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What State/Country are you in?



  • New Orleans…living the Katrina nightmare…:)

  • odalysodalys Raw Newbie

    Tampa FL

    WOW, so many from VA and Cali!

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    chris and zoe: how cool that you are moving into my area. i’m in richmond about an hour or so from charlottesville. will you open a restaurant? keep us up to date ! i’d be into a raw food prep class, or a potluck. seems like theres a few of us in virginia.

  • near Red Bank, New Jersey.

    JoyceH—my brother just moved home from Burlington, Vermont. He lived there for like 3 years I think? Maybe more.. he moved around a bit. His girlfriend goes to UVM and he worked at a golf course there.

  • live in San Francisco, California. am from Asheville, North Carolina.

  • Currently living in Budapest, Hungary with my husband and soon we will move to California. I was born in Los Angeles.

    When it is Noon in Cali, it is 8PM in Buda.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    We’ll be continuing Purely Raw when we move to Virginia. So we’ll be doing kitchen classes etc, probably dinner parties and pot lucks too. See you there!

  • Stralsund, Germany

  • New Hampshire – where we have the great White Mountains but we no longer have the old man on the mountain. (If you don’t know who the old man is, look at a NH quarter!)

  • We are in Columbus, Georgia.

    Zoe and Chris....Excited about Purely Raw coming to Charlottesville, Va. Can't Wait!!!! That is so Raw-some!!!
  • Sleepy Hollow, NY USA

  • we are FROM Connecticut…moved to Mississippi…went to California…then to Arizona…we are NOW in Southern Maryland :)

  • Kansas City, KS USA… but by this time next year it will be Grafton, N.S.W Australia!

  • Toronto, ON!! WOOT!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    Connecticut. near nyc.

  • Kissimmee,FL near Orlando :O)

  • Suburbs of Atlanta, GA

  • Born in St. Louis Park, MN. grew up on the west coast: some years in Portland, OR. a few years in San Bernadino, CA. but mostly in Sacramento, CA. then moved to Soran, Kurdistan, N. Iraq in Dec. of 2005. It’s nice to see a lot of people in CA. we are planning a visit some time next year… It would be nice to squeeze in one potluck if I can while I’m there. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • willmizewillmize Raw Newbie

    Beautiful St Petersburg, Florida. Home of the newly wed and nearly dead :)

  • JoyceH – The white mountains are really beautiful. They have that classic east coast mountain feel. My sister and I are working on the 4000 footers – we’re more than half way done! Yeah! The picture is of Spot, one of several strays we have taken in over the years. He is double pawed and a really gentle soul!

  • Austin TX

  • dodiledodile Raw Newbie

    Manteca, CA

  • Sussex, New Jersey

  • Minneapolis, MN

  • Originally from Upstate NY, 9 yrs in Miami FL, almost 1 yr in Moscow ID, soon will be moving again..

  • san francisco, california- i just moved back here after spending a year in nyc- i’d love to meet other raw food folks in the bay area :)

  • San Antonio Texas…....1.9 million people….1 vegetarian restaurant!

  • Grew up on Cape Cod MA. Now living in Roanoke VA.

  • Grew up on Cape Cod MA. Now living in Roanoke VA.

  • Chelsea, Michigan. Anyone? Didn’t think so.

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