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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • kminty3…sounds all good to me, so far…..i’ll check out with cronometer for the tsp of tahini…one thing, though….eatinf fruit AFTER your dinner may not be the best idea, especially if you are eating fat with the dinner….if you want i can give you a couple of links to food combining stuff….you may not notice any ill effects at the moment, but i’d bet that in a couple of weeks, if you are still with us, you’ll find this a bit of a digestive nightmare :o(

  • to add…if you want to have the fruit, maybe have it 30-45 minutes before the salad :o)

    hope this helps

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thanks, I was wondering how long to wait to eat my salad after the fruit meal.

    This 811 challenge feels so natural right now…even better then last month. I’ve been fruit feasting!

  • Today edit: added 1 banana

    1631 calories

    87/5/8 ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: Green Smoothie 1 banana, 4 peaches, 2 kiwi, 4 oz. spinach, 1 cup OJ, 1 tsp. Barleans fish oil (not raw or vegan, but essential for mental health issues)

    Mid Morning: 2 bananas, 5 oz. romaine leaves, 2 Tbs Newman

  • 1/2 medium-sized watermelon

    two apples

    1 mango

    huge salad with mixed greens, cukes, tomatoes

    a basket of raspberries

    a peach

    Exercise: I walked for two hours straight, not sure how many miles

  • Slept 7 hours and had 1.5 L water when I woke up so I didn’t get hungry til about 9:30. For breakfast I blended up the other half of yesterday’s watermelon. I think I drank it too fast (for fear of oxidation and in hopes of expending my stomach) because I got super full and was VERY uncomfortable for about an hour (not able to take deep breaths or even stand up straight). I literally felt like I had swallowed a watermelon!

    Needless to say, I didn’t feel for lunch til 4, when I used the recipe on page 202 of 4 bananas, 9 figs, and 2 cups young coconut water (Dr D must really know his stuff. . there was exactly 16 oz water in the nut!). This made a delicious smoothie. I am quickly learning that bananas are best for blending.

    I had dinner at 10:15, much later than usual due to running around. I made a salad of 2 leaves green chard, 1 carrot, 1 cucumber, a handful of red pear cherry tomatoes, and a few spears of sweet baby broccoli.

    Total calories: 1,456

    I am definitely loving how satisfied I feel. Coming into raw, I was going to the fridge nearly every hour for a piece of fruit. It’s nice not to be getting hungry constantly and freeing up my mind to obsess about other things besides food. ;)

    I walked 45 minutes in addition to the usual bike ride. Definitely gonna step it up a notch tomorrow.

    el-bo, does Dr. Graham recommend when excersize should be done (before breakfast, after dinner)?

  • I’d love to try this. I decided to go raw back in May. I definitely feel like I started gravitating toward a high-fat raw diet. So I bought the 80/10/10 book even before I saw this thread. So far, I’ve read 3 chapters. I also decided to start a blog with my details of the day, but I’ll try to repost the meals, workouts, percentage stuff here as well. I must say, this is a bit more challenging than I was expecting. The blog is here: http://rawgirlcookedworld.blogspot.com/

    Here’s today’s stuff:

    Breakfast: -Green Lemonade (1 c dandelion greens, 2 celery hearts, 2 fuji apples, 1 lemon, chunk of ginger, half tbs brazil nut powder) -1/8th of a watermelon -Banana

    Snack: -Ginger Lara Bar

    Lunch: -1/8th of a watermelon -5 rings of pineapple

    Snack: -1 peach -1 kiwi -1/4 cup almonds -Naked Juice: Mango

    Pre-Workout Snack: -2 bananas -1 cup grapes

    Workout: -30 minutes P90X Chest and Back routine (push-ups and pullups)

    Dinner: -Guac (1/4th avocado, 1/8th c onion, 1/4th jalapeno, bit of cilantro) divided between two red romaine leaves -Salad: 1 c. spinach, handful of raisins, juice of 1 orange, half a green pepper, half tomato, dash cumin -1/2 cup cauliflower -rest of small raisin box

    Fitday Percentages:

    Total calories today: 2012 Fat: 20% Carbs: 72% Protein: 8%

  • littlebirdie….great start….if possible, can you post on a ‘by meal’ basis….i will also do the same…it just makes it clearer…..also if you don’t have any problem calorie counting for a while, use nutridiary or cronometer to find out the calories and carb/prot/ratio…thanks

    kayell….way to go on your first day :o)

    sunnied…exercising on an empty stomach in the morning is recommended…..make sure you get down 1-1.5 litres of water a while before you start…you’ll definately start to feel a difference….for better exercise info , go post some q’s on vegsource….many longer term 811’ers and athletic folk…they would be more helpful than me, in this area

    hilary…..maybe you could cut and paste your daily intake here also, for continuy

    xeno…...all good….some suspect food combos :o) , but if you’re feeling good , don’t necessarily worry for the moment….as you progress you may find some of these combos a bit ‘challenging’....


