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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience

join us if you feel to try something a little different

if you haven’t read the book, then possibly wait till you have…a lot of people try this ‘on a whim’, fail the diet through lack of knowledge and blame the diet for the failure..

you will need a good understanding of the principles involved and a firm belief (at least in theory) that this makes a lot of sense as a lifestyle…this belief will (hopefully) buffer you when things get tough…and they will get tough

this diet is considered extreme….but it is extreme only when compared to the diets we’ve grown up with or even the , more, gourmet styles of raw

a few points

1) activity , rest , fresh air, sleep etc are all fundamental parts of this lifestyle….failing to incorporate these aspects will place too much emphasis on only one aspect of health

2) if you find yourself eating cooked foods, try to ensure they are low-fat….keep going and aim to eventually eat enough calories so that you have no desire/need for the cooked foods

3) it is in your best interests to avoid spices, salts, vinegar etc….however they may just be the things that keep you 811 in the beginning….lose them as soon as you feel you can do without them

4) calories calories calories….make sure you eat enough

5) fats…all fruits and veg contain fats…..it doesn’t take much extra fat to push you over the recommended levels….chose your fat wisely….nuts and oils are a far inferior source of fat than avocados or other fatty fruits

here are some links that i presented in last months challenge

1) it is a good idea to get a rough idea of our bmr (basal metabolic rate)...this is how much , in calories, our body expends daily (AT REST) http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ this will give you a rough idea

2) get familiar with a calorie counter



  • Into it!

  • :o)

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    but ofcourse…but I am not trying, it will just happend effortlessly, lol.

  • ok I just ordered the book, though with 5 yrs RV and obsessive at some points I pretty much know tons. Fat is my weakness; coconut, tahini, avo, chia, hemp. My bod is more efficient without them so I will go 811 and see how it treats me! I do 2 hours exercise 5 days a week and energy is never a prob on raw. But I pork out when my fats get to around 35% a day, even though I always feel good. I have psoriasis, so this high fruit diet is rare to none for me as I’ve followed GC phase 1 and such most of the last few years. I think fat is the prob though cause my psor never gets better. But Ill do strict and see if I can heal or if it gets worse long run.

  • I started a lil early, but i’m in. I’ll be on vacation the 4th thru the 15th, but when I come back I’ll continue. I already ordered my book, I should get it next week.

    *edit…for those of you that read the blogs….I changed my blog from http://veganlicious.mydietblogger.com/

    It will now be… http://lamorena84.livejournal.com/

    I’ve been having issues with dietblogger, so I’m dumping that one!

  • Here! :)

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    I’ve been thinking it might be a neat idea for us to figure out where we are now so we have our own personal baselines to better show individual progress.

    So I’m going to figure out what percentage of fat and stuff I currently eat and what percentage of raw I currently eat too. ....cuz I already know, for me personally, I am not a diver I am a wader, so essentially my goal is to improve those stats in the direction of 811rv.

    Hopefully then in July I will create some permanent changes in that direction and then the next month, step it up another notch there again.

    Just an idea….

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m in! I got back from my camping trip, and totally splurged on avocado. I let my calories get down too low as I kept forgetting to eat while camping and I went for the fats when I got home.

    I’m willing to give it another shot. 1 month without overt fats.

  • mish and kamalla….2 faces i recognise from somewhere…hmmm ???...glad you could join us :o)

    moth…good to have you back….hope ya had a good time camping….did you forage at all ???

  • I started early too and am on chapter 7. Loving it so far and have already seen a difference!

