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10 day master cleanse



  • I. ruckeryeah I’ve heard about people having really bad times coming off and the risk involved. I did this cleanse before so I knew how my body would react so I wasn’t afraid, but I was mostly just disappointed to be starting at square one tomorrow!

    Also, if you read the actual MC book, the instructions say that you must do the tea at night and the SWF upon waking every morning and if you can’t do the SWF that you should do the tea in the morning as well. So you are actually supposed to do both, but it’s very hard to achieve that!

  • green girlgreen girl Raw Newbie

    Day 4 is just about done and it has been rough! I have been tired, chilled and cranky all day. I hope tomorrow is an improvement. I also hope this horrible day means I got a lot of toxins out of my system!

    I better go drink my tea and head for bed….the sooner today ends the better!

    Sorry for the negative post, but thanks for letting me vent a little.

  • rachel_akikorachel_akiko Raw Newbie

    I only did the MC eight days because I couldn’t take it anymore, lol. So I had a bunch of oranges and some salad.

  • rachel hahaha! that’s hilarious. I definitly know the feeling of not being able to take it. I really want to make the full 14 days this time! I hope you all will cheer me on when i want to quit! I have really bad mental control issues when it comes to food…which is why this cleanse will be great for me!

  • l.rucker~ MSM…yes, I’ve been taking it about 1-2 months now…my nails seem to be doing great and seem a lot stronger…and my hair grows a little faster I think, at least my eyebrows do, lol…I have to tweeze them more. I’m almost done my stuff…I’ve been taking pressed capsules, not the powder.

    It’s also supposed to be detoxing too. :P

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone. It’s end of day 7 for my and the hubby. We just got back from seeing Sex & City…what a kick, I’m glad they didn’t do much eating in that film, though it showed at the brew & view (it’s the only theater in town) so the smell of popcorn was enough to make my mouth water for sure. Anyways I was very energized all day…the first time since I started this MC so I’m glad I’ve experienced what I heard others talking about…kind of a feeling of very mellow euphoria. Greenie: I was wondering if you ever tried increasing the salt to water ratio for the SWF. My husband was holding onto the water too but as soon as he increased the amount of salt it totally worked for him. I only mention it because the salt is also supposed to be a cleansing agent drawing out additional toxins and it seems a shame not to try and get the benefit from that as well. Also what worked for me is lying on my right side for 20 minutes. It’s supposed to move the fluid directly into your small intestine so that you eliminate a bit faster. That said, I did throw up the last part of my SWF this morning because it’s so dang yucky. On a slightly different note, I ran into a friend who has done many cleanses and she told me her favorite is a 5 day juice fast followed by a colonic. I think I’ll try a shorter cleanse in a couple of months because 10 days is just soooo long. Even though I definitely am starting to feel really CLEAN!!!!

  • Hi all! Just joined today. I was still just looking at recipes and salivating over the food picts here until I saw this thread and had to join. The MC is pretty much what brought me to search out vegan and raw food websites. I’m in the process of just finishing my first MC and I’m on day 37. Whee! Soooooo I’m really looking forward to food. And beer. And food and whiskey.

    Anyway, 10 days doesn’t do hardly anything for you, sorry to say. The body is just getting accustomed to not eating halfway through that, and the last couple days is really when toxins start to come out. That’s the consensus I’ve read (and experienced) that is. And thats why 10 days is minimum recommended. Sorry if I’m repeating anything, didn’t read through all 8 pages yet! ;)

    Around day 20 is when you get this kind of high and elation from the cleanse and I’m going for 40 since (again, what I’ve read) is a nice thorough deep cleanse. Which I’ve been needing for quite some time. I know a lot of people seem to have trouble with the various aspects of it, but fortunately the tea and SWF don’t bother me at all and I still even crave the lemonade drink. One other thing I’ve added for the last few days is the beginning of a parasite cleanse which Tom Woloshyn (who studied directly with Burroughs) recommends in his book. I did mine at the end instead of the beginning since for my first cleanse, I wanted to keep it true to the formula.

    Here’s a couple tips too. If you have to go to work everyday, don’t mix up a big batch of lemonade, make a concentrate and put it in a thermos. Again, in Woloshyn’s book, he says that the syrup added to the lemons help keep it stabilized until you add it to water (for what it’s worth). I just hated carrying around a big jug or squeezing lemons throughout the day. Also, put your pepper in a little spice shaker (if you buy bulk) and keep it in with your work gear. You’ll never forget it that way.

