how to prevent urges for cheating in raw?

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Hi everyone i just started raw diet a month ago and it feels great but ever so slightly i end up cheating on things like pork chops, and fried stuff


however one thing i did notice since going raw is that im not able to eat too much portion of the cooked food as i did before and the quantity has gone down dramatically. 


still i wanted to go 100% raw and exercise as well. however havent yet developed the energy level to exercise with going raw with it. still noticed weight loss withotu exercise in 20 days !


Any sugestions on how to keep temptations at bay???



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    Hi smile

    To avoid cheating try to find raw foods that have an incredible amount of flavor. The more your taste buds are satiated, the quicker you will be and it can help to stop random cravings. It's mostly psychological, but it really does seem to work. 

    Also make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need. Those cravings might be because you're still missing something. Protein, (healthy) fats and B vitamins are ones people short themselves on frequently when they are starting out. I would highly suggest taking a multivitamin if you are not already. 

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  • quietmoon1228quietmoon1228 Raw Newbie

    so right!


    i was missing out on fish and poultry in the begining and actually had an urge for pork chops and wings! . makes sense now! . i am integrating boiled fishes and more of sushi in my diet now on wards . thanks :)

    ClaireTTammiTrueThe Rawtarian
  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    No problem smile I'm wishing for only the best for you. 


    The Rawtarian
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    Preparation is key!

    If you have good food around and easy access to raw meals and treats (by making them in advance and planning your meal in advance, at least a meal beforehand) you'll be setting yourself up for success :)

  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    That reminds me. Have you tried the raw chocolate cheesecake recipe? It alone will have you craving raw instead of cooked laughing

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