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the 'brand spanking' new july 31-day 80/10/10 experience



  • i seem to be fasting today :o)

  • thanks for counseling, you two. i’m almost 29 el, so you’re close; no offense taken : )

    i did fill in the nd control panel with all my measurements and daily activity level and whatnot and it said my bmr was 1283 and added general activity of 770. i guess that’s where i should let me bod tell me what to do. plus, i’d like to gain weight. but i think you’re right el, that i’m trying to move too fast. honestly i am often consumed by fear of losing too much weight because of shit in my past. and it’s like, the one message that really stands out for me from da book is “make sure to get enough calories!” but, yah, my hair’s falling out in piles again and my skin’s going to hell, overt signs to me that i’m putting undue stress on my system. i will try what you suggest el and aim for my bmr, sticking w/ mono and fewer each time.

  • Bananna1333Bananna1333 Raw Newbie

    So does anyone feel any differently yet? .....I don’t really. But that might have something to do with not actually participating as of present, lol.

  • i don’t want to appear flippant, ‘cause i’m not…..but try to seperate the issues of weight and health….your body will do what it needs to do and eventually will normalise it’s weight

    remember how dr.d talks of how people are under-muscled and it’s when we lose our ‘false’ body that we can appear really skinny….don’t think about your weight as a number…think about your health and allow for your workout regime to build a little bulk (adding weight) using all the new healthy cells from all this healthy stuff you are eating

    i’m also losing hair daily, but i’m quite happy to trust that my body wants to get rid of this as part of getting rid of the old…don’t stress…stress won’t help….of course, if you are going bald , maybe something needs to change

    just relax into it….eat at a level that is enjoyable….definately make sure you are eating to your bmr and then work the rest out as you become more familiar….with time you will become more attuned to the signals that will decide how much more you eat

    i would urge you to post to dr.d , here if you still feel unsure…he will probably answer within a couple of days, but you’ll also probably get answers from those who are much more experienced than myself


    don’t need to register or leave your email

    hope this helps

  • bananna…lol …i have fallen a couple of times recently, so i’m not judging how i feel at the moment…...

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    So yesterday was the first day I really was able to get into the swing of things.. I had

    salad: (lettuce, tomato, lemon juice, bell pepper) 2 grapefruit large bunch of grapes Extra large papaya with one mango and kale leaves a few small plain boiled potatoes with tomato mixed in 3 banana’s with a few raisins Handful of sprouted buckwheat

    Percentages: 6/84/10 (6 fat, 84 carb, 10 protien) Calories were about two hundred low I ran 9 miles in the morning and lifted weights for about 20 minutes. I had slept about 10 hours the night before. Plenty of time in the sun while running.

    I really tried to eat LOTS of fruit to fill me and get rid of the cravings for cooked food/fat. It worked pretty well. It was strange to eat an entire jumbo papaya with a mango then have some boiled potatoes.. then two hours later three bananas. Felt like I was eating so much yet didn’t feel bad in my tummy. I did not drink enough water yesterday to make up after my 90 minute run though, I think that made me hungrier than normal.

    Today the plan is:

    Pint of frozen blueberries blended with one banana Salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice vegetable broth two grapefruit with some strawberries and mint four ears of corn blended with some salsa three bananas with raisins

    that should be about 1600 calories which will be low because I’m headed out on a 13-15 mile jog. Slept 7 1/2 hours last night. Having yerba mate tea.. finding I really need a little caffiene on the days I run even though I gave up coffee a year ago and tea several times since. Maybe running performance will get better on the 8-1-1 sans caffiene but over the last year I’ve found if I want to run long/well.. I need a little tea.

  • some recent cooked incidents have left me feeling a little unwell…fasting is not the answer for me at the moment…it just creates too much hunger and cravings

    so today i’m taking it easy…i’m going to be mono-mealing bananas for a week or so, just looking to keep things simple…..i’ve discovered blending frozen banas with a little water makes a great soft-serve ice cream….this will be my staple while i’m waiting for my other bananas to ripen

    have a good day, everyone :o)

  • Great News!!!

    So I know some people’s concern on this 80/10/10 diet (including my own) was the detrimental effect on teeth. I had been having sensitivity on certain teeth in my mouth… I thought I must have cavities.

    I visited my dentist today and to my amazement and surprise I have no cavities and he said my teeth look absolutely amazing. I just wanted to share this with everyone. Perhaps the sensitivity is due to the release of acid in the mouth? I am not sure but incredibly pleased to hear my mouth is looking so much better since being on this diet… and I brush less often (one day I’d love to get to the point where no toothpaste is used and simply water as Dr. D suggests).

