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Hi! I'm intimidated...

I have been reading about raw for two years now (more on the net). It’s something that I really would like to do, but I’m intimidated. Some of the recipes seem so complicated, and I’m afraid that I will miss the foods that I love (especially cheese). And all of the talk of sprouting and seeds, and I get confused if something is really considered raw. So, far I have bought Alissa Cohen’s book. Can you all suggest other books that would be great to read? And please motivate or inspire me to dive in! Direct me to simple, yummy recipes in the recipes section too please!! I have scrolled through, but there are so many it’s overwhelming to me!!



  • Hi Lapetitemort - I totally understand where youre coming from. Im pretty new at this myself (about 6 months) now, and when i first started there was so much i didnt know! The first cookbook i picked up was Rawvolution by Matt Amsden. I loved it – i could make everything in it, and it came out looking just like the pictures! I started very simply, and as i figured things out i slowely added them to my repetoire. I only started sprouting about 3 weeks ago! I dont know why i was so scared of it – its remarkably easy. I should probably mention im not much of a cook to begin with – so for me to be able to accomplish these beautiful dishes was thrilling. Recipes range from very very simple – to rather complex so i would suggest starting slow and easy. Not everything has to be gourmet! Once you get started, i think youll be amazed at how enjoyable this type of food prep is.

    As far as cravings – once i got past the initial detox.withdrawal i was amazed at how my cravings changed/dissapeard. You can find a raw recipe for almost everything (pizza, pasta, bread, cheese etc..)so if you can satisfy any urges you may have. Also, i found for me my cravings started to change from cheese and bread to fruits and veggies.

    Hope that helps! Good Luck!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I think you could do with reading books about people’s transitioning to raw stories rather than recipe books…

    Shazzie has a 7 year journal on her website: http://www.shazzie.com which is a “warts and all” account of her journey to raw.

    Victoria Boutenko wrote a book called “12 steps to raw” to help people transition. And a book called “The Raw Family” about how she changed her whole family’s sad diet to a raw one.

    There’s a great motivational book called ” Nature’s First Law the raw food diet” by Wolfe, Arlin and someone else I can’t remember. If you read this, I guarantee you’ll go raw!! And there’s another one called “Blatant Raw Food Propaganda” which is another motivational book.

    The recipes are easier than they look once you actually give them a go. I find raw un cooking far easier than normal cooking. It is so, so much more fun, and the washing up is such a doddle as well.

    Just make a couple of recipes a week. Go raw for one day a week, then two, then three etc… You have been reading about this for 2 years, I assume that you haven’t found any flaws in this raw food idea, so you just HAVE to give it a go, even if it is just baby steps!

    It will give you confidence, happiness, peace of mind, great skin, happy tummy and amazingly delicious food!! Go For It!

  • Thank you both very much for the suggestions. The slow transition seems like a good idea, that’s reasonable. I’ve read a few things that said to just go all the way at once. I figure if I’m still cooking for my husband, I’ll just cook him all the things he likes that I don’t, haha. I’m basically vegetarian now, and he’s not =) But I’ll probably introduce him to things slowly, that I know he’ll like.

  • LucyLucy Raw Newbie

    Hi lapetitemort, welcome to the raw! It isn’t complicated,just looks like but it isn’t. I was reading about raw for 3 years before I got into a raw life. Here is one of my favorite raw chefs and she has some videos that you can watch and do it by yourself,It’s easy.Hope you will like it. http://aniphyo.com/

  • Hi. I can really relate to you in 05 when I started raw I didn’t have much choice it was 100% or nothing. It was kinda hard at first and the cravings were hard to ignore sometimes. Victoria Boutenko has a great book called “Green for Life” and if you look into the testimonies section you’ll find my story, I had the extreme honor of adding my raw story to her book. It’s titled “Wheelchair for Sale”. Since then I’ve fallen off the raw food path and gotten back on a few times and am now trying to work towards 100% raw again. (There’s the updated story in my profile if you would like to read) the best advice is to set goals for yourself, and easy ones at that. Try to go all raw over time that way you can handle those cravings easier and it gives you time to be happy and comfortable in your raw progress. It also gives you time to get the hang of some of the skills – like nut milks and sprouting. Before you know it you’ll be a raw food wiz. Welcome to gone raw.. This is a astronomicaly cool, fun, caring and kind bunch of folks and we’re glad to have ya! Good luck.. K-Mom

  • Hi Lapetite, do not be intimidated. I have been raw since April and I live in an area where young coconuts and some of the tropical ingredients are not readily available.

    The very first raw recipe I made from this site was the walnut taco meat. I ate that wrapped with lettuce leaves. I also made the eggless eggsalad and was blown away by that too. In the beginning I made rich savory things, those are a good idea to transition with. I also made wonderful soups. There is a great carrot soup on the recipe board, a wonderful butternut squash soup. I do not have much success with any of the breads, crackers, or dehydrator recipes…they just turn into soggy messes for me, I also do not have a dehydrator so that is the reason why. So I do without. Also there are some amazing banana and strawberry type desserts here. So try to make desserts, soups and nut pates…you will be fine :) Peace and love, xoxo Dea.

  • writeeternitywriteeternity Raw Newbie

    Hi Lapetitemort! My suggestion is to “go mini”! Make mini- “grabbable” foods that are already ready. The thing about cheese is that it is so easy to grab a slice, a cube, or a slice a pizza- that’s part of the appeal.

    Make mock mozzerella with macadamia nuts, garlic, oil and put it in a ziplock bag- cut the corner off, and squirt in mini tomatoes, on cucumber slices, or into mushroom caps. Have them in the fridge ready to go.

    You can also have a meatier treat with walnuts or pecans ground with spices and put into mushroom caps. I did this for my parents and they loved them.

    My “Unruley Tabouli” is good. It lasts and is really filling.

    For motivation I’d say if you prepare ahead, your kitchen stays cleaner so you’ll have more time to have fun and you’ll be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound and dance all night!

  • Oh wow, you guys rock! There are so many good tips and advice here, and book suggestions to boot! I truly appreciate all of the help that you are providing, and the inspiration. I believe today, I am going to begin incorporating raw into my life. Cross your fingers for me =)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    that’s great news, you go for it!! and keep us all posted!

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