    Oh, and I recommend checking out curezone.com Good info there on the MC and every other cleanse (and what ever else ails you) under the sun. Going to try some liver flushes next and hopefully make the MC a yearly goal! In the meantime, I hope to go mostly vegan and mostly raw from a mostly cheese (mmm…cheese) and pescetarian diet.

    Happy cleansing!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey all, Day 5 and I’m going through the same thing as green girl, glad I’m not the only one. Woke up with sore throat again, have constant post nasal drip, achy and chilly…this is good RIGHT??

    ericaswfs – sorry about the break but congratulations!

    I.rucker – I checked my book about taking medications on the cleanse and it said to try and stop taking non-essential medications because your body considers medication as a toxin to be rid of. This is not coming from a doctor, though. I drink about 8 cups a day plus the salt water flush every morning and laxative tea at night.

    kindaraw – I had so much fun at that movie, such a great crowd response. Hope your husband liked it, when my friend told her husband she cried during it, he said he would have cried too if he had to see it.

  • Day 10 today. Just about the halfway point for me. I feel really good. Very mellow, but awake and fine, and good. I am so calm today, it is crazy. Glad it is the weekend. I’ll probably flush tonight.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    AlyssaDyane – is this it for you??

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    Well, I again am going to put off my MC. Tomorrow I have a raw birthday to go too and two raw potlucks coming up. But I am definatley starting next Sunday. There shouldn’t be any major social stuff after that (and if there is I am NOT going to it) ha ha!

    Well, now after reading f1shcakes post now I am a bit worried that my 10 days aren’t good enough. f1shcakes, I am just wondering why you would want to go back to having beer and whisky after MC-ing for 40 days? Is this the first time you have done a cleanse? I am just wondering how much cleansing you need to do that you are doing 40 days. It sounds like you are coming from a SAD diet? You might have a lot more cleansing to do than others on here who have been raw vegan for a while.

    I think I am going to see how I am doing once the 10 day mark comes around if I think I can go longer I will go for a 14 days – you know how it is once you really get into something – if you are doing well, you figure ah a couple more days no big deal. Plus, I figure I will be saving money on food. :)

    SkyPrincess – Thanks! My goals on this cleanse to get my colon clean – ( I am at risk for colon cancer) and my kidneys (just got over a kidney infection) and esp, I hope to remove that mucous lining (if I have one, I am pretty sure I do) that Mediating was talking about and hopefully flush out some candida issues. :) I wonder if the MC cleanses out any parasites? I don’t know if I have any but someday I would like to do one. The Dr. Natura one is supposed to be good – I just can’t afford it right now.

    Offtopic: All you girls are seeing Sex and the city – so jealous! I haven’t seen it yet! Was it as good as you were expecting or was it disappointing? I read mixed reviews online. Don’t tell me any spoilers (like does Carrie marry Mr.Big or not)

  • amysue – I am going for 21 days. Woo Hoo!

    I forgot to mention earlier that we switched from maple to Agave. We both just feel better about using agave. We don’t normally eat maple syrup, so why would we want to now, and it just seems to make more sense to me.

  • I am looking to start the MC next Friday and am looking for a link to proper instructions. I have looked at the nearby bookstore and had no luck finding the book! :(

    Edit nevermind, I realized Meditating provided a link to the entire book on the first page. I look forward to joining in on this exactly a week from now!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I felt so badly yesterday I didn’t want to post anything because I thought only negative things would come out of my fingers.

    I don’t know if I was finally working the last round of hydrocodone out or what but I felt like BIG TIME CRAP. I had headaches and, although I haven’t been having that many spontaneous bowel movements, yesterday and today I have been peeing bowel movements constantly, which accounts for my depleted energy. Something is seriously trying to get out.

    My gardening soil and supplies came in today so I need to try to rest and get my attitude back so I can work on starting my gardening efforts tomorrow morning before that persistent southern sun started baking everything in its path.

    RACHEL - so glad to see you post. So what if you couldn’t take it anymore, eight days is a good hard run and it was your first cleanse. That is plenty to be proud of.

    Has anyone experienced anything yet they think might be a mucousal lining? I am not convinced yet that such a thing exists but based on what I understand it to be I have to have one and if that is what I am working on I sure hope it gets here fast.