    Much love,


  • i have also heard others get quite surprising results with their teeth…

    congratulations, sir !

  • That’s so funny you mention it, Dave. I swear, since going raw, and especially since increasing my fruit… I SWEAR my teeth are getting whiter. It’s the craziest thing. And here I kept doing stupid whitening kits, when all I needed was some fruit!

    Yesterday did not go so well. Maybe you guys can help me pinpoint why… I have two theories.

    So they day went as follows:

    B: 1/2 a watermelon

    L: 7 bananas

    2pm: 10 almonds

    4pm: Naked Juice: Mango

    Here’s where things got crazy. First of all, I didn’t realize the Naked brand juice is flash pasteurized. Second, my bananas didn’t quite have speckles on them yet, so they weren’t at peak ripeness I guess.

    Well, on the drive home, quite suddenly, I felt very sick. VERY sick. I ended up pulling over on the side of the road and nearly barfed over the guard rail. Luckily after a few heaves and some fresh air I felt better. Well, unfortunately, I had completely lost my appetite for fruit the rest of the night… I couldn’t even bear the thought of it- I ended up eating cooked and aftwerwards I did feel better. But what do you think caused this? I’ve had the Naked Juice in the past before (back when I thought it was all natural, and didn’t know about the pasteurization). So I’m not sure if it was that, but that was the last thing I ate before feeling sick. I’m thinking it’s either that or the bananas. Those are my two theories.

    For dinner I ended up eating some Mongolian barbeque- so about a cup of cooked noodles, and 2 or 3 cups of cooked vegetables. Then 2 pieces of roti prata bread.(I’m seriously addicted to roti prata bread… I could eat just that by itself).

    As for exercise yesterday, I ran for 2 miles.

    Here are my FitDay stats for yesterday:

    Total Cal: 1957

    Fat: 17%, Carb: 73%, Prot: 10%

  • July 8

    Food Log 1324 calories

    87/6/7 ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: 1/2 small watermelon 1 medium cantaloupe

    Mid Morning: 7 oz romaine, 1.5 Tbs Newman’s dressing 2 bananas

    Lunch: 7 oz romaine, 1.5 Tbs Newman’s dressing 1 bananas 3 peaches

    Dinner: 7 oz romaine, 1.5 Tbs Newman’s dressing 1 banana 1 peach

    Throughout day: cold weak green tea and lime juice flavored water, 1 mug genmai cha

    *Exercise/activity for the day: *

    35 minutes jogging on rebounder 30 lat pull downs 30 rows 30 chest presses 30 flies 30 overhead presses 30 lateral arm lifts

    7:30 hours/minutes sleep last night

    0 minutes sunning 5 minutes standing in the rain a celebrating! (we hadn’t had any rain for 4 weeks)

  • July 9

    Food Log 1490 calories

    88/6/6 ratio (carb/prot/fat)

    Breakfast: 1 medium cantaloupe Green smoothie – 2 cups blackberries, 6 oz tangerine juice, 2 peaches, 2 persimmons, 1 banana, 4.5 oz spinach (I didn’t get it all down, so finished up when I got home from work)

    Mid Morning: 2 bananas

    Lunch: 14 oz romaine, 1 cup of mango/tomato/lime dressing (Yeah me!) 1 banana 1/2 cup blueberries 1 kiwi 2 slices tomato

    Late afternoon: The rest of the giant smoothie

    Dinner: Too full 3 oz romaine, 0.5 Tbs Newman’s dressing 2 dates

    Throughout day: cold weak genmai cha tea and water, 1 mug genmai cha AM

    *Exercise/activity for the day: *

    30 minutes jogging on rebounder

    7:30 hours/minutes sleep last night

    0 minutes sunning – no sun during hours I could get outside, lots and lots of thunder, but no more rain yet.

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    a quick post: my totals for the day ended up being 4/86/10 (fat/carb/protein) Ran: 5 miles Spent 1 hour in the sun (or at least partially sunny!) Slept 7.5 hours

    breakfast: 1 pint frozen blueberries and 1 banana blended together then for lunch: three oranges chopped up with fresh mint and baby carrots and sundried tomatoes dipped in hummus (not raw) and a spinach salad topped with blended strawberries and mushrooms

    and dinner: can of peas (not raw) and 1 ear raw corn and 3 hard sourdough pretzels (not raw)

    not staying completely raw but finding the low fat thing pretty easy with the non raw starches mixed in. I actually ate a very very low fat diet for several years about a decade ago and really enjoyed it and didn’t struggle with it. I’m naturally drawn to non fatty carbs so that part is easy.. now just need to get enough calories and get full without having to rely on cooked carbs.. BABY STEPS Y’ALL!!!! Love Kelley

