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ALL ABOARD! Join us December 1 for a Master Cleanse (MC)



  • Thank you Orchid.

    I am wondering, the first few days of the cleanse, did you have very acidic feeling liquid? I am sorry that is so straight-forward, but I am concerned. I have not heard anyone discuss this.
    If so, how long does this last before the dark waste begins?
    Thanks for anyone that is willing to contribute to that sensitive subject!

  • namadetaberu,

    Haha. Yep, I had that. I called it the “hell-fire shits”... pretty accurate description I think.

    It was very bad the first few days, but it’s gotten less and less. I think for me maybe it was the cayenne. But now my body has gotten more used to it.

    Today has been stressful. My car was back in the shop for the second time this week. As soon as I drove off, the temperature gauge shot up and it died in the middle of traffic. Lovely. They came out to rescue me and turns out the belt came off and all my coolant leaked out. Beautiful. Now they’ve got it and they’re driving it around to make sure it’s really ok this time. I need a glass of wine.

  • Thank you. I can know that this too will pass. I have to say that into day 3 and that is the only bad symptom from the cleanse. That and the hard core desire to eat greasy food and I don’t even eat that. Weird!

    Good luck with the car!

  • Good morning all!

    Day 7 and my tongue is clear…I’m still enticed by the smell of food but not hungry. My skin has firmed a bit and it is no longer puffy. Another strange thing that I’ve noticed, my gums are super pink and healthy. I’m still getting the occasional acne breakout. Hope that everyone else is doing well :)


  • Last night I was gifted with the intestinal cramps that I read about. My mind went straight into

  • Hi namadetaberu. I’m not really sure. My first (and only) MC lasted 8 days and my tongue ever cleared. I’ve heard that you really should try to go at least ten days as other detoxing? happens day 8-10. Anyone with more expertise please chime in.

    Without going into detail I just got an emotional bomb dropped in my lap. I so want to start eating (a lot and cooked) but I know that’s not what my body needs, but my emotions. Any suggestions? I’m at work so I can’t do anything too creative. I don’t want to go back to unhealthy eating patterns. Lots of love.

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Hi Orchid, I hope the “emotional bomb” isn’t too serious. The most powerful thing for me personally to put things in perspective is taking a few minutes to write a gratitude list.
    Yesterday was a pretty stressful day for me, and I was cooking cooked SAD food for my husband, and I was very tempted to eat SAD and I was feeling sick of the lemonade. I was sort of down in the dumps, too. But I was able to calm down with my gratitude list, and everything was okay again.

    Everyone, Day 7 here, and I’m feeling strong again. I think I’ve lost abotu five pounds which I’m happy about. I’m feeling a second wind. Yay!

  • Orchid

  • Hey Guys – Just checking in on Day 7 for some of us. I am not an expert by no means but did a ton of reading on the MC before I went through my first one. “They” say once you turn pink you’re done. There really wouldn’t be any additional benefits to the MC. However, another group states that if you turn pink early and want to continue with a fast that’s okay too. The more time you give your body away from digesting food the better.

    I can only tell you that this time I turned pink after Day 5. I was gravely disappointed and elected to finish out the rest of the 10 days with incorporating only juices. So technically it is still a fast. I have the Lemondade in the morning (skipping the SWF) and then for the rest of the day (after 1:00) I do a combo of juices and end with a lemonade.


    am – 2 8 oz glasses of MC lemonade
    1:00 juiced organic carrots and cucumber
    3:30 1 8 oz glass of MC lemonade
    5:30 juiced celery and avo
    7:00 if necessary another 8 oz of MC lemonade

    I hope this helps. I plan to finish this out the next 4-5 days.

    I am trying to keep the fruits/veggies very light. No bannanas or dates, etc.
    Watermelon, honeydew and tomatoes would be a few more I will incorporate in the next day or so.


  • Day 12 of MC - No new symptoms. Lost 8 lbs so far; didn’t lose any weight today. I was losing 1 lb./day until day 4 then no loss then 0.5 lb./day until today with no loss. Still passing mucousy wastes twice a day with the help of the laxative tea twice a day. It is more mucousy and foul smelling than earlier. Tongue still coated white with a small area of pink (the pink clear area started with the first MC and with each MC it got a tiny bit larger).

    Breaking the fast will be on Monday. This transistion period is the most important part of a fast because you could get sick if it’s done too fast. There’s different protocols and the MC’s is a 3 day period and the 4th day you eat normally (I thought earlier that it was a 4 day period). Since this cleanse is longer than the others I have done, I will definitely follow the transistion protocol for the full 3 days.

