooked dinners to fall back on during the week if I’m struggling. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be emotionally okay with eating fully 811 all the time. The end goal is that what are main courses for me can be side courses for him- that way we can still get that teamwork-dinner experience.

    I’ve also thought about the suggestions of mono meals. I think once I’ve cut out the cooked dinners I might give it a try. I think it would be a good exercise for me. I’d really like to step away from food and have a better relationship with it. I struggled with bulimia in college, and even now I suffer from occasional binges. I’ve had counseling, but I think doing something like the mono meals idea might help to get my mind right with food. Maybe someday when I’m more experienced I could even try fasting. I’m sure that’s a big emotional undertaking, but I imagine cutting food out of the picture completely can only be an eye-opening experience.

  • way to be creative, xeno!

  • DAY 21 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 7 hours of restless sleep, 5 hours of restful sleep

    breakfast: 5 packed cups apricots and 3 small bananas in a smoothie

    lunch: 4 heads (they’re little and might all add up to a lb.) bibb lettuce

    dinner: 5 cups apricot halves and 2.5 cups grapes in a smoothie

    total calories: 1371

    85/10/5 C/P/F (apricots have lots of protein!)

    notes: felt terrible this morning and was very low energy all day. i did not expect this to happen, as pineapple was ingested two days ago. now i wonder if there’s an issue with nectarines combined with bananas because i felt weird after eating them today and they left an icky taste in my mouth which was the same flavor as had been there all night. who knows?! all part of the experiment. finally began to perk up around 5 pm. got about 20 minutes of sun. no exercise. bm upon awakening was full with less undigested material (that i ate no lettuce the past two days probably had something to do with it).

  • bananas and nectarines… :o( bound to give you problems after 3 weeks of the simpler life…bad combo

  • I’ve been reading this topic all month. :) And I’ve stuck to it, myself, but haven’t been posting because I wasn’t keeping track of calories. All I’ve eaten is watermelon since the challenge began. I am doing Richard’s Fruitarian Fitness boot camp, and feel that the watermelon is giving me exactly what I need.

    I just received my copy of 811, had to save up to get it. Reading it now with interest. I was stumped by a question a friend had. I was reading it out loud to her (nothing is more annoying than the voice of the newly converted, ha ha), and she said:

    “So if we salivate at fruit, and don’t salivate at cows in a pasture, why do we salivate at a big, juicy cooked steak and french fries?

    She had me there.


  • I am moving out of my apartment at the end of next month and looking for ideas on where to go. Is anyone here familiar with WOOFF?

  • littlebirdie…salivating at french fries and steak is down to the aromas created during the cooking process and from the added spices….it is probably only due to conditioning that we associate those smells with memories of taste pleasure that gets us drooling

    i doubt that they would trigger the same reactions in someone who’d never known these foods….

    sunnied…i’ve looked into the possibility of wwoofing, but not got around to doing it yet…i’ve met many folks on meditation retreats that have found it to be an excellent experience…your experience will, as always, depend on the type of farm, the owners and the other folks who are working/living alongside you

  • When was the last time your friend salivated over some nice raw pink chicken? lol

  • Sunnied: don’t know about WWOOF except what I read briefly online. I tried to get a listing of U.S. farms that participate but the site required my membership to do so. There are lots of organic farms around where I live (Paonia, Colo.) that are often accepting help. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them are part of WWOOF. They bring in lots of newcomers and young energy to the area. Let me know if you want the names of any.

    El-bo: it was bananas and apricots (I mix up apricots and nectarines all the time), but I think you’re right and so was my body about that combo being bad. Thanks for confirming.

  • Hey everybody… just wanted to drop in and say hey again. My dietary consumption today -

    10 bananas @ breakfast 5 bananas around 3:30pm A salad comprised of a whole head of bibb (aka butter, boston) lettuce, a zucchini, a tomato, a few slices of fennel and the juice of a lemon.

    Not sure about the total calories; I stopped counting a while back.