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    hey all, looks like everyone is hanging in there. i am loving all the fruit….getting another big shipment tomorrow. 40 lb box of bananas, 18 lb box of peaches, 8 lb of strawberries, 25 lbs of mangos, 20 lbs of galia melon….it will be a wonderfully full fridge.

    so ive been enjoying a lot of watermelon, but not enjoying the process of getting all the flesh away from the rind. so, yesterday i had an idea at work (i work at a coop) i “peeled” the melon by cutting off the end, standing it on its end and cutting down the sides until i had a big red orb of all flesh—8 lbs! i stuck a knife and fork into it, sat down at the table near the window and began to eat. my coworkers were laughing at this sight and couldnt believe i was attempting to eat it all. neither could i, actually.

    but finish it, i did. lightheaded at first, i was was packed with energy the rest of the day and needed no other meal to get me thru my long shift.

    811rv rocks!

  • RawKRawK Raw Newbie

    sorry, i meant to respond it a question posed about mixing bananas and strawberries. i dont have a problem with it. in my banana smoothies, i mix strawberries (stem and all), blueberries, spinach, romaine, celery and/or dates and have not had any digestive issues. this is coming from someone who has had numerous issues in the past when i combined improperly—before i found 811.

  • Congrats Dave! Hopefully the pain in my tooth will subside as well. (It better, I don’t have dental, haha) Have you heard back from your friend yet?

    Hi pj, I am DEFINITELY interested in a 811 community. Preferably outside of the states. Where are you thinking?

    Sorry I have been MIA guys. I went to Tampa and fell out of routine of adding up totals on nutri-diary and posting. (I had a nice time, thanks penne) I am happy to report that I have been a good girl, well except for a raw potluck, but even there I did not overdo it as I once would have. I don’t usually patronize Whole Foods (no offense moth) but the one in Sarasota is GREAT. They even sold vegetarian shoes! I’m sure the lady in produce thought I was nuts when I asked her to cut a pineapple in rings even though there was [a conventional] one sitting in a container, hehe. It’s already showing though. Customers are comenting daily that I am losing weight and the jeans I put on this morning were super loose! Shouldn’t I be feeling deprived in order to see these effects? ;) I will start posting totals tomorrow but I’m done for the night. Great job everyone. :)

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    Hey All! feeling kind of tired today. Slept about 7 hours last night. Poorly I might add. No real sunshine time yet and no workout this morning. Probably why I feel off. I did, as El-bo suggested, start my day with about 40 ounces of water.. that was a good thing

    here’s how the day is shaping up: totals: cal: 1649 (just 11 over what they calculated for me) 7/84/9 (fat/carb/protein)

    Breakfast: one pint frozen blueberries blended with a few strawberries and snack: four nectarines and lunch: 1 cup cooked kamut with fresh and sundried tomatoes and raw broccoli with hummus and several dates and Dinner: rice noodles with raw veggies and snack: 2 mango’s

    Still eating the cooked grains.. I know.. I know.. I will get rid of those too! Have a great day everyone!

  • so far so good today

    1 – 11 banana smoothie….managed it quite easily

    ate it real late…not sure if i’ll eat more…we’ll see

    i’m not really posting in greater detail ‘cause i am banana mono-mealing…i s’pose calories will vary but not variety

    light walking with dog….yoga later, hopefully

    peace, everyone :o)

  • So I went grocery shopping last night and picked up about 4 days worth of food. I bought all the organic I could last night. I wish Meijer had more.

    Has anyone else had issues with organic peaches? I got a bunch of them from Meijer last night. Some of them tasted fine, but every once in a while, I get a really nasty disgusting tasting one. I don’t know what the deal is with that. It doesn’t look weird or anything… looks like a normal peach.

    Anyways, yesterday’s stats:


    Workout: 30 min Shoulders & Arms P90X routine (free weights)

    Breakfast: 1 cantaloupe

    Lunch: 3 peaches, 1 banana, 5 dried figs blended into a smoothie

    Snack: 1 orange


    Course 1: 1 mango, 8oz raspberries

    Course 2: Soup (1 cucumber blended with 1 mango)

    Course 3: 1/4th of the monster salad I made Monday


    Total Cal: 1281 (yea, a bit too low)

    Fat: 6%, Carb: 87%, Prot: 7%

  • Oh cool, are sun-dried tomatoes allowed?

    xeno, how was the cucumber mango soup? Sounds like one I might have to try!

