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my dad has bladder cancer

LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

I just found out this morning. Just yesterday i was thinking how lucky I was to have two healthy parents. I can’t believe this is happening. I am trying to garner all the info. I can for my dad so he can heal himself. He lives in Mission Viejo, California. If anyone knows of a place nearby that has access to fresh, local Organic fruits and veggies, that would be so helpful. Has anyone else here struggled with that or known of someone else who has? Any advice, knowledge would be infinitely appreciated.


  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    Apricot seeds and Apple seeds.

    Check out this video: A World Without Cancer – The Story Of Vitamin B17: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4312930…

    I studied this for a full two weeks, and it looks like it’s true. I’ve been eating 10 apricots seeds daily as a preventative for the last six months. I’ve also been eating the seeds along with the apple whenever I have one.

    Here’s the story of Jason Vale, who reversed his cancer using B17: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmkkwBTqVPc

    You still have to change your diet though. You can’t just eat the apricot seeds and continue to eat crap.

    Here’s a list of other good sorces of B17: http://www.vitaminb17.org/foods.htm

    Oddly enough, most of the foods that contain B17 are foods that I rarely (if ever) ate before, but now eat regularly. They’re all staples of the raw food diet. :-)

    For some people, just switching to the raw food diet stops their cancer cold.

    The documentary “Crazy Sexy Cancer” tells the story of Kris Carr, who stopped her cancer by eating live foods: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmjcKqXHJSM

    She was also featured on Oprah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbRM2RAjgh0

    And here’s her speaking at the Raw Spirit Festival: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHtrppv1SvM

    Hope that helps.

  • To add to Kevlar’s list…

    You can also purchase “World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17” at amazon…


    You might want to check out the “juice feasting” site as well…


    Best Thoughts!

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    Kevlar~ thank you SO much for the info. I have taken notice of some of your earlier postings because of how interesting and well-researched your thoughts are. Intriguing about apple cores b/c i have heard that they are poisonous. Maybe this is why it works? And i love Kris Carr, I was thinking about sending my dad a care package with her video to inspire him. I can’t wait to check out your links and forward them to my dad.

    Simplyraw~ Thank you for that link, i will send that to my dad as well. The first thing I thought when he told me was that he should start juicing.

    My dad has been a moderately healthy man his whole life. . . never smoked, drank very little, and largely avoided red meat. He has always loved vegetables, but the problem is that nearly every night he would eat a huge amount of non-organic microwaved mini-veggies. I could never understand it, they taste horrible, and it seems you would get none of the healthful benefits microwaving them to death, not to mention the fact that they are probably pesticide ridden. I will have to find a co-op nearby where he can find fresh organic fruits and veggies and i think i will have a juicer delivered to him.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    doombot I wish all the best for your Dad to regain his health.
    Kevlar & simplyraw’s links are really great.
    Also wish to add that my boss, a young woman in her upper 30s had cancer, and like Kris Carr she was helped by the people at the Hippocrates Institute in FL.
    My boss has now been cancer-free for 2 years – and she is fabulously vibrant.
    Peace & health wishes are being sent your way.

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    No problem, doombot.

    Yeah, I’d always heard that apple seeds were poisonous too, but I’ve been eating them for six months, along with the apricot seeds, and I’ve felt no ill effects.

    Give your father my best wishes. :)

  • jellibijellibi Raw Newbie

    doombot, I’m so, so sorry to hear that your dad has bladder cancer. I first read your post a couple hours ago and then went to take a nap (I think I’m getting the cold/flu that’s been going around too) and anyway, while I was falling asleep I was thinking about your post and how I wished so much that I had some advice for you and that I knew what would help with your dad’s bladder cancer… well, I just woke up from intense dreaming and in my dream my younger brother, who just died from cancer in June (his biggest tumor was in his bladder, too) was harvesting lots and lots of beets from a little garden. The last thing that I remember about the dream is that he was standing outside on the deck (looking beautiful) holding an armload of beets out for me to see.

    So, obviously this isn’t based on fact, but I would say that that’s the answer that I have for you- beets. And intuition tells me that all foods with a dark intense coloring might be good for your dad’s bladder- and juiced would probably be best.

    I hope it doesn’t offend you for me to suggest something from my dreams and intuition, but that’s just what I had to offer today and I didn’t want to be silent :)

    I might also suggest reading the book The China Study. It is about the connection between animal foods (esp. casein- found in milk) and its connection to cancer.

    Sending lots of love your way >>>>>>>>>>>>>.

  • Doombot, sending out positive thoughts for your father.

    Along with all the previous great info, I would also suggest a FABULOUS film called “Healing Cancer From the Inside Out” by Mike Anderson about raw foods.


    (He also has another great doc called “Eating” about the raw vegan food diet in general.)