    we’ve definately lost a few folk in the ‘startup’....oh well…..maybe they’ll join us later :o)

    just getting through my green smoothie…6 bananas blended with 350 grams of romaine….definately a little too much romaine for me….tomorrow i think i’ll split my daily greens between a couple of smoothies

    recieved my first fruit delivery today….have negotiated a delivery every 5 days to my door (4th floor)...one case of bananas (approx 100) and 5 large romaine…...how lucky i am :o)

    have a good day everybody

  • July 2nd 2008

    -2 Gala Apples -3 Bananas -4 Leaves of Kale minus the stems straight (bitterness is a welcomed taste now and my teeth feel stronger after chewing them to a pulp)

    8:14am… for lunch I plan on eating 8 peaches and possibly another couple of bananas. I’ll post to confirm when I return home.


  • El-Bo

    Yeah, you can use the picture. Enjoy.

  • Sunnied- Thanks. I do have a before shot of me up on my raw transformation page. I was 220 pounds. Now I’m at 165.


  • that’s just TOO inspiring…thanks a lot

    and thanks for sticking around…

    and the photo…i’m glad you agreed…kinda nabbed it anyways :o)...i would have removed it if you were unhappy….honest… i’ve given it a little ‘spin’ of my own…come and check it out…about 2/3rds down the oage in the slideshow

    and also for anyone who wants to hear some great music


    have a great day

  • i’m traveling, but i’m still in this week.

    yesterday breakfast: apple and 3 dates

    lunch – salad – lettuce,spinach, avocado, seaweed, almonds, seeds (at raw restaurant – too many overt fats i’m sure) salad was delicious, but was way too oily and rich after 1 month 811.

    dinner – 400g grapes, lettuce, 1 green apple, 1 tomato, lemon juice

    rusticbohemian – great site and pics!

    elbo – working right now listening to your playlist :o)

  • mimo22…have you discovered the retro-classic SIMON at the bottom of my video wall yet ???? way too much fun :o)

  • Alright. I have been logging on myfitnesspal and I think I am the only raw fooder on there. I am feeling GREAT this morning. It reminds me of how great I felt on the juice feast. God I miss that clean feeling so much.

    yesterday- green smoothie- (banana and spinach) grapes- 2 cups

    Earthbound Farm Organic – Spring Mix Salad Greens, 6 cup(s) Oil – Olive, 1 tablespoon 365 – Sunflower Kernel Raw, Lentils – Sprouted, raw, Kale – Raw, 1 cup, chopped

    dinner- 2.5 frozen bananas mango and fennel seed blended and poured over chopped apple green juice (parsley, kale, cucumber, spinach)

    snack midday 1 cup pineapple 1 peach, 1 cup grapes.

    went to the gym

    Ok- today 1 green smoothie (banana, a lot of spinach and a mango) grapes- 2.5 cups

    plan for lunch- kale, spinach and cucumber salad with sesame and a little oil and vinegar

    more fruit- peach, maybe an apple

    dinner- probably a simple salad.

  • cool :o)

  • sho’ thang, el.

    DAY 1: 811rv challenge

    Total calories: 1531 06/85/10 (p/c/f)

    -i have spent 3 days transitioning from high fat raw vegan to low fat rv -only got 6 hours of sleep but i feel fantastic (usually need 8, but no more than 6.5 for last 3 nights on low fat rv) -woke up at 7 -full bm w/ lots of undigested material -rode my bike for 1.75 hour; 1.25 was uphill -meals felt good in 1st half of day; massive bloating and gas after cherries, around 2:30 -morning and mid-day energy high and stable -major gas and significant bm at 4:30 -major bloating throughout evening and night -ate raspberries and salad when i felt less full/bloated, around 8:30 -lots of gurgly stomach activity -stomach upset made it hard to eat enough calories; i

  • hilary…now that was quick :o)

  • yah, i posted on your GITMR page, too.

  • ok


    DAY 2

    BREAKFAST 1 litre of water

    LUNCH (1 pm ) green smoothie (6 bananas and 300 grams of romaine)

    DINNER (now..6pm) 10 bananas blended with water

    1731 CALORIES 92/5/4

    gonna be offline for a couple of days from tomorrow…need to focus and also see if i can nip my rapidly-growing internet addiction in the bud

    wishing you all the best….speak in a few days

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    el-bo we will miss you!!! so yesterday went as planned except for the addition of about two cups of dry cereal.. not bad fat wise but not necessary. don’t even know why I did it, emotional eating in front of tv I suppose. Today is better: cal: 1188 (way short.. should have an additional 1223 but probably won’t, might have white rice for some) ratio: 10/83/07.. happy with this! breakfast: two grapefruit lunch: salad with tomato, romaine, a few olives, onion, lemon juice snack: papaya dinner: salad with cucumber and carrot and a little flax oil (1/2 tablespoon) boiled potato snack: three banana’s with raisins mixed in Felt awesome this morning! ran/jogged 11 miles and felt unstoppable! big change from the morning before when I literally couldn’t get my legs to jog and had to walk instead. I’m hoping, as a slow runner!, that this helps athletic performace. I’ve ran three marathons and am training for a third. I also like to hike and am taking up cycling, hoping to one day be an iron man! so I’m looking for a plan for athletic performace. Also would like to lose about 8 pounds (I think.. haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks but think I’m about 123 and would like to get to 115).