    I had two smoothies so far today. 5 bananas in each with a ton of greens. It’s hard to get away from these things as it’s just such an easy way to get all the greens in.

    Leaving soon for a 15 mi bike ride and volunteer work (2 hours gardening). Probably will have a salad after that. Have a nice night, everyone.

  • The soup was good. You just blend 3/4th cucumber, and 1 mango. Then, you slice the cucumber that is leftover into thin slices and drop them on top of the soup. Nice balance between soft and crunchy. :)

  • sunnied – not yet, but you’ll be the first I tell once I get word! ;)

    I love my green smoothies; I don’t think I’ll ever stop, hehe! xeno definitely a great idea w/ the soup… may just have to be my lunch tomorrow.

  • DAY 8 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 9 hours (felt tired upon waking but had to awaken anyway) energy: a bit low all day, but concentration was fine exercise: mellow bike riding for about a half-hour

    breakfast: 32 oz orange juice lunch: 5 cups pineapple blended with 1 cup strawberries dinner: 3 medium bananas blended with 1/2 avocado snack: 1 large pear snack: 1 medium carrot

    total calories: 1472 84/5/11 C/P/F

    notes: -full bm w/ some undigested mat’l; only one bm all day (last couple days, i’d been having several to many small bms)

    thanks to good suggestions, i’ve set my caloric sights a bit lower and de-complicated my mind (which tends toward perfectionism) a bit. eating was easier today. only trouble was i burned my mouth with too much pineapple. ouch! still feels weird. i would like to start eating only bananas for a little while to simplify but there are only green bananas to be had (i live in a rural area so there aren’t a lot of options for organic). so i’ll do the best i can until they ripen and keep it simple : )

    i noticed again that after i had overt fat (avocado), i had cravings for more. so far on this diet, i have not had much issue with cravings, except for each time i’ve eaten overt fat as avo or sunflower seeds. i think this is remarkable. so, craving nuts or pizza, i had a pear and then a carrot.

  • DAY 9 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    sleep: 16 hours

    total calories: 0

    i didn’t really wake up today until about 3 pm, and then i spent the next few hours lying still in bed, often with my eyes closed. figured my body was detoxing and needing rest, so that’s what i gave it. i’m sort of up and about now (7:30 pm) but low energy and taking it easy. so far, food is only slightly interesting. this became a 35-hour water fast.

  • DAY 10 also at: http://www.giveittomeraw.com/profiles/blog/show…

    breakfast: 32 oz orange juice lunch: 3 bananas snack: 1 banana, 2 cups strawberries, 3/4 cup pineapple smoothie snack: 1 cup cherries, 1 cup strawberries dinner: 1/2 large cucumber, 1/4 tbsp black raw tahini, 1/4 cup yellow squash, 1 tbsp dried sunflower seeds

    total calories: 1245 84/7/9 C/P/F

    -i may have felt “true” hunger this morning in my 35th hour of fasting -had about 32 oz of fresh oj over about 1/2 hour and bloated up right away; head felt spacey yet dense, like there was some invisible pressure on my temples; energy low but slightly more than when i was making the juice -no bm -low energy most of the day until about 7 pm -went to a barbeque and had some of the cherries and strawberries i took; i smelled and looked at the food others were eating but i didn’t want any and i didn’t feel deprived; but i did feel a little anxious about eating when i got home; wasn’t hungry, but wanted to eat cucumber, so mixed it up with other stuff to try and get enough cals for my bmr

  • Hi Hilary, my tongue and lips get the pineapple burn when I eat alot of it too. So worth it, but I think I will only have half of 1 next time and see how that treats me. (never thought I’d ever be saying “only half a pineapple” hehe)

    I am doing bananas mostly also. I don’t like stressing about my next meal.

  • purejoy (if you’re still around), where do you live?

  • kminty3kminty3 Raw Newbie

    4/89/07 (fat/carb/prot) calories: 1220 short about 700 on the calories Jogged six miles, time in the sun: about an hour slept 8 1/2 hours last night

    food: whole cucumber sliced with two chopped mangoes and two grapefruits with a chopped mango and a large dinner salad with no dressing and a baked sweet potato (only non raw item, yeah!) and five banana’s for dessert.

    Felt a little off again today, probably because of the dry cereal binge I had last night. Oy!

  • Wow, this thread really took off again—looks like GR’s switchover was a success! Got busy this week and my stats reflect it :P Ratios are right on, though, and I’m happy to say that’s been no prob for me (it was as simple as cutting out the avocado oil/salt combination on my salads and butter on my baked sweet potato per Natalia Rose’s level 3 transition.) I had cut back on my volume all around thinking less is more, so that habit is easy to slip back into, as I learned this week.