  • another gi2mr face….welcome :o)

    i think , as of tuesday, it would be helpful for us all to give as detailed an account as we can


    ?/?/? ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    what foods we ate (don’t need to weigh if you don’t wanna)

    how these foods were staged through the day (mealtimes and snacks)

    exercise/activity for the day

    number of hours sleep

    i think it would help each of us to have a log to refer back to , for many reasons…it would also help others with ideas when they see what others are eating…and it will help for people who may be experiencing problems as it may be clearer to see why from their daily patterns

    if any of this feels like to much bother then skip it…..but i just think it would be really helpful…also seeing as we have quite a lot of ‘silent lurking’ interest (or at least we did in june), those who have more than a slight interest may be interested in our findings

    see y’all tuesday

  • GMTA! and the Universe delivers once again :D I had just determined to make the transition to the next level in July and voila! The teacher appears… Here’s a modified copy of the letter I sent to Dr. Graham a few days ago:

    Greetings! I naturally followed a similar approach to 80/10/10 when coming into the raw foods movement about ten years ago, but had difficulty recovering from the radical detoxing (no transition period-I went cold turkey) and subsequent weight loss. My figure left something to be desired, much to my husband’s dismay, and I looked haggard in appearance.

    OTOH, I was free of chronic fatigue and headaches for the first time in my life and experienced the quickest, easiest birth ever (no time to call DH by the time I realized this was it!) Unfortunately, maintaining an adequate milk supply proved to be a major challenge. At the time I was advised to add more natural fats into the diet, but I wasn’t a big fan of avocados and thought that was the only missing element that would make a significant difference.

    Long story short, I was at a loss with no experienced raw nursing moms to guide me and ended up going back to SAD since I had successfully nursed my other children through toddlerhood on cooked food and wasn’t at liberty to experiment with an infant to consider. For the past decade, I have dealt with the usual chronic conditions, bouts of depression and yo-yo weight issues with little or no hope of returning to this lifestyle. That is, until I came across a review of Natalia Rose’s “Raw Food Detox Diet.” She mentioned her own struggles with breastfeeding on raw and her success in meeting this challenge. So far, so good.

    I thought it would spare us both some time if you knew my background and basic understanding/advocacy of a fruitarian-rich approach to eating. My question is this: Do you address the concerns of nursing moms in the 80/10/10 plan, and provide a solution? I look forward to hearing from you soon, as I have gotten back on track with Natalia’s plan over the past five months (four sizes down and rich milk supply for my teething toddler.)

    I’ve reached the point where I’m ready to transition to the next level, and I truly hope 80/10/10 is just what the doctor ordered! Also, is this available in ebook form? Not only do I appreciate instant access, but searchable capabilities are a big plus! Muchas gracias, Amigo :D

    So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, my new friend(s), for the links and encouraging support which arrived with perfect timing :D I’m off to explore the materials and get ready for the big day. I’ll let you know what Dr. Graham has to say, and if anyone else has experience or insights with 811 and nursing babes, please pass it on!

    @Mish – I dealt with the heartbreak of crippling psoriasis for ten years and was healed of the condition (long given up by physicians as hopelessly incurable and aggressively progressive in nature) four years prior to going raw. My remarkable experience can be found retold at The Individual Christian Scientist Network (Goto the “Love delivers” group) and…

    Vayan con Dios, Amigos ~ I AM! :D

    L.U.C.K. = Living Under Correct Knowledge (James Ray)

    P.S. Hooray for an editing feature! Is this one on a timer? HAND-pda

  • luckypenne….hi :o)

    where did you post that letter….don’t remember seeing it on vegsource

    dr.d and his wife have a young daughter….i’m sure their experiences will help you greatly…..

    good luck

  • Wow – talk about instant gratification ;o) Thanks for the quick response, El! I sent it directly through the contact form at FoodnSport last Thursday. This is fantastic news about the Grahams’ experience with bringing up baby on 811!!! Should I post the message on the other forum, or be patient and wait for a personal response? I don’t want to make a bad impression by bugging the good doctor before I even get to know him :D Thanks again for being a fountain flowing with terrific information—You Rock! (a fellow guitar aficionado ~ I AM! :-)

    Luck is when opportunity meets inspired action! (I collect these ;-)

  • yes definately adress it to him (in the title) over at vegsource…i seem to remember recently reading that some mails weren’t getting through to him

    the other benefit from posting on the forum is that there is always the chance that others will also respond to the question….and EVERYONE will benefit from the answers

    let us know how you get on , guitar buddy :o)

  • oh, and i don’t think it’s available in e-book form….hmmm ???

    you should definately consider buying the book as soon as you are able

  • :o)

    Will do (post on vegsource after doing some research on the topic there, that is!) My hard copy of 80/10/10 should arrive soon—I went ahead and ordered it last week after devouring all the material on FoodnSport (hopefully, my background in working with Nature’s First Law sans avocados will make me a quick study for July’s experience!)