  • RawVoice and namadetaberu thanks for the kind thoughts :) The ‘bomb’ wasn’t serious but just out of left field, very unexpected. Taking even 10 minutes to access things made all the difference. Thanks again!

    veganpunk thanks for the information. Best of luck finishing out your fast. Thanks also for the ending-fast reminders! Have a great weekend everyone. :)

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Oh, I’m sooo cold today!! I haven’t been able to warm up all day. I’m in Southern California, and I know this 55 degree weather is nothing compared to what a lot of you are experiencing, but I’m freeeeeeeeeeezing!! I think I’m just going to get in bed with the electric blanket on.

  • I quit today.

    First off, I had to go offshore and scuba dive today. The seas were rough with 3-5 foot rollers and I drank a lemonade before we left. The cayenne plus the high seas was a terrible combination and I was nauseous and burping and miserable. Once I got in the water my stomach was fine. BUT the water was freezing and after 4 dives I was really tired.

    Then, this guy I work with was saying I was weak and he thought I had lost another 10 pounds. I don’t have a scale, so later in the day I weighed myself at his house… and holy shit(!)... my weight is down to 108. I’m 5’6”. So… I’m eating again. I had some orange juice, then a salad. I went grocery shopping and really went crazy and now I’m picking at whatever sounds tasty. Probably NOT the best way to come down off a 7 day Master Cleanse, but honestly the weight loss scares me. I think the last time I weighed 108 was in middle school!!

    I wish you all the best of luck with your cleanses. Hopefully you all are being much smarter about them than me. I’m going to ask santa for a bathroom scale this year. :P

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    yeah, greenmojo, that’s really too thin. I’m 5’9, and I find the best weight for me is around 145 pounds. Sounds like you should weigh a lot more than 108!! Well, you got seven days of cleansing anyways, and that’s a lot. I wish you the best of luck in your transition back to solid food. Raw soups might be nice.

  • I need some advice.

    I am on day 6 and still no solid waste. Am I doing something wrong or should I be concerned? This is my first cleanse so I

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    nama, I’m having the same issue. I haven’t had the purging I expected. I expected the salt water flush to be much more powerful. I read on another board that if it’s not working, to use more salt, so that’s what I’m doing this morning. I went from 2 tsp to 3 tsp.
    As for the lemonade, you’re right. It’s 2 Tbs of lemon juice and maple syrup per 10 oz of water.
    Jeez, 1 degree where you are? I don’t like to think about that. I hope you have a good heater and nice warm clothes.
    So this is day 8 for me. There’s really nothing hard about this cleanse. So hurray!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I am glad this thread was started and I can read your entries. I didn’t even know what the Master Cleanse was until I read the initial entries here. As a result, I ahve been reading up on fasting since then, including the Master Cleanse. I am convinced that fasting has incredible health benefits and I am going to try the Master Cleanse in January, which could last more than 10 days given my circumstances. I will try to continue until I feel I have accomplished all I can with it. Reading your experiences really helps so thanks again.

  • Hi everybody,

    This is my 3 day and everything is going well. On thursday night (day 1) it felt like I had cold and flu,aces and pain in all the muscle te body,you know like when you have high body temuture of 40C or something,but my mood was very good and I felt great,very positive and all!!
    Yesterday and today I have been feeling much better with only muscle
    pains and I have been very tired especially in the afternoons since I started the cleanse.

    My tongue is coated so lot of scraping going on and brushing my teeth a lot to with baking soda.

    Not so hungry so that

  • I think tonight will be my last day/night on the MC - it will be day 7 when I stop. My tongue isn’t covered anymore and I am going to take the idea that this really does end the cleansing period. I deeply considered continuing until day 10, but as it is my first cleanse and I made it to exactly the place I wanted to I am going to bow out now.

    I am not going to worry about the weight as it wasn’t my intent; my intent was just to do a complete cleanse from beginning to the end and I believe I did.

    I am going to take the full time to recover with the OJ. And I will continue to check this forum in hopes that everyone makes it to the stage of repair.

    I learned so much about my body, mind, and spirit – just as others say. The body is an amazing “hub” and I am so blessed to have the one I have.

    Good luck and God Bless!

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    nama, I’m glad you got the results you wanted. One thing I haven’t been clear on is breaking the fast with orange juice. Are you going to continue the lemonade and drink orange juice, as well, or are you only going to drink orange juice.

  • hey guys.

    Congratulations nama on your 7 days! well done.