  • My book arrived yesterday afternoon—The Universe has impeccable timing! :D

    @Andrew: Your site was a great help while I was waiting; I spent most of yesterday morning reading that and making notes on Dr. D’s posts in the VegSource archives!
    @Kelley: My DH was entertaining the idea of doing the Ironman in celebration of his 50th this year, but after a few triathlons, decided that his sport really is marathoning. My avi is from our trip to the Kona Marathon (same course as Ironman) back in ‘04, and there’s a photo of the whole clan on our CO-OP homepage at Powerful Intentions. With a little help from Dr. Doug & Friends, I now have hope of being in marathon shape by my fiftieth! :D

    ANALYZE THIS! ;-) 1199 CALORIES 89/6/4
    Note: Nutridiary projected 7% Protein; CRON-o-Meter-6%
    In the section of the book comparing FitDay and NutriDiary, the biggest difference is that FD uses an outdated version of the USDA database and their graphics could stand a little revamping. Dr. D. said that both sites have discrepancies in their figures, but these errors are unlikely to affect the overall caloronutrient ratio by more than 1%. I suppose that accounts for the difference in the final figures between ND & CoM.

    CLICK HERE: http://ardfamilyco-op.net/801010_01JUL2008.gif
    (Still learning my way around the program, so if you notice any blatant inconsistencies in input, etc., please let me know.)

    Descripton/Name Time Summary

    Note: Began my day early – couldn’t sleep after the previous day’s one last cuppa tea “for old times’ sake” before the big event commenced!:P

    4 Med. Bananas, raw 420kcal (3/92/5%)

    3 Wedges, Watermelon, raw 257kcal (4/89/7%)

    2 Wedges, Watermelon, raw 172kcal (4/89/7%)

    Lettuce, cos or romaine, raw 5kcal (20/60/20%)
    Lettuce, iceberg (includes crisphead types), raw 3kcal (0/64/36%)
    Note: These two items were part of leftover American Salad Mix with a little cabbage & carrot tossed in for lagniappe – pronounced lahn-yahp which is Cajunspeak for “a little extra” ;-)

    Handful Spinach, raw 34kcal
    Apple, raw, with skin (Includes USDA commodity food A343) 55kcal (2/96/2%)
    Orange, raw, navel 69kcal (3/90/7%)
    2 Wedges, Squeezed Lemon juice, raw 3kcal
    1/2 Pint (Grape Organic) Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, June thru October average 31kcal (13/74/13%)
    1 Small Organic Banana, raw 90kcal (3/93/4%)

    Activity/Exercise Time Min kcal

    -Mowing lawn, general 18:15 45 203
    -Gardening, general 18:45 15 60

    Note: I planned to mow for only 30 minutes, but the extra rainfall had really nurtured the weeds in both the lawn and the beds. Wasn’t hydrated enough for the extra time and ended up with a beautiful withdrawal/dehydration headache (that’s why you see so much variety in my dinner; couldn’t finish my salad and really needed something juicier, but my stomach was upset, too) which lasted till mid-morning. That accounts for today’s log being tardy (in addition to being engrossed in my new copy of 80/10/10!) Overall, I’m very pleased with my first effort. Thanks for helping me get started on the right foot, Elliot!

    P.S. Playing around with the formatting here – anyone know how to get the bullets to work without making everything bold? ;-) HAND-pda

  • El-bo> Yeah, I haven’t given much thought to food combining, at least not yet. Does the book talk more about it? I’m hoping I can catch up on my reading this weekend.

  • July 2

    1548 calories

    84/6/10 ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: Tiny cantaloupe, followed by Green Smoothie 1/2 banana, 2 peaches, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 oz. spinach, 1/2 cup OJ, 1 tsp. Barleans fish oil (not raw or vegan, but essential for mental health issues)

    Mid Morning: 7 oz. romaine leaves, 2 Tbs Newman

  • Hey all, I just crawled back to the site, tail between my legs… :)

    I didn’t make it very far in the June challenge, just 5 days. After a couple days my mind just can’t stop making up reasons why I shouldn’t be eating 811rv. It so strange, the reason usually having to do with social interactions and/or missing the certain tastes like ethnic foods, even if I’m not currently facing any awkward social situations or craving any type of cooked food, my mind still pushes hard that it’ll eventually happen, “and then what?”. And that little voice convinces me that it’s not even worth continuing if I’m just going to end up quitting later.