    @Hilary: Glad you’re hanging in there. Dr. D recommends eating a bite or two past satiation to expand your stomach back to its normal size. He’s also focused on clear urine, passed 3-6x/day in decent amounts, whereas Natalia Rose’s plan emphasizes bm’s 1-3x/day. Fruit and veggies will not leave an excess of solid waste matter to eliminate, and that’s a good thing! ;-)

    @Sunnie: Good to hear you had a great trip :D Dried tomatoes aren’t normally part of the 811 plan, but there are a few tossed into an 811 summer recipe for tomato-basil soup, I believe. Sounds delicious, but I’m not sure I want to tempt my palate with cooked fare and risk awakening latent cravings.

    So far, I have had little or no desire for any of the dishes I’ve prepared for the family, including the burritos (Mexican lover from way back!) and pizza-n-pasta, courtesy of my daughter who is employed at the Hut :P I’ve been encouraging the kids to have a pre-meal of fresh fruit, which they adore, and those of us on 811rv (a couple of the older teens have joined me) are eating at a separate table!

    EDIT: As for IC, I’d opt for a nice tropical island somewhere, but only if I could get there some other way than the folks on Lost ;-) I was beginning to wonder if Kelley is also from the deep South with all that talk about the heat, but I see you’re from NY. My husband was based over in Saratoga Springs many moons ago. We took a road trip up there after he ran Boston back in ‘02. Beautiful country.

    Lots of rain this week, coupled with poor food intake and low energy, thwarted my plans to get some yardwork done outside. The sun finally broke through this morning which meant I had to rinse out the garbage cans myself! LOL Incentive to get some extra rays and fresh air, and I could definitely feel the difference when I made an extra effort to eat well.

    @Dave: Great news!!! I just posted a message at VegSource about our experience with raw detox and healing of teeth. I think Raw Princess and others on Dr. D’s forum there would also be thrilled to hear about your success.

    @Kelly: What are the ingredients in Naked Juice? Dr. D says that even pure juice can cause a serious spike in blood sugar without the fiber to slow things down. No doubt that was the cause of your subsequent crash & near burn, particularly with all that almond fat in your system further preventing absorption. Man, I’m really picking up some of this stuff from the book—totally worth its weight in gold! Take care of yourself, amiga.

    @Elliot: It looks like I was fasting this week, but it was really more about learning to coordinate my produce purchases—everything at the organic market was greener than green, so I had to make an unexpected trip to the grocer the next day. This 31-day experience is a great way to jump right in and tweak the program along the way!

    Hey, big day for Mac (and I don’t mean Ronald :P) today, eh? My son, Keith, is anxiously waiting for the site to open up (or traffic to clear up) so he can upgrade our iPod with all the new apps!! :D

    EDIT@RawK: I can just visualize you digging into that rindless melon! One slipped out of my hands onto the floor the other day and cracked down the middle in a Charlie Brown zig-zag pattern :D The kids got the biggest kick out of that, so I split it the rest of the way and told everyone to dig in! :D

    EDIT-DAYS 8, 9, 10:
    I’m eating basically the same menu every day:
    Melons, bananas/smoothies, greens with tomato and mango (up to half a head of lettuce with romaine on the side now!!) Then, there’s some pineapple, oranges and grapes tossed in at various times throughout the week.

    480 kcal 87/8/5 (Ripe fruits were a rare commodity today :P)
    693 kcal 87/8/5 (This one took me by surprise!)
    1382 kcal 92/5/3 (Lesson learned: Get more rest and start meals earlier in the day.)

    Ministry of Silly Walks Activity/Minutes/kcal
    8) Normal homemaker/parenting routine (low intake/energy) 9) Normal homemaker/parenting routine (low intake/energy) 10) TMI (Back up to speed, but I’ve really got to get out more ;-) 25 9 Ten (10) Pushups to exhaustion/establish base for Haeske’s Blaster 1 7

    Our TV is no longer broken (it really was! LOL) but the blender gave up the ghost in the middle of banana smoothies last night. Anyone have a favorite brand, model to recommend? Our original Osterizer lasted over twenty years, but it seems they don’t make ‘em like they used to :P


  • oooh…new apple apps….i’m gonna get me some of that

    so far today…..14 bananas and 20 dates..forgot i had the dates at the bottom of the fridge…kinda devites from my banana mono-meals but ….......:o)

    keep it up guys….and yes, things definately seem a lot snappier around here…hope it lasts :o)

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