    Wishing everyone the best,


  • Thanks Hil! Actually, I think I am going to try it local first and if the experience is good, venture out of the country. This is about an hour away from me. . What do you guys think? http://www.paradisefarms.net/index.html click volunteers

  • DAY 22 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 6.5 hours (got myself to bed at 10, lay there for 2.5 hours before nodding off, and woke up at 7 feeling ready-ish to run)

    exercise: 57-minute run (about 60% was uphill)

    breakfast: 1/2 large honeydew

    lunch: 4 giant bananas

    dinner 1: 2.75 cups apricots blended and mixed with 6 oz whole blueberries (a delicious soup!)

    snack: 1 mango

    dinner 2: 4 small heads of bibb lettuce, 1 cup of yellow and cherry tomatoes, 2 cups apricots blended, 3 oz blueberries

    snack: tbsp sunflower seed kernels

    total calories: 1737

    81/8/11 C/P/F

    notes: no bm aside from small, pencil-like, and/or mucus-y periodically throughout day; my run felt good and i was plenty hydrated; i did have difficulty eating much of the salad b/c of immediate bloating. only got a half-pound instead of the whole pound, but i feel ok about that… mostly. sometimes i get this fear that i’m not getting enough nutrients but then i remind myself it’s only been three weeks, and i have been getting some, even if not as much as doug recommends. taking it at my body’s pace. experienced some pretty strong cravings for my partner’s fettucini alfredo after i’d eaten my dinner so i grabbed some sunflower seeds. i knew if i ate that stuff, it’d kill me (fat aside, it’s a tub of gluten!), so i didn’t come close to indulging…. but i still wanted to. the cravings didn’t last too long, tho, and were much easier to handle than any cravings i’ve had pre-811. and that says a lot!

  • SO

    i’m backing out on you guys :o(

    this month has been interesting to me….much mono-mealing and mono-daying….and water-fasting…8 of the last 12 days have been purely on water…i’m entering day 4 of my second fast

    i have had some cooked failings also, but ultimately it has been a good month….the biggest benefit has been on my mood…i have managed to get back to a stage where i’m more focused on what i need to do to get to the future that i want…this has been realised with the help of everyone i’ve had the pleasure to be in contact with over the last few months on this site and over at gi2mr

    i haven’t lost faith in 811…on the contrary, everyones experience here has only strengthened what i thought might be true

    but i have to back out of raw, in general, for a while

    i am 99% of the way to being accepted as a long-term server at a vipassana meditation retreat in italy…my being in barcelona is as a spin-off from my 5 months spent last year in the barcelona retreat…i didn’t plan on staying, just kinda happened and it’s taken me quite a while to get it together to get back to my original plans….the city life aint for me

    i will probably go next month or early the following….i have to be extremely tight with my money to save for my extended stay….i’m gonna soon start to transition from water fasting to a simple high-raw vegan diet before i go and continue the same while there

    so, anyways…these retreats are run purely on a donation basis from previous meditaion students…i simply will not be able to eat enough food to maintain raw…and 811 is obviously out of the question

    the food is generally ‘healthy’ vegetarian and as such i will be able to eat vegan and keep my meals well-combined

    i’m prepared to take a hit on my health in this aspect in exchange for the numerous other benefits to my well being that these retreats afford me

    it wont be forever, though i can probably stay for as long as i want :o)

    i would like to think that these monthly challenges will continue on this site….as the popularity of 811 grows, this is the ideal opportunity for the wide-eyed newbies to have a go :o)....hopefully one of you , who feels to continue past july, will caontinue to keep the impetus/momentum

    i hope you don’t feel i’ve let you down….

    i will , of course, keep dropping by to see how everyone is doing

  • DAYS 20, 21, 22:
    Still sticking to the same basic menu every day for simplicity’s sake in logging my caloronutrients (per Dr. D’s advice to focus on variety by season rather than individual meals:

    Melons for breakfast (up to a whole half now!), big bunch of bananas for lunch, grapes for pre-dinner, and mixed greens with tomato (up to 3/4 head of lettuce with romaine, butterleaf, redleaf, and baby spinach, plus a little cuke mixed in!!) Then, there’s peaches, nectarines, and plums tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    Had a handful or two of cashews the other night and it took my fat readings off the chart! I hadn’t eaten the usual watermelon that morning, so that explains the big difference. Also figured out that my wedges are twice the size of the measurement at Nutridiary, so I’ve been logging about 200 calories too low all this time :P At least I know I wasn’t as far behind on some days as I thought.