  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    Wow:) It’s so beautiful how supportive this community is. Jellibi~ I was so touched by hearing about your dream, I started crying. I actually think that is the most helpful advice that someone can give. . . that which comes from their deepest intuition and wisdom. I strongly believe that the dead can visit us in our dreams and convey important information. I agree wholeheartedly that the best thing I could do for my father is buy him a juicer and include a list of recipes that will heal his tumor. And you are correct, beets are known to be very cleansing for kidneys and bladder. I recently had some Borscht, a traditional Jewish soup made with a base of beets and it was soooooo good. I think I will try to prepare a raw version for my dad. Infinite love and gratitude to you, Jellibi! And also, I want to send you my condolences for your loss.

    Aspire: Thank you for your support as well. I am going to look up those videos right now and perhaps include them in my Dad’s care package.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    Anyone faced with the myriad of cancer decisions should own a copy of “Healing cancer” a DVD by the docs at Cleveland Clinic available at www.theravediet.com. My step-dad also undergoing treatment for bladder cancer. Now 3 months post radiation and those blood levels and platelets still so low. He just has no energy anymore.

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    Izhpt~ I am sorry to hear about your step-dad. If you don’t mind my asking, what kind of symptoms did your step-dad have and how early did they catch the cancer? My dad had experienced about a month of abnormally frequent urination before they caught on. I really hope my dad doesn’t have to undergo radiation or chemo. I know that they just wreak havoc on the immune system. So many people have recommended that video. I am definitely picking up a copy for my dad.

    Another general question for anyone who might know: what is the effect that grains have on cancer? Any other dietary advice for cancer patients.

    Again, thank you for the support everyone.

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    im sorry to hear about your dad doombot. its good he has you trying to find some help and advice for him. i have an mri next week myself to find out if my bone tumours are malignant, its partly why i follow a mostly raw diet. ive done a lot of research for myself and it seems simple carbohydrates and msg are like superfoods to cancer cells. i am not eating any wheat flour or wheat flour products (the flour is so refined it is easily absobed), any sugar of any kind raw or otherwise (im using agave syrup), and wont go near anything with monosodium glutamate in it.

    the idea is that usually the diet feeds the cancer cells and the patient starts to starve, by refusing foods that feed the cancer and eating lots of anticarcinagenics such as raw beetroot and broccoli, and i eat upto 15 apricot kernals , 5 with each meal, every day, im hoping that if my tumours are malignant i am already on the way to killing them off, but im sure mine are benign as i feel good. but at least i feel im doing something positive. all these things are things that could help your father, and certainly couldnt hurt him so definatly worth a shot.

    i wish you all the best doombot, my thoughts are with you and your father and family xx

    im also off all yeast including nut yeast, alcohol, and potatos (starch easy to absorb by cancer cells) and roasted coffee in the interim too

  • Hi Doombot,

    I am really sorry about your father.

    I am very new to raw so I cannot give you advise in which food can help or not.

    I was thinking that if your family is open to Alternative Medice, they would like to look into Theta Healing. You can read Vianna’s story on her web page: www.thetahealing.com You can also find practicioners on your area on the same web page.

    Maybe it can help!!

    Blessings to your father.

  • lzhptlzhpt Raw Newbie

    My step-dad had numerous UTIs and on one test it was discovered he was spilling cancer cells into the urine. It took 3 CT scans before they discovered the cancer. He is 83 and made initially a good decision not to undergo treatment since the surgeon told him the cancer was only treatable through complete removal of the bladder. After a period of denial, he went back to his local MD, who recommended chemo and radiation ( completely ludicrous sinc the cancer was “untreatable”), but off he went anyway even though his own daughter died from complications of chemo. She was considered a breast cancer survivor. I was very upset, but people make their own choices. As predicted, the chemo ravaged his red blood cell count. he is severely anemic, he has no energy to do the things he loves and his quality of life is not good. The doctor actually recommended he join the health club (when he is not getting oxygen to his muscles and the idea of touching nasty gym equipment would give this poor man a deadly infection!!!!!) He can’t even walk to the mailbox! I could go on, but it’s been a disaster. You know, you can always shop around to find someone to treat you—$$$$for them, but in my opinion, this treatment was totally unecessary and robbed a vibrant man of maybe a few more years. On a different note, i know someone who took their dad to Sanai in NYC. he had the bladder removal and has been cancer free for 10 years. It’s all about the care. Get him the best care you can afford. I wish him peace and health.

  • greenghostgreenghost Raw Newbie

    continued well wishes for doombot’s Dad and also well wishes & good luck to dodo regarding the tests she is having done. Keep strong!
    Peace ~ gg

  • jellibijellibi Raw Newbie

    Yes, doombot and dodo, keep us updated as to how everything is going and let us know if you need any support :)

  • dodododo Raw Newbie

    thanks guys, not even my thread and yet there you all are being supportive. my mri is a weeks today, and i know i prob face some nasty ops etc at the very least even if they are benign (which i know they are), im trying to build myself up in anticipation for the onslaught so i recover asap.

    it sounds like they picked up on your dads quite quickly doombot, i wish your dad all the luck in the universe and know your love will help him through this x

  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    Cool that the apricot and apple seeds were already mentioned, it reminded me of what a friend told me recently.