    Later. Happy Cleansing to All and to All a Good Night.

  • Hey Hey Hey everyone! Almost done with day six and boy do I feel good!! Meditating – I have noticed mucous jellyish type stuff in my peeing bowel movements. I have had a lot of energy today and it was a comp day from work. So spring cleaning for the rest of my house. I was sweating profusely, I mean dripping like Bruce Springsteen at the end of a hell raising concert! Unbelievably it felt great. Once I get every inch of my fabulous bachelorette pad deep cleansed I am going to sage to remove any SAD energy that could be lingering around.

    amysue-I’m having the scratchy throat and running nose symptoms too but oddly I feel pretty energetic. Don’t worry think of all that SAD shit that’s leaving you!! YAY!! Congrats again on letting go of those pounds and sending to someone who could use them!!

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Meditating: I am sorry you are feeling so crappy!! You are almost there! I have a ton of mucous excretion today and I was attributing it to the fact that I changed the brand of cayenne pepper we were using. The first stuff was organic but from Wild Oats in a typical spice jar and this new stuff I got from the bulk food section of my health food store and it is a beautiful deep red/orange with a strong lovely aroma. It is VERY pungent so I’ve have to cut down a bit on the amount that I use. My ass is on fire, but I swear I think it’s a good thing! Day 8 here and I feel good but I’m really ready for this to be over. I miss my kitchen! Queenfluff: SITC was really fun. Nothing totally unexpected happens, it very much falls in line with the original character development and TV scripts. What was so fun was how many women were in the audience and we were all cracking up at the same things. My husband (one of five guys in the theater) also thought it was quite fun. I hope you get to see it.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    queenfluff – LOVED THE MOVIE!! It so exceeded my expectations. Sarah Jessica Parker once said it’s meant to be a love letter to their fans, and I could totally see that. I don’t think I’ve ever been at the movies where women were having such a good time. We saw Indiana Jones last night and I realized how much more fun I had at SATC.

    I love cavegal! She says it like it is! And she gives me hope because she’s always one day ahead.

    kindaraw – no kidding about the BURNING!! But my book said it’s not the cayenne the author says take as much as you can tolerate.

    Yesterday my cravings were haywire. I fell asleep visualizing eating all the foods I wanted, none of which were raw or healthy. I’m hoping this is all about the deeper cleansing that’s been going on, because I wanted a Whopper which I haven’t eaten since around 1990.

  • Day #7 and I am sore as hell! This mad passion to spring clean every square inch of my pad with a scrub brush seems a bit obsessive-compulsive but I guess I should be grateful I’m not obsessing about food.

    I have a confession-I’m actually starting like the SWF. I guess it’s an acquired taste. I heat my water up just a little bit so it is warm and it actually tastes better. Not great but much better.

    Kindaraw-I’m experiencing the hell butt too. Of course when I bought the cayenne in the bulk section of Whole Foods, I chose the one with the highest thermal unit measure. You might say we got some really “hot” asses!!

    Queenfluff-SITC the movie was even better than the show! Samantha was as outrageous as ever and so hilarious. Hot men, hot clothes and even hotter shoes! A woman’s true fantasy. I was surprised to see so many men in the theater here in Austin. Don’t get me wrong the women outnumbered the men by about 4 to 1 but we definitely had a lot more than 5 guys in the theater and they were laughing their asses off too!

    Wow amysue dreaming about a Whopper! Hmmnn what kind of subliminal message could that be? Very interesting, I wonder what Freud would say about that heh? LOL.

    I think today I’m just going to lay around and read or watch a movie. Pick up the rest of my spring cleaning tomorrow. I’m pretty tired and sluggish this morning, although I just got up and have not had any butt burner lemonade yet. So things could change with that first sip and set off obsessive-compulsive cleaning mode!!

    I just realized this is the farthest I have gone on the cleanse!! Woo Hoo patting myself on the back. Everyone pat yourselves on the back for a job very well done!!

  • Great job, cavegal

    Day 11 for me here. Still feel great. I had a weird moment of extreme hunger last night that lasted about 20 minutes, then was over as quickly as it came. I am down 14 pounds so far. 10 more days to go.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    Day 8 for me and feeling pretty good. This has been a heavy detox for me.