    1529 kcal 89/7/4
    1310 kcal 74/8/18
    1601 kcal 90/6/4

    @Dave Looks like you are way under your necessary calorie count to me, but I could be mistaken. Here’s a sample comparison from yesterday’s menu which reflects one of my highest intakes on 811rv, so far (1601 kcal):

    breakfast (meal) 811b 1/2 seeded watermelon 678kcal (4/89/7%)
    snack (meal) 811s 6 bananas med 630kcal (3/93/4%)
    dinner (meal) 811s-1 lb. grapes 220kcal (2/94/4%)
    dinner (meal) 811d (equiv. 1 head) mixed greens, whole tomato and 1 c. grape tomatoes 73kcal (11/68/21%)

    @Kayell Original Mrs. Dash turned out to be WAY too spicy (cayenne?) for my son, so I found some salt-free Italian Seasoning in the cabinet (Pampered Chef and McCormick’s) but Vince suggested a simple sprinkling of oregano with a dash of garlic mixed with chopped tomatoes would probably satisfy his craving for a little more flavor. Voila! It worked and he’s dropped salt for good! Vince is also eating tomatoes whole without accompaniment, so I believe it’s only a matter of time before his palate rejects the spicy, dried additives and goes all raw!! Thanks again for the suggestion—opened the way for a little creativity on our part :D

    14-19 JULY 2008 (EXTENDED INDEFINITELY!) Click the link above to read my post at VS about being inspired by Dr. Doug’s upcoming event in August!!

    Slow week – workin’ overtime :P
    20) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, feeding 120 245; Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 10 40

    21) Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, feeding 120 245; Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 10 40

    22) Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-moderate 25 76; Walk/run-playing with child(ren)-vigorous 15 60; Child care: sitting/kneeling-dressing, feeding 120 245

    @Birdie Watermelon-my fave!! Glad you decided to chirp in! :D Check out Dr. Doug’s advice on sharing this way of life (preferably by example, which I also learned the hard way) with both the curious and the skeptical at the Raw Food Fest 2000 (see Part 10 on Ryan’s YouTube Channel)

    The following excerpts are from The Physiology Of Digestion at rawfoodexplained.com

    Visual appearance of food is an important part of the digestive process. People start to salivate at colorful pictures of food dishes. If the food is pretty and served in a visually pleasing manner the amount of digestive juices secreted is greater than if the food appears distasteful or if it is served in unpleasant surroundings.

    ...Notice that advertisements for steaks and hamburgers prominently feature salad with vegetables, their attractive colors of red, green and yellow to contrast with the distastefully brown or black meat. Digestion, or lack of it, begins with the eyes.

    The fragrance of food stimulates the olfactory nerves, which in turn starts the salivation process. This does not mean, however, that food must be overwhelmingly ‘fragrant,’ as is the usual case with cooked foods and spices and onions.

    Smelling food is actually a subtle experience that may require re-educating the sense of smell if it is jaded by over-seasoned cooked food.

    WAY TO GO, XENO and HILARY, too! According to Dr. D’s Food Combo Chart, sub-acid and sweet fruits should be compatible. Of course, he advises mono-mealing, anyway, since variety can lead to cravings/addictions—so if it didn’t sit well with you, good incentive to take ‘em solo.

    @Sunnie Are you actually taking in too many calories with the fruit? I’m still working on getting in a couple of platefuls of greens every day, but otherwise, I’m just beginning to stretch my stomach to full capacity. If it weren’t for the fruit, I’d be way under my daily requirement, especially when I’m active ;-)

    Beautiful farm :D Have you asked Dr. D if he knows of any WWOOF hosts in the area (he’s located in nearby Marathon, right?) I’m sure the Grahams have some great raw/organic connections in their circle of friends!

    Btw, I surfed over to the WWOOF site and followed a link to Urban Fruit Gleaners – We need to get all the 811’ers to put a program like this together here in Eastern US!! One of our neighbors up in the Ozarks had a huge pear tree and left rotten fruit all over the ground every year. Stunk to high heaven, but they never asked anyone to help them harvest and get some use out of all that produce!

    When we first moved to Florida, our home had a fig tree that was about 10 years old, and as soon as we got settled in, one of the neighbors came by and said she had always been envious of that tree but had never felt comfortable about asking for a cutting or a share of the abundance of fruit it bore. Of course, we were more than happy to let her have both!

    31 Days, here we come!! And what a terrific trial run it’s been. Thanks for everyone’s support and especially to Elliot for providing the diving platform ;-) C’mon in, the water’s fine.

    EDIT: I totally missed the message about the awesome retreat in Italy!! Although I’m sure everyone will be sorry to see you go, El, I know this decision must come at the right time and place for you at this stage of the game. Please do keep in touch and thanks again for helping us all take the plunge to 811!

