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the brand new, all glittering 80/10/10 - 30 day challenge



  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    Hey all, good morning! I am feeling great this morning, drinking my papaya-oj-banana smoothie and contemplating my morning run. This challenge has made me feel so good that I am considering a race in July—8k, which might be more than this body can handle, but I am going to start training as though I am going to enter it, and we shall see.!

    I can tell you one thing, a week ago I would never have thought I’d have the energy to start training, but eating the 811 way (well, CLOSE to the 811 way :)) has given me so much energy. Once I transition to REALLY 811, which I may do, I bet my energy and stamina increases even further!

  • nycgrrl….great…love it…..

    i also feel great today…..not really a challenge cos it aint that challenging…no deprivation to be had when comsuming loads of tasty, sweet fruit

    have fun :o)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i go to the store 3-4 times a week. it’s on the way back from my yoga studio, so i like to go frequently for a few things. and now add to that the farmer’s market twice a week (but they only have lettuce for the moment).

    i’m getting most of my calories from watermelon. :)

    i have a problem though. yesterday i woke up and i thought it was really detoxing, well, i’ll spare you the details. but i ended up feeling nauseous all day, and going to bed with what felt like a fever.

    today i feel a little better (no more achy muscles), but i still feel a little nauseous. thoughts?

    i’ve been eating about 83/9/8 and getting a lot of greens. i’m not sure if this is just detox, or whether i got some food contamination from something…

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    p.s. i’m sure it wasn’t a fever though cuz i wasn’t sweating, but it felt pretty damn awful.

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Pianissima- there are actually some viral bugs going around in my neck of the woods ( Phildadelphia) BUT I wonder if it isn’t detox. I started with a kind of sore throat a day ago and I’m breaking out in the odd rash here and there. I’m thinking its detox beacause nothing like this has happened to me in over a year. I think you heretical take on this approach to eating not being great as a transitional thing is right on btw. Its definately and end game plan.

    El-Bo, You nailed it for me when you stated you have an ‘attachment to not feeling emotions’ Thats it in a nutshell for me. I love all the glorious tastes of food but when I overeat, guaranteed its because I do not want to emotionally invest in the real ‘meaty’ stuff of my inner world. Its appears easier to think about shopping and food prep. Not so.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    thanks marichiesa. i’ll see if it clears up… at least i got my appetite back this morning. back to watermelon! but i have been around kids a lot in the past few days… so i might need to be washing my hands more frequently (i just hate using bathroom soap! i guess i’m going to have to be one of those people that takes organic soap around in their purse).

    one of my favorite quotes from “raw spirit” goes something like: when you no longer have the obstacle of cooked food, life gets really real really fast. i am definitely one that got a little intimidated by how much more AWAKE i became… it took some adjusting.

  • pianissima…hope you recover soon

    thought i’d link to a post started by nycgrrl over at ‘giveittomeraw’, concerning calorie counting

    a lady called sarah posted her results and i asked her for an example of her daily intake…scroll down the first page for the answer…..interesting….it takes a while to up your calories but this is a great example


    her blog is here



  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    so yesterday was my first day complete (knowingly) 811… stats: 1753 calories, 85/8/7. little low on calories, but i just wasn’t feeling hungry enough. ill have to learn to post the screen shots like el-bo, i think its cool to see how others are getting their calories and using ideas from that.

    bitt—i usually shop huge about once every 2-3 weeks. i have found a distributor that sells to my little buying club. i buy most of my fruit by the 38 pound box, saving myself a lot of money and some extra trips. this week it will be big boxes of cantaloupe, honeydew, fair trade bananas, red grapes and smaller boxes of mangoes. i might take a shot on a large box of papayas too—though ive never had one.

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    so i can honestly say that I’ve failed the challenge :( I had a tomato and avocado salad today, and with my weekly stats showing about 74-8-16 or thereabouts I can definitely say I am NOT doing 811, certainly not like you other challengers! So I respectfully guess I will bow out of this challenge, but I am definitely going to keep my fat below 20%. I draw inspiration from one of the women who was interviewed in 811 who said she stuck with 20% for a while before transitioning to 10%—she says it would have been too hard otherwise. I have only been raw for 3 months, and only 95% raw at that, so it’s a journey that I am just beginning.

    I have learned SO much during this past week. I have learned that I was probably eating more like 40% fat before the challenge. And I have learned that my body loves lots of fruit and greens :) Maybe not 10 bananas (YET!) but still, lots of fruit.

    I hope to come and visit this thread, and take inspiration from everyone here. THank you for all the support, and to el-bo for starting this challenge!