    Yesterday my sense of smell got way sharper and more alive. Very nice. I did a fast about 30 years ago that changed my vision substantially – colors got brighter. The change lasted. Pretty neat.

    AmySue I can totally relate! Last night I went to a local street fair. I’ve been a vegetarian since forever with nary a craving for meat, but some steak smell wafted by and I about fainted from hunger for it. Although I wasn’t hungry.

    Sadly I’m down only 5 pounds. I didn’t lose an ounce until day 6. Weird, eh?

  • AlyssaDyane-Wow! I am impressed, even more so that you are going 21 days. I would like to try a 15 day MC in July or August. I have guests arriving in town on Friday the 13th so this time around was to push to complete 10 days and thanks to the great support on this site it has been fairly easy so far. Congratulations on a job well done. What has been the longest that you have gone on the MC?

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I have to amend my previous report of losing 4 pounds in a day – it came back. I have lost no weight, but that’s ok, just seems odd being on liquids for 6 days now.

    I’m with cavegal in that I don’t mind the SWF at all. Don’t mind the taste, gotten used to the resulting activity. What I can’t relate to is the idea of sticking with this beyond 10 days. I’m such an EATER, I’m counting the minutes, and the idea of two days of juice does not seem all that satisfying. I understand how important it is, and I’ll be good, but I have a lot of respect for AlyssaDyane and everyone else who goes beyong 10 days!

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    kindraw, amysure and cavegal- thanks for the reports on Sex and the city! I am so looking forward to seeing it. One question – Is Smith Jarrod still in it? :) (Although I am looking forawrd to seeing it just because I love SITC, I REALLY want to drool over that guy!) If he is, I will be rushing out to see it (and dragging my bf with!). amysue, I will probably have to go and see Indiana Jones too even though I don’t practiculary care too – I have too if the bf comes to SITC with me!

    Ok, now I am worried about the cayenne pepper thing. First of, I don’t like super spicey hot stuff – cayenne pepper especially – so cayenne pepper plays a very small roll in my raw life. I do have some old bulk stuff (a very small bit) but I had my bf buy some more in prep for my cleanse coming up and he bought the stuff in a jar. But honestly, I think will be OK for me becuase if the drink is too “hot” I won’t be able to drink it.

    But I am wondering – does the “hotness index” of the cayenne pepper help with better cleaning? Meaning does the cayenne pepper with the high thermal unit measure cleanse, as Cavegal was mentioning, clean out your body better than the other cayenne that has a lower thermal unit measure? I want to be able to drink my drink and enjoy it enough to continue but I want to get the max cleansing possible too. I know that hot spicey foods are supposed to speed up your digestion right? Do they maximize cleaning or detoxing?

    One bright side to going raw is I have been able to handle some more spicey foods in my recipes – like I actually like putting some jalapeno in my things and I love peppercorns. :) Cayenne is one of the ones I am still working on – my bf on the other hand puts hot sauce on everything. I have some raw friends who like cayenne in their raw cacao – that just doesn’t work for me – just tastes weird.

    I can actually relate to the people who will go on liquids for a long time. Although, I know I will crave some foods – I actually feel better if I consist on just liquids – it is probably because I have alot of digestion problems. So living off liquids makes it easier for me.

    Mediating and others – I wonder about the mucous lining thing too – I hope it does exist so I can get rid of mine but I know for a fact I have alot of mucous in me and I will examine my waste EVERYTIME I have some to check for supicious thingys(yeah, gross but I do it all the time anyhow so what the hey).

    I am actually excited for next Sunday to come! :)

  • Queenfluff-Race out to the theater cause Jarrod Smith is in the movie and that’s all I’ll say other than he still looks hot as hell. And wait till you get a look at Samantha’s new neighbor!!

    I believe the cayenne pepper does do some cleaning but I’m not 100% sure of that. It definitely speeds up the metabolism.

    We’re looking forward to supporting you on your MC.

    Today is kind of a take it easy day for me. I really pushed myself the last six days and I am not so obsessive-compulsive today. Well I am cleaning all the windows! Not as much of a strain as scrubbing all of the floors.