    Also, I think the all-day, every-day sweetness and similar texture (most fruit is juicy and kinda mushy) was getting to me. There’s nothing crispy, crunchy or chewy except maybe celery (which I’m not a huge fan of) and the inner leaves in a head of romaine.

    I’m surprised (and relieved I suppose – human nature) that others (El-bo) fell off too. But I’m also glad there’s a “brand spanking” new challenge. I’m going to have another go and see how far I can get this time. I think I’m going to ease into it over the next 3-4 days as opposed to jumping in 100% (I’ve been cooked-omni for the last couple weeks – but “healthy omni” – no junk food, fast food, processed food, etc.)

    It would be so great if there was someone else nearby to get/give support. Nobody in the Rochester, NY area eh?

    Good luck to everyone having another (or a first) go! Greg

  • Here’s my stats for the day. My fat was a bit higher than I would have liked. How do you guys manage your greens. I just can’t eat a bunch of greens without some kind of dressing or flavoring. How do you all handle this?


    Breakfast: -Green Lemonade -1c. grapes

    Snack: -Banana -Lara Bar; Apple Pie

    Lunch: -1c grapes -18 bing cherries -7 strawberries

    Afternoon grazing: -Orange -2 kiwis

    Pre-workout snack: -Banana

    Workout: -2 mile run

    Post-workout snack: -1/8th of a watermelon

    Dinner: -1.5c romaine -1/2 red pepper -”Rawsome” dressing (1.5 cloves garlic, pinch ginger, .5Tb mustard, .5Tb Nama Shoyu, .5Tb vinegar, .5tsp cumin, .5Tb almond butter, .5tsp sesame seeds) -Banana

    Fitday Percentages:

    Total calories: 1850 Fat: 22% Carb: 70% Prot: 8%

  • Day 2

    Total calories: 1341 84/6/10 C/P/F

    -had trouble waking up this morning; slept an extra hour and still felt tired -no interest in exercising; no energy -medium bm, well formed -didn’t take long for energy to rise and stabilize, though it wasn’t as high as previous several days -felt empty/hungry (though still somewhat bloated) around 9 so i ate breakfast -full and bloated with a fair amt. of gurgling after brekkie -though i did not feel hungry, my bloating and gurgliness had succumbed enough that i ate (only for the sake of getting calories, which is probably not advisable) around 1:30 -felt ok, though very bloated -felt “hungry” around 3:30 and ate -felt energetic and played ultimate frisbee for 1.5 hour; energy good throughout -had a couple of small weird bms in afternoon and evening -was extremely bloated and gassy afterward; had no interest in eating, but i did anyway (wrong reasons! not listening to my body but fearing what will happen if i don’t get cals) -after dinner was even more than extremely bloated, and gassy, too; feels stiff and uncomfortable and i want it to go away : (

    breakfast: 3 large pears lunch: 13 apricots later lunch: 5 medium bananas pre-dindin: 6 extra large strawberries dindin: 2 cups of cabbage with lemon juice and a small handful of pumpkin seeds

  • Dang Rustic, nice poses!

    I here ya on the internet addiction, el-bo. Time flys WAY too fast on it. Mostly wasted time too. Too bad we are not closer and cannot be excercize buddies. I have very strange work hours and tend to spend the better part of daylight hours locked on the laptop. Too the point where my eyes start to hurt. Definitely have to get a new strategy.

    Good morning all, I was having troubles getting on the site last night so I am posting yesterday’s summary today.

    Breakfast: 1 small honeydew. It wasn’t very juicy and kind of sat heavy in my stomach. From now on, if I cut into a fruit and it is not super ripe, I am not eating it. It’s just not worth it, the way I feel after. Same thing happened with a cantelope I ate over the weekend. My stomach was making all sorts of strange noises after. I thought this was supposed to be melon season :(

    Lunch: 4 bananas, 4 peaches, blended with water. Does anyone know Dr Graham’s opinion on ice in smoothies?

    Dinner: 8 stalks celery. I got home super late and didn’t want to eat something very substantial at 11pm, right before bed. Before practicing 811, I was eating single pieces of fruit (and fat) all troughout the day. I have to do some time structuring for these larger meals. I generally tend to excercize in the evening and don’t want to eat a huge meal before working out, nor do I want to stuff myself before going to sleep. The day starts out good but then dinner gets screwed up.

    90/6/4 Calories: 1005

    I took a cardio sculpting class and then rode bike to the beach where I swam (ok, floated mostly) in a saltwater pool for the first time. I hope that’s not against Dr. D’s orders ;)

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