  • :o)

  • Found it – w00t! Breastfeeding on 811 My reply—Bringing up Baby on 811 [Re: Perhaps by Dr. Doug]—can be found at the end of the list.

    Awesome news to learn that this is all covered in the book!! I am seriously stoked now :D Cheers to you, El, with a heart full of gratitude. Your time is well-spent in this effort to share a ray or two of hope with others.

    Laissez les bons temps rouler ~ I AM!

    (Let the good times roll, as the Cajuns always say :o)

  • This is what I wrote in my profile, but I’ll stick it here, where it’s most relevant:

    Just started eating in the way of 811rv (without having read the book yet-will pick it up from the P.O. tomorrow), using info I’ve gathered from 811rv-ers on GI2MR and a couple of blogs, and hours of reading natural hygiene documents. By “just,” I mean Wednesday, June 25. (No doubt I will devour the book in no time.)

    I’ve been experimenting with raw vegan since January 2008. Knew I felt better than ever in my adult life when I was 95-100% rv but I gave in to my body’s demand for cooked, carby rubbish at the turn of a super-stressful emotional/professional transition.

    Two weeks ago, returned to high rv with a boatload of raw cashew butter and a tiny bit of cooked millet. Felt better daytime energy, but my digestion was outta whack, my sweet/carb cravings were phenomenal, and my sleep patterns willy-nilly.

    On Monday, I read of a theory that too much fat creates sweet/carb cravings, which makes sense to me. Had very little fat Wednesday and had very few cravings. Those mini-cravings have diminished every day since.

    These are the first days in my entire adult life I have not been ruled by cravings, which I’d always attributed entirely to my emotional dependence on food. For me it’s not all emotional!

    Anyway, I am ready – so ready – for this plunge, and I appreciate the idea of this group for support and science.

  • also, how do i find this page from the gone raw home page? so far, i’ve arrived through el-bo’s post in the 80/10/10 group on GITMR, but i can’t figure how else.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Hilary, Hi nice to see you on here! Go to “forums” and then “being raw” and you will find it.

  • thanks, just found it. nice to see you, too!

  • great idea el-bo!

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    I’m in…as well as my husband! My 80/10/10 book is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I sure hope I get it before Tuesday…lol!

  • luckypenne…nice one for the vegsource stuff….i don’t know if you realised that your post won’t bump the thread back into view….it’s a shame that the vegsource forum is so unstructured….you would need to start another topic to get any new attention…

    southernlover….i almost thought you were gonna join us last month :o)....great that you have your husband for ‘real’ world support…it would be helpful if he could also post seperately….or if he’s not to into the forum ‘thang’ , maybe you could post his daily comments/log seperately within your post

    so…we seem to be gathering momentum for tomorrow :o)

    have a good day y’all :o)

  • I’m in for another month. the first week will be a challenge – i’m going to argentina for a week (it’s winter there). gotta give up all that watermelon for a while!

  • you jet-setters…always tryin’ to make other folk jealous :o)

    stop by when you get back

  • Yep, El—didn’t realize that the messages were in original order rather than last posted till the deed was done. I added a pointer post this morning, which can be found prominently displayed on the front page :D 811 Newbie: Breastfeeding – by LuckyPenne on 6/30/08

    I gave the July “31-day experience” another plug, but VegSource balked at the idea of including a link for information. You could still spread the word in the dedicated link section, I guess, but I wasn’t sure if that would also be mistaken for spamming :P Everyone really needs to catch Ning fever—took me some time to warm up to the format, but now I’m a real fan!! It’s been interesting learning the BB lingo here at Gone Raw, but gotta admit I miss my WYSIWYG editor at GI2MR ;-)


  • Finally made it here! Hi, Elbow! <3>

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