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why are so many on this site afraid of fruit?

kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

why are so many people on this site afraid of fruit? why do so many people on this site think that a diet high in fat is healthier than a diet high in fruit? why are there no fruitarians or low-fat vegans on this site with candida problems? why do so many high-fat eaters have candida?

we are biologically designed to eat fruit!

the human species are frugivores. we are designed to eat predominantly raw fruit. were we born with stoves on our backs to cook grains? or canine like teeth for ripping open meat? or dehydrators to make combo abombo "raw" recipes? or maybe with extractors to cold press oil? no! we were born with long fingers, perfect for opening up ripe fruit. Our natural foods must necessarily appeal to ALL our relevant senses. our natural foods appeal to us in their raw, whole natural form. Eating should always be a gustatory delight. Do you salivate at the sight of a dead carcass like a true carnivore? does the thought of raw wheat sound appealing? what about a juicy watermelon? i'm sure everyone would go for the latter. fruit is definitely appealing to the senses. it's beautiful for one. maybe that's why people often paint it. ripe fruit gives off heavenly aromas. they have all sorts of textures, and fruit tastes amazing whole, unprocessed and raw! fruit takes no preparation. grains, legumes, and animal products need to be cooked, processed, or adulterated in some way to make it palatable. salt or A1 anyone?

fruit is so easy to digest. it goes straight through the stomach and gets digested in the intestines where the nutrients are assimilated very efficiently with the exception of bananas. they get digested in the stomach but also very quick and efficiently. meat can take around 24 hours to digest. Putrefying meat in the intestines...sounds healthy. dairy is mucous forming and prevents optimal absorption of vitamins and minerals. grains are relatively un-digestible. the evidence is in your stool (think corn). nuts and seeds in the wild only have about a 2 week long season. that means, in the wild we would only be eating nuts and seeds for 2 weeks out of the year.

fruit consists mostly of water. it is the most hydrating of foods. cooked foods provide no water and actually take some of your body's own water to digest. sames goes for dehydrating. fruit comes in a package with the perfect ratio of water and fiber. the water and fiber help the sugar release slowly so that your blood sugar levels do not spike. eating fruits in their unnatural state; dried fruits or drinking fruit juices will spike your blood sugar because of the absence of water or fiber.

do you have a sugar addiction? your body needs simple sugars for fuel. everything you eat is broken down into a simple sugar called a monosaccharide. when you deprive yourself of juicy sweet fruits your body will crave another form of sugar (desserts, candy, complex carbs). so eat plenty of sugar in the form of sweet fruits and you will find the processed sweets unappetizing.

do you have a candida problem? fat is the culprit, not sugar. a diet high in fat blocks your ability to use the sugars efficiently. does anyone wonder why fruitarians that eat around 200-300+ grams of sugar a day in fruit don't have candida? a ton of raw gourmet people struggle with candida because they eat about 40%+ of their calories from fat. that's more fat than a sad diet.

fruit is alkalizing. despite what you may think, it leaves an alkaline ash.

if you eat 96-98% of your calories from fruit and 2-4% of your calories from greens you do not need any supplementation.

our closest living relatives are the great apes. most of them are predominantly frugivores. our closest living relative, the chimpanzee eats most of their calories from fruit. the chimpanzee does eat about 2% of it's calories a day in meat but they also have the ability to break open bones with their teeth. we do not have that ability.

so all i can say now is eat more fruit! if you're not eating a fruit based diet then you are depriving yourself of optimum health.



  • THis is so reassuring Kelly. I have been on a low fat raw diet for the last two months in order to lose some wight I gained when I slipped a bit off the wagon.

    I feel great, however have been having TONS of fruit and often worry that it is too much and that I should be having lots more veggies. I usually do have a veggie meal for dinner, but the rest of my day is mainly fruit. Does this seem okay?

    Thanks for sharing so much info,

    Cheers =)

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    I'm a low-fat high fruit eater. PM me if you want to chat!

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    yay! go fruit eaters! (;

    I'm following the 80/10/10 program and feeling better than ever!!!

    Great post!

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    I also eat a high fruit diet with low fat and I've never felt better in my life!! I feel bad for the people who have Candida problems because they are eliminating fruit when it's really all they need to fix it.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    lulushka, do you mean 2 avocados a day?? if you are following 811, then that would be too much. i think dr. graham said about 1/8th of an avocado a day was enough. i had the same problems with my skin though (very dry) so i have to eat some sort of fat every day. if i do eat an avocado, it's half of one but i usually buy 1 a week.

    as for the superfoods, dr. graham says you don't need them and that there's nothing better than whole fresh fruits. i personally don't eat them just because i don't have a lot of money. on occassion, i order treats online if i want something different or more indulgent than fruit.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    You can do a low-fat diet (without tracking 811 or reading the book) that's high in fruit and include some superfoods if you wish, but you don't need them. :)

  • zinfandelzinfandel Raw Newbie

    My body took