    Her grandfather with thick irish accent always used to say, “Eat your apple seeds and you’ll never get cancer.” Well he didn’t ever get cancer but died sometime in his early 90’s in his favourite place – his garden. He was found by a neighbour, who when asked if it gave him a shock to find the old man dead replied, “It gave me a bigger shock to find him on his roof last week cleaning out his gutters.”


  • CaresCares Raw Newbie

    A lot of the time when people react badly to the apricot and apple seeds they are actually reacting to the concentrated pesticides and herbicides found in the seeds, so it is best to go with organic ones if you can get them.


  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    dodo~ thank you so much for your support, I really hope they caught it early. I wish you the best of luck with your MRI and it sounds to me like your intuition is telling you the right thing. Intuition is a lot wiser than reason. I will keep everyone updated on my dad. Again, I can’t express how much gratitude I feel for such a supportive community of people. Cares~ that is really interesting about the seeds. . . some dismiss it as a myth, but I believe there is probably some truth to it (since no one is making money off of it ;)

  • I’m sorry to hear about your father. A plus is that he appears to be open minded about his diet. My parents aren’t.

    Dairy—A lot of people consume dairy thinking it’s good for you. The China Study is eye opening. I quit dairy after I read that.

    Sodas, Meats and other chemicals—are cancer causes at the 1-10 cancer causing foods article posted yesterday stated.

    Asparagus Therapy—A simple thing to do, consuming a few tablespoons of asparagus a day has shown to be effective.

    Hulda Clark therapy—A simple thing to do, consuming dewormers from the herb store for 2 weeks. (worms poop malonic acid that causes cancer. Cancer tests come back negative soon after deworming therapy. I don’t know. That’s just what I read.)

    Gerson’s Therapy—Man with colon cancer at my work underwent after his second bout with the cancer. He started it off the advice of another person who was a survivor of late stage cancer who did not undergo chemo therapy. (juicing, enema, potassium supplements). My interest in raw started eight years ago when I saw how young my 60 year coworker looked after undergoing this therapy. I didn’t start though until my dad had kidney cancer two years ago.

  • B17 Therapy—Eat three apples with seeds a day (chew the seeds)

    Interesting read-pancreas cancer natural cure-pancreatic enzymes kill all cancers. There can be no survival without an intact pancreas. Those with pancreas cancer must preserve function by not having chemotherapy and not having it removed. They must go on a raw diet. The pancreas isn’t just important because it provides insulin.

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    itourist~ really interesting information, especially about the pancreatic enzymes. I am off to look more into this. How is your dad doing? If there is one thing this experience has made apparent it is that cancer touches the lives of almost everyone. If you never have to go through it or see a loved one go through it, you are extremely lucky. My dad just left a message on my phone, he got back from a CT scan and an MRI scan. He says he is sick of all this “pussyfooting around” LOL :) and he has been taking my advice, eating fresh, raw veggies. Yes, I am very lucky that he is open to this kind of diet. I can’t even imagine how hard this would be if he wasn’t. By Thursday or Friday he should have the results of his scans. I will keep everyone updated.

  • doombot – any news? Blessed thoughts and prayers going your Dad’s way! How’s he feeling today?

  • LauroliLauroli Raw Newbie

    mamamilk~ thank you for your kindness and concern. When I spoke with him yesterday he seemed to have a really good attitude about it and has been eating raw, organic veggies :D I’m so proud of him! I will know about his results either today or tomorrow and I’ll keep everyone posted. I hope this thread will evolve into a resource for people trying to heal any kind of cancer, where everyone can share all their ideas and experiences.

  • In answer to your original question: http://www.ocregister.com/home_garden/markets.s… love & light

  • dalemartin083dalemartin083 Raw Newbie
    edited August 2022

    This is such a heart-breaking news. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

    There are other people that claim to have taken dog dewormer fenbendazole and cured their cancer.

    I guess if you've got cancer it's worth trying anything, because you can't possibly end up in a worse boat than the one you're in.

  • Lauroli said:

    I just found out this morning. Just yesterday i was thinking how lucky I was to have two healthy parents. I can’t believe this is happening. I am trying to garner all the info. I can for my dad so he can heal himself. He lives in Mission Viejo, California. If anyone knows of a place nearby that has access to fresh, local Organic fruits and veggies, that would be so helpful. Has anyone else here struggled with that or known of someone else who has? Any advice, knowledge would be infinitely appreciated.

    Our parents in old age very struggle with their life but this is our responsibility - We care for our parents like a baby so I give you few cautions that maintain his life good-
    * Try not to smoke. Smoking is remembered to cause about a portion of all bladder malignant growths.
    * Limit openness to specific synthetics in the working environment. Laborers in enterprises that utilize certain natural synthetic compounds have a higher gamble of bladder disease.
    * Drink a lot of fluids.
    * Eat bunches of foods grown from the ground.

  • Sorry, to hear that. I lost a grandmother to cancer last year, so I know more or less what you're going through. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

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