  • luckypenne: According to my BMR @ my size (124 lbs.) I should be around 1800 if sedentary – with my activity level around 2000+.

    I used to worry about counting; however, since I’ve been doing 811rv for several months now it has become increasingly easier to listen to what my body wants/doesn’t want. There have even been days I’ve eaten only fruit as well as days when I’ve eaten absolutely nothing but greens. I’ve also eaten 30 bananas (nothing compared to Harley, lol) on one occasion after a VERY intense workout.

    It’s good to hear you are doing well on the lifestyle change. What has been the most positive experience for you? How about negative? :)

    el-bo – Sorry to see you go man! what an amazing opportunity – I wish you the absolute best. Be careful and enjoy everything it has to offer!



  • cheers, guys

    you know, penne…your enthusiasm and attention to detail would make you a great choice to continue these ‘experiences’


  • El-bo, thank you sincerely for being my inspiration to do this thing right. The group atmosphere you created has been undeniably supportive and necessary to my progress, especially in times of self-doubt. I’m happy to have shared back and forth with you on GITMR as well.

    During your retreat, will you be completely off the internet? Sounds fabulous : )

  • no, i can maintain contact…just not as i have been recently :o)

  • elbo – thank you so much for introducing me to 811. all your posts have been really thoughtful, informative and supportive.

    the retreat looks beautiful. wishing you all the best. we’ll miss you.

  • You found your escape from the city, congratualtions! Thank you so much for bringing this all together, el. Best of luck to you on your journey.

    Seeded watermelon, penne? I’m jealous.

    Good job on standing up to your SAD craving, Hilary. One thing I take for granted is living alone and not having anything at home that is not 811-friendly. Kudos to all of you who live with others, for that matter.

    Dave, I may not have to go through WWOOF after all. Last night I mentioned to my yoga teacher (who is a long time raw foodie) that I want to get rid of everything and move out of the city and she told me about her friend from up north who did the same thing and moved to Costa Rica. She sent me his info today, I emailed him and he is looking for volunteers. Tell me this doesn’t look like paradise. .


  • DAY 23 (also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…)

    sleep: 7.5 hours restful : )

    breakfast: 32 oz orange juice

    lunch: 1 giant and 4 large bananas blended with 5 packed cups of romaine and purple lettuce

    snack: 3 oz blueberries

    dinner: 1 yellow tomato, 1 small red tomato, 1 large cucumber and chopped basil leaves

    exercise: 45-min walk at moderate pace (just before dinner)

    total calories: 1221

    88/8/4 C/P/F

    skin report: acne occurrence is at same frequency as when i started my challenge; no better, no worse. however, skin dryness has improved noticeably: no flaking happening anywhere

    menstrual report: i’ve been spotting since the middle of my first week and when i reported last week to have begun my period, it was a false alarm…i guess. having never had consistent regular periods, i’m never really sure where in my cycle i am, whether i ovulate, etc.

    notes: full am bm with little undigested mat’l; many small bms throughout day; general energy good, balanced; ate too much green smoothie at once (wasn’t listening to my body, but was more focused on getting the “right” amount of calories, which is pretty arbitrary at this point, considering i don’t, with any certainty, know how many i need; i’m beginning to think my body does, though, and i want to bring it back into the equation)

  • wow, sunnied. that does look marvelous. great find! what kinds of volunteers does your teacher’s friend need?

  • I’m waiting to hear back from him about the details but I will let you know as soon as I do. It would be so great to have you there!

  • Sunnie, wow! Paradise indeed! I sooo wish I was there! And working together for a common goal, ah, what an experience. :)

  • ^ Tell me about it!

    Well, the 811 group is 2 blenders down for the month. I think it’s a good thing though (in my case), as I have been drinking way too many meals. I just finished an awesome lunch of bananas and figs wrapped in napa cabbage leaves. I know it’s light, but I really like this type of green. Haven’t chewed my lunch in a long time :)

  • Hey guys. I’m glad to see so many of you stuck with the 30 day challenge. I’ve recently started training for a marathon on 80/10/10 myself. I’m writing about it for my newspaper (I work as a reporter). If anyone is interested, I’ve been keeping a blog about my training and what I’m finding. The first post is the initial newspaper article that explains what I’m doing. Later updates are daily training logs and thoughts.

    That post is: Website Link

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