  • wow…that’s a shame…we’ll miss ya

    if i could say one thing…from what you’ve shown so far, you aren’t overeating fat so much as undereating calories…more food in general would balance out that ratio a little


    never mind…in just 7 days you seemed to have gained many benefits, and as i always say to the doubters…just read the book, even if you don’t wanna do it….it will help inform many of your choices and allow you to refine certain elements of your diet that you’d never even thought about

    good luck…we’ll see ya around



  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    nycgrrl, i had the same problem in my one day attempt at it. it was just too hard to keep the fat down. today i am trying to be at least more intentional about my fat. my hubby did not put almond milk into my smoothie. i will try some fat-free dressings. i am trying to get more from seeds (like hemp) rather than from nuts. we’ll see how it goes.

    thanks for the shopping tips. i suppose i am lucky to hae 3 farmer’s markets nearby at different days of the week.

    pianissima i hope you feel better!

    el-bo you are right the raw revolution bar probably did not send me over the limit but the raw raspberry tart last night probably did! but it is so delicious!

  • chicagomama and nycgrrl you are inspiring me to make raw foods for DH now. I have to admit i’ve been kind of lazy since i haven’t been preparing anything for myself (811 is so easy). I just let him make his stuff which is inevitably not too healthy.

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey el-bo, moth or anyone else who is using cronometer or nutridiary—ive notice ive been high on all vitamins and minerals EXCEPT selenium and zinc tho i have been exceeding the recommendation of a pound of greens a day. i am not worried because i feel great, im just wondering if you guys are low too or if youve found some foods that pump those nutrients up.

  • When thumpin’ a watermelon – you are looking for an almost hollow sound. That lets you know when they are good and ripe.

  • :o) :o) :o)

    ah, the raspberry tart…...yeah, that’ll do it… :o)

  • nycgrrlnycgrrl Raw Newbie

    thanks el-bo!!! you are such an inspiration and i can’t wait to see how the rest of your challenge goes! I do think you’re right about the calories—but ijust couldn’t get myself to eat any more bananas, especially since I kept getting constipated when I did.

    But everyone else: keep it up!!! regardless of whether you “succeed” or “fail” you will definitely learn something . I am def keeping my fat under 20%, and maybe even 15%. One day, it might get to 10% easily, but right now, it’s a struggle.

  • sorry to see you go nycgrrl, but in all honesty i am not too far behind. I really was finding myself being to rigid and dogmatic to adhering to 811 (other than the SAD day) and it is leaving me feeling deprived. I find the 811 so inspiring and enlightening, but I am really not ready to be 100% raw yet either. On Natalia Rose’s level quiz, I rated a 3, so I have a ways on this journey yet. It seems like the natural progression, but not yet where I am at either. I am trying to just keep taking one day at a time, but I would do better to ‘bow out’ of the challenge at this point and just keep visiting as a vicarious learning. I feel great, and it isn’t fat I miss, it is really for me just wanting condiments! like a little “raw” chococate, which I know really isn’t. I think it is more the raw aspect where I am slipping, less so the fat.

  • aww :( Im sad but i know what you guys mean. You have to be ready and sometimes it takes longer. It took me 6 months :) well good luck and hopefully your eating habits will be changed for better because of it:)


  • Okay sooo I’ve been reading this post for a few days now…and today I started to eat the 811 way. I am planning to stick with it for a couple of weeks – maybe a month. I am new to raw as of about 3 weeks ago and have been eating a LOT of salads, green smoothies, seeds and some nuts. I have been feeling GREAT but am thinking I can feel better on 811. I haven’t read the book yet, but have read up a bit and listened to some radio talks and plan to order the book today. My main concern is this: I feel like I have been eating ALLLL day long—soo much fruit!! I have about 15 pounds to lose – and I just feel that there’s no way I can lose weight eating this way!! I think part of me is still brain-washed by the whole low-carb craze and I have kept my fruit intake minimal over the past few years… and bananas?! Forget about it!! Those were the enemy, even when I was training for a marathon! I think part of my problem is letting go of that mentality. But I do feel almost uncomfortably stuffed after eating a bunch of grapes and a spinach-mango-blueberry-banana smoothie for lunch. I have been up since 5am..it is now 2pm and I am at about 1000 kcal so far (I started tracking at nutridiary). I am aiming to eat between 1500 – 2000 kcal a day, depending on my workout. Sooo I dunno.. I guess I’m just looking for everyone’s input. I have struggled with eating disorders in the past, and the uncomfortably full feeling sort of alarmed me this afternoon. Does this go away? Does it mean I am eating too much for my body? Am I consuming wayyyyy to much sugar with all this fruit? HELLLLLPPPP!!! :)

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Hey everyone,

    For the people bowing out of the challenge, I just want to say that you all are awesome for giving it your best. I’m sure it was a learning experience.

    I’m doing pretty good today. However, I am running into financial difficulties (money is really tight this week) so I am having to ration all my fruits. I’m okay with this; it’s like a challenge. How far can I spread out the food I have over the next six days? It may mean going on reduced calories for awhile, but that’s just how it is. As it is, I still feel very peaceful about what I’m eating. Apples!

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey chicagomama—sorry to see you go. im curious what the Natalia Rose’s level quiz is…did you take it online?

    Moth—are you finding your apples cheap? they are quite expensive right now here in minneapolis.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i too have been low in selenium and sodium. i have to keep in mind though, that this is SO SO SO approximate. i mean, the nutrient content of your foods depends on the soil they have been grown in. in costa rica there is no selenium in the soil, so even though it says watermelon contains a lot of selenium on cronometer, if you were eating it in costa rica that wouldn’t be true.

    i’m just guessing, but cronometer would assume conventional produce, and not organic.

    i’d love to hear what’s high in selenium and sodium though….