  • rawpatiencerawpatience Raw Newbie

    Queenfluff, believe me plenty of detoxing occurred for me even on the jarred stuff so I wouldn’t worry about it. I think it’s more important that you actually like what you are drinking because you have to drink if for so long. Funny cavegal, I didn’t think of the cayenne in terms of speeding up metabolism but one thing I haven’t mentioned in my previous posts is since I got the stronger cayenne I haven’t been able to sleep well at night as my heart has been racing. Also I have been extremely cold. I’ve had to get the heating pad on me at night even though it’s 70 degrees in my room. I think I’ve lost too much weight as today I’ve felt as weak as ever and it doesn’t feel like a detox issue but more of an iron issue. Anyways I’m thinking of finishing up the MC today (day 9) and starting my OJ tomorrow.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Today (Day 6) has been a better day, all in all. I’m actually loving the steamy weather because I’ve been cold too! I just came back from a cool fundraiser to support victims of female trafficking, it was a pj decorating event so my daughter went to town and also lost a tooth on a pretzel, but everyone was chowing down really good looking pizza.

    Queenfluff – I am not a spicy food fan at all, quite a wimp, but the cayenne does not bother my stomach, just burns my lips a little. It’s meant to be essential in the process – helps to break down the mucous, increases your metabolism, and provides Vitamin A. I think it makes the lemonade feel more substantial, more food-like instead of just sugary lemon water. Enjoy the movie, you should be quite satisfied!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I just made the HUGE mistake of checking out the recipe section which I haven’t done all week. Is it just me or have the recipes become insanely good since I’ve been on this cleanse. It’s very exciting for us that all of this is waiting for us, but slightly torturous too. Ordered two uncookbooks today too. Slightly OBSESSED here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for a lemonade.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    Hi everyone…i am back from my california trip…i have to do a cleanse again, especially after i had to cut my first one short on day 7. Its hard when you have to “eat out” for 8 days straight with all my family from germany being there i did not feel like eatimng fruits and veggies all day. And today my little son turned 1 year old and i threw a party although we just landed yesterday afternoon….anyway..i try to decide when i should start….how far is anyone?

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Sabrina1979 – hats off to you for starting over! Happy birthday to your son, first birthdays are great. Today is Day 7 for me and I finally don’t feel like rubbish anymore!

    Queenfluff – here’s some info about cayenne for you and everyone else: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/cayenne.htm It made me want to put cayenne in everything, I had no clue it was such a valued herb.

    cavegal – love your website! I passed it along to my husband who is about to do a green renovation on a historic property as an office for the non-profit that he runs. He closes on it tomorrow, very exciting times here!

    Todays going to be a scorcher here in MA and so far I’m feeling good so I’m devoting the day to writing my daughter’s first grade end of year review, can’t wait to get that out. Have a great Sunday everyone!

  • Yowser I have it to Day 8. I am so damn happy!! I am a little sluggish today. Relaxing into the day you might say. After my second SWF last night, my “evacuation” included some blobs of what looked chicken fat but I am guessing it was big globs of mucous. I am feeling pretty damn cleaned out! I am really looking forward to doing some fancy uncooking in the very near future.

    Sabrina-Hey girl just jump back in. I plan on supporting everyone going through this when I complete my 10 days. I would like to do another master cleanse for 15 days in August.

    Amysue-I too have been looking at the fabulous recipes that I am going to be trying. I can’t wait to try those power bars with figs, dates and seeds. Those look delicious and easy. I do not have a dehydrator and do not plan on buying one as I do not feel good about the electricity consumption they must use since you have to leave them on for so long. I just love making green smoothies and I can’t wait to try Markus Rothkrantz’s chocolate bar recipe. He makes chocolate in huge batches and then puts the mixture into big glass baking dishes and freezes. Then every morning he cuts out a chunk for breakfast. Yum chocolate for breakfast and who says raw is hard. Also thanks for passing on my website to your husband, I look forward to answering his questions and helping the best I can. And thanks for the great information on cayenne. I am a big time pepper person. Hey girl congratulations you are on day seven now!!

    Queenfluff-Have you started yet? We are so looking forward to supporting you on this journey.

    Kindaraw-Please report what you are consuming on these next three days and how you are feeling so we know what to expect.

    Meditating-Where are you at? What’s going on with you? How are you feeling? What day are you on, I lost track. We haven’t heard from you in two days so please check in. Would like to know you are OK!!

    Well I am ready to re-organize my closet! Yeah I know this obsessive-compulsive behavior is kind of nuts but when I get back into my raw lifestyle my whole home will now reflect my new rawsome life!!

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