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10 day master cleanse

elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

i’m starting a 10 day master cleanse tomorrow. i’ve been putting it off, and i’ve realized that if i don’t do it now, i’ll never do it. so that’s the plan. if anybody has any experiences with this, i would appreciate the insight. or maybe someone wants to join me? i’ll be reporting my experience on this thread daily. wish me luck!



  • haha i have some “personal” advice.. if at any point during the cleanse you think you have gas.. thats not what it is.. go to the bathroom!! :) dont make more than one days worth of the drink at a time.. it tastes gross if you make it too far in advance.. dont watch tv!! at least dont watch commercials.. you will want to eat the awful garbage that they advertise.. get up early if you intend to do the salt part.. you’ll want to get up early to let its affects subside before you start your day (took me an hour each morning) dont go anywhere with bad smells if you can help it. you’re sense of smell heightens and bad smells can make you sick.. hmm what else.. stay strong, hunger is mostly in your head anyway

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    LOVESKALE - I love your gas advice. Hysterical but true. Ha Ha! If you are doing the epsom water flushes, don’t leave your home for 24 hours.

    I had a very different experience than LovesKale. I lost my desire for food while doing the MC, but I don’t watch TV very often so I don’t recall being tempted by commercials. I never got hungry and didn’t really think of food at all. I am now doing a long term version of the MC using it like those SlimFast drinks. I drink plenty of the lemonade and eat at least one full meal daily (usually a large salad and additional protein when I feel I need it). I am really enjoying it and am not hungry at all. I ahve been doing this almost a week. I really like the way it makes me feel when I don’t eat much food. I am always amazed to discover how much more energy I have when I am not digesting food. It evidently is work for the body. I think that is why I enjoy the MC so much. Everyone is different.

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    I have done two so far. The first one was amazing, the second, not so much. I didn’t do the salt the first time around. The second time I felt like it made me heavy and bloated and not at all cleansed feeling. Nothing against the salt, I just didn’t like it. But I never really had any hunger problems , maybe for a day or two, then nothing. It does make you feel a little weak sometimes. I was still able to run though. I think it’s a great experience overall. Detox and everything. Oh and major tip, stay close to a toilet, lol.

  • geniusrawmodel23geniusrawmodel23 Raw Newbie

    Oh and best of luck!!! It can get hard at times, but you just have to get past it. It’s so worth it in the end. cheers!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    thank you for the advice! End of day 1: Feel pretty ok, hungry but not extremely. No digestive issues, no detox symptoms so far…Going to do the salt water cleanse tomorrow morning, we’ll see how that goes! (I hear it isn’t pleasant!)

  • Is there any website with instructions on how to do the MC and what to drink? I will like to try it. Good luck elizabethh

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    Here is the link for the entire book, which is not long at all:

    Master Cleanser

  • Thank you Meditating :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Great job Elizabethh! You are an inspiration! A friends mom recently completed the MC and she was absolutely buzzing with energy at the end!

    My question is: Could you use date syrup instead of maple syrup for the same effect?

  • I imagine date syrup is a perfectly fine substitute although I’m not certain. The folks on juicefeasting.com recommend raw honey in place of the maple syrup.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    I did one about two months ago and it was great. The hardest part was getting around social activities and making time for the SWF. Hunger wasn’t an issue!!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    just did the salt water flush…well THAT was unpleasant! no “activity” yet though…

  • I am just finishing a 20 day Master Cleanse. Only 3 days of detox (mostly headaches), but pretty calm after that. This is my 3rd MC, and the longest one so far. The first one was 15 days, the second only 5 days long. This is the first one I’ve done with detox symptoms though, and that was at the very beginning. Will probably do another one at the end of june, but not sure if I’ll go 10 days, or another 20. One thing for sure, it will be nice to get back to food for a change!!!

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    beginning of day 3 update: well, the salt water flush worked. ...that’s all i’ll say about that. LOL. woke up today pretty hungry, had my lemonade and now i feel better…had some headaches yesterday. seeing all the wonderful recipes on here is making me craaaave yummy food but i have only 8 days to go now.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    i dont want to take away from elizabeth’s original topic, but i thought why start another one…BECAUSE i will join a 10 day master cleanse. Hope thats ok to also put my daily notes on your topic. After i wrote that i wanted to do a water fast because it seems like i am having some kind of eating disorder all of a sudden…i took all the reply posts under concideration and thank each and everyone of them and decided to do the MC…..I sure need it, i dont know why i eat the way i eat lately but i am a all or nothing girl…and it didnt not work for me to try a few smoothie days or this and that..i always fell back to eat some shit at least at the end of the day. and with shit i mean shit..i mean burgers, chicken, tons of fries, bread, spreads, deli meat, cheese and so on. The only thing i am able to stay away from since i did a veggie detox 2 months ago is coffee and soda…and its not even hard although i drank coffee evey day and soda..mhh..about 2-3 cans soda a day. So i made up my mind, i have some serious cleansing to do, my body is full of animal fats, white flour, sweet tea and so on….i drove with my 2 little kids 1.45 hour to whole foods and got me lemons, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and salt for the ….u know…flush thing…I will start tomorrow…i a itching, have headaches, no patience with my kids and gaining weight…that should be reason enough…...right?

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    ok. i did the salt water flush last night…i did it before in germany so i knew what to expect, but it wasnt bad at all…drinking the warm saltwater..thats just nasty…lol i just made my very first glass of the lemonade and its not bad at all….i will drink some organic laxative tea for a few days and than do a flush again if i feel like i need it…i have the will power and will def pull through, but i am aware that it wont be easy since i have to prepare food for my husband and 2 kids, so it will be challenging…..so for me i think it also will be a mental testing and cleansing…lol

  • I’m on day one of the MC..I’ve done it before for about 7 days and i felt pretty good afterwards..I want to do this before I go raw..I’m already 80% but I want to go 100%..I looking for tons of support from my goneraw family..thanks

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    In response to the post on substitutes for maple syrup, the maple syrup is used because it is the product that is most likelt to keep your electrolytes in balance during the fast.