  • had a brief scare when i saw your post, naturallyfruity…thought you were gonna bail also

    good luck to everyone who’s leaving…i’m pretty sure others have disappeared also…just more quietly…oh well

    it’s great for me…normally i would use this as an excuse to bail also….but i wouldn’t want to lose what i’m feeling for anything…35 years was way too long for me to work this out…..i can’t keep making those mistakes

    at this point in time, i’m hungry…but i aint craving anything…just looking forward to my next banana blend….everything is digesting so easily, my energy is incredible and everything just looks so vivid…

    this diet really sits on a knife edge if you don’t get the calories in…..craving things that we know aren’t the best we can give ourselves is just a testament to how far away we’ve got from our natural selves….why do we all wanna self-destruct….slowly ???

    these are juat thoughts…please don’t take them as criticism of your decision…i’m sure that these past few days have planted good seeds that one day you’ll return to tend and flower

    i guess i shouldn’t get so cocky…it’s early days…..but i’m already visualising WAY past 30 days



    p.s you’re welcome to jump back in, guys, if ever you feel like it….i guess it isn’t working as a ‘challenge’

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    thank you for your well wishes! i am feeling a LOT better!

    rawK- her quiz is in “the raw food detox diet.” if you are eating vegan and raw you are “level 1.” there is no higher summit, so 8/1/1 would be like level -3 =)

    chicago—yeah, it’s important to not go into the deprivation zone. although, know that there will be a time when you’ll wonder what exactly you were being deprived in getting to eat 6 mangos and a whole bowl of cherries.

    if you miss condiments, go ahead and make some! you could get creative with orange juice, celery, some pineapple… or some zucchini and lemon and celery and yellow pepper and make some really great dips. the idea that “delicious food” has to be high in fat is the same mental obstacle you need to get over when you first go raw. i think all of us can agree that raw food is delicious food…

  • alyssadyane…thanks for the tip…hollow

    speaking of hollow…i have toothache, and suspect i need a filling as the pain is located in a very specific spot….i’m starting to fear eating fruit ‘cause it angers the pain….anyways, i’m gonna go to the dentists to get it sorted but am a little worried about the effect that any injections may have on my ‘raw’ self….am i likely to feel ill or have any reactions to anaesthetic…would it be wise to buffer myself with something more substantial before my visit????

    anyone know ???

    oh, and pianissima….celery and tomatoes for sodium….i’ll have to check for selenium

    rawk…spinach and seeds are good for zinc

    i really don’t think that we should worry about any dietary defficiency as long as we get enough variety over the course of the months, years…don’t look to get all of everything daily

    vit d, obviously we must look for outside diet, and depending on who or what you’ve read you may think you have to be worried about b12

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    yeah i hear you el-bo about not worrying too much. i just wasnt finding any foods that were big in selenium. not to worry, brazil nuts....i put just one kernel in my cronometer (sounds like i have this big elaborate machine at home right), only 3 grams fat and 179% of my daily selenium needs. brazil nuts are raw correct? anyway, i dont suppose ill eat them every day, but maybe once a week ill pop one in my mouth like a vitamin.

    good luck at the dentist—scrub those teeth and floss extra well to make a good impression. ;)

  • nycgrrl do you mind if i ask you where you’re near on long island getting all this yummy fruit?? my family lives out east in bellport which is near no whole foods, no nothing so i have to go to stop and shop when i am there. i am always jealous of the farmers markets in the city!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    rawK—just make sure to get them in their shells, otherwise they are not raw (according to purelyraw.com)

  • good point pianissima….maybe adding those little flavour enhancers will satisfy you mentally enough to keep going…..

    the longest i’ve managed before with this was 10 days, but i was clinging to it every day by a little thread…i was eating far too little and all i could think about was what i missed…it felt like deprivation

    i’m now eating almost double, and it makes all the difference

    after my last post i visited my local fruit shop…the smoothie i’m about to make will now be a mango/banana/persimmom smoothie….that’s not deprivation, it’s almost criminal ingulgence

    i’m on a quest to destroy my old ways…like frodo, carrying the ‘one ring’ , i must journey far to return the bad health to where it came…the ring is strong…it will tempt me….with sausages (how over that am i???)...i will stay strong, and be open to the many new experiences as i further my travels

    the fellowship has weekened…we have lost some great warriors…we must re-group and re-charge ourselves for the task ahead…..we will NOT fail…the fellowship lives on

    TO MORDOR !!!!!!...........................................................................................................

    is anybody still here ??? :o)

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    pianissima—thanks much for the heads up!

    just found this: Selenium is an essential dietary mineral and antioxidant. A selenium deficiency can make you more vulnerable to viruses, cancer, even “down” moods and low energy so getting the adequate amount in your diet is very important.

    i concur and will be getting a small little sack of inshell brazils.

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