    RawVoice – in the book Burroughs says that if you are a raw vegetarian you should drink fresh OJ the first,second and the morning of the third day.For lunch on the third day have raw fruit,with a raw fruit or vegetable salat for dinner.After that eat normally.
    Some people dont like drinking OJ after the cleanse and drink grapefruit juice instead.
    He dose not mention that you should keep on drinking the lemonade after the fast.

    Day 4 – I

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Thanks for the info, Vala. Although I’m not sure I can get through a day just on orange juice. The maple syrup in the lemonade is so fortifying. Orange juice doesn’t seem substantial enough. I guess I’ll try it and see how it goes. I’m glad you’re detoxing that nicotine. Nasty stuff. You’ll be much healthier now.
    Day 9 for me!! The time has really flown by. I’ve had a couple challenging moments, but overall this has been easy. I don’t think anyone looking at me would believe that I haven’t eaten for 9 days! I’m not weak.

  • Hi everyone!

    So I broke my fast Saturday (Day 8) because I felt that I was ready. I was in very good spirits and could have gone longer, but I just felt as though my body said it had done what it needed for now. For me this was important because doing the MC was about healing ad getting back in touch with my body. I think I’m going to do this at least twice a year as it is a great break. I’m now on a raw vegan diet and have no intentions on going back to a SAD diet. The wonderful thing is that now I can want a food, eat a bit of it for nourishment and then feel fine. Before I ate until full. I’m so glad I did this. I’m much more at peace with myself and food. I lost a total of 10 lbs but expect to gain some of that back in the short term. Best of luck to all of you finishing up or just starting your MC! :)


  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    The start of day 10 for me. Very exciting!! How is everyone doing? I changed my avatar, so don’t be fooled, it’s still me, RawVoice.

  • Finished my 14 day MC yesterday and now in day 1 of transistion diet of orange juice. I’m following the vegetarian transistion schedule. The schedule says drink several 8-oz glasses of o.j. for days 1 and 2, which I did in the previous MC’s and did not drink anything else and I was starving and miserable which is the reason I had such trouble with the transistion before. Then I thought why not continue with the limeade between the 3 o.j’s so I won’t be hungry – I’m used to drinking it so I won’t get sick. So, this is what I’m planning to do.

    I lost 9.5 lbs and 3/4 inch of fat each on chest, waist, and hips. The small clear pink area on my tongue got bigger on day 13 and now is about 1/8th of my visible tongue. Experienced no problems or appetite during the cleanse.

    I will be eating a raw vegan diet after the transistion period and will do another MC in 3 months.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I am so proud of you guys! We all collectively did a fantastic job on this master cleanse! For those of you still finishing up, keep reading the posts to keep you motivated. Thank you Veganpunk for starting this thread!

    I have a question for you all…I am feeling like I want to do the MC again, but don’t know how soon is too soon. I know I touched on this briefly, but didn’t really get a clear answer, so wanted to revisit it. My daughters birthday is Wed., and then we have a potluck to go to on Saturday, but after that, I am “clear” and was thinking of doing it again before christmas. If that is too soon, someone please let me know. Is the New Year too soon?

  • Hi spiritedmama,

    In the book he talks about that it is good to let 3 months pass in between cleanses,but I don

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Sita, I’m on day 10, too, and my tongue is also still coated. I don’t feel I can stay on it much longer, so tomorrow I’m going to start the transition back to food by drinking oj for two days.

  • RawVoiceRawVoice Raw Newbie

    Geez, I got up this morning, and I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. I got to have orange juice! It was delicious! I’m excited to be making the transition back to food. I’m planning my menu for what I’m going to eat. The first day will be as Borroughs recommends, and I’ll have fruit for breakfast and lunch. My body is telling me that I need cabbage, so I plan on making some slaws after that. I’m also getting some sprouts going. This has been a good experience, and I feel much more in touch with what my body needs.

  • Wow! It has been enlightening to read about all of your experiences. I have been a little out of touch the last few weeks, busy with holiday parties, etc. and not doing so good diet-wise. Ever since my dehydrator broke on Thanksgiving (I sent it in to be repaired but don’t have it back yet), and it has been so cold here (well, cold for California!) I have been eating more cooked vegan food. I’ve needed the warmth!

    I am planning on getting back on track eating raw foods in January and am thinking of starting it with a cleanse or a fast. I have never fasted before, so I think I might try a one week juice fast first to see how it goes. (I am hoping to get a juicer from Santa.) I am a little scared of the MC after reading some of your stories!! My first week of raw I detoxed really bad and I have never felt that sick in my life. So I am hesitant to do the MC and make myself sick like that again on purpose. I do want to cleanse myself though to get back on track… aaagh. decisions, decisions.

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