    I too have read that some people substite honey, which has a different mineral composition and also causes huge spikes in blood sugar. This is why the macrobiotic discipline does not use honey at all. Honey, in general, is not recommended for the elderly and small children for the same reason. There is docementation that in unique, limited cases, some people have died from ingesting honey due to sugar spikes.

    Make sure you use organic and grade B maple syrup. The grade B has a higher mineral content. Formaldehyde is used in the production of most commercial (non-organic) maple syrups these days. I still can’t believe they are allowed to put that crap in our food.

    EDIT: I am not suggesting that if you substitute honey in your MC you might die. Rather I am just pointing out how quickly and dramatically honey can cause certain people’s sugar to rise. I am sure plenty of people make the substitution without incident.

  • I’m going to be starting the MC tomorrow. I’ve been eager to try it since I’ve heard so much good about it. I could be happier if I lost 5-10 pounds anyway…since my sister is getting married in 18 days, you know, the whole bridesmaid thing. lol. I can’t wait to do it…and like Elizabeth, I really want even more tips…love this thread. :0)

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    first day MC is coming to an end…got some headaches in the afternoon and feel a little shaky right now. i also notice i have a pretty short fuse today and i tried not to let it out on the kids..plus today we had 102 fahrenheit….that does not help while not eating…lol..i will fix me another lemonade since i feel really hungry for the first time today..

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    If you are working while doing a MC, here is a tip that works well for me.

    Before bed, I make my MC lemonade and fill two 1-liter stainless steel water bottles with the mix. I put one in the fridge (with my car keys so I remember to take my lemonade with me) and one in the freezer. I leave a little bit of room in the one that goes in the freezer so the liquid can expand. I fill the one in the fridge full to minimize oxidation. The next day, I drink the chilled lemonade first. By the time I get to the frozen lemonade, it has begun to melt and is still nice and cold. This way I always have mt lemonade on hand so I never feel deprived.

  • This is a great topic and I plan on doing a master cleanse in a few weeks… right now I’m still in school and that just makes me a little bit Woried. when summer starts I’ll be at home more. Great info though it was helpful.

  • I’m starting today (yay!)...started the day by dry brushing and then I’m hopefully going to do some Pilates, before I even drink my first Lemonade. Do you guys find excersise hard to do during the MC or do you do a lot of it, or are you too tired?

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    this morning is day 2 and i am not even hungry..i am surprise, especially since my meal plan the last few weeks had plenty fast food, sweet tea and tons of sugar. I like the lemonade ice cold, warm does not work for me. I was sure i would wake up and be starving, but that was not the case. Aklso was i expection extrem headaches since i had them for 3 days on my veggie detox 2 months ago….can i get my hopes up that my first few days may wont be as bad as i expect?

  • Just had my second lemonade and I like it…I was afraid of tasting it almost. Haven’t done Pilates yet, but will this afternoon.

    I’m feeling sort of empty, but it feels kind of good.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    ok..POOP question..i pooped after the salt water flush and that was it. The tea did not do anything for me, i dont feel like i have to go or anything, i just wonder how long should i wait till i should flush again since it’s not the most pleasant thing to do…

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    ok..me again…i decided since i did notplan on going anywhere today to do the salt water flush again after i was reading that if it did not flush through i needed more salt..and thats what i did…oh boy..i dont mind pooping fluid..but man i felt like crap..i was weak and 1 hour into the procedure i threw up 3 times…i am still flushing some and now I feel great…like full of energy…since i felt so weak and have to take care of my 2 kids i ate 2 tbsp of mable syrup to bring my sugar level up and i was obviously dehydrated from throwing up AND liquid poop…boy..what a trip. I feel great now and feel like necer tasting salt again…lol..i managed to drink a quart of warm water with almost 4 tbsp of salt in less than 5 minutes…YIKES

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    okay so if i wanted to do this for the 1st time, how long would you recommend i do it for?

  • So much for Pilates…I was working all day pretty much…oh well, my heart was right. :) lol

    Sabrina~ Did you feel better after the salt thing? Or was it just dreadful and pointless?

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    i wont wrap it in nice words….i felt like shit 10 minutes after the “drink”....first i just kept having goose bumps and all my hair stood up straight because of the nasty salty taste. Than i feltlike laying down and got dizzy. My stomach started to make loud noises…i just layed there and tried not to move i felt soo bad (thank god my little one took a nap and my older son played next to me on the bed, otherwise i would have not been able to handle both). After about 45 minutes i started to feel like i have to go poop and it worked…quiet well…its like peeing out of your butt (sorry..its about health n’stuff right?..gotta give details)...after i hit the toilet about 12 times in 20 minutes i started to feel more dizzy (dehydration?)..and than i felt like i have to throw up..i drank a few glasses plain water and that pulled the trigger for the throw up and i did..like in a cartoon…must have looked like someone stood with a fire truck water hose next to me…3 times…it was not too bad since i didnt eat anything for 2 days so i was just salty water…. I kept drinkig more and more regular water and started to feel alot better. i was afraid of dehydration so i drank about 4 huge glasses of water and 2 tbsp of mable syrup to bring up my sugar level. And after all that i felt like i was bursting with energy….i dont think it is pountless…i just did not want to have poop in me for days or maybe even get constipated..BUT i dont htink i would like to do it again…if i detox again in the future, i think i would try different or even more teas…i am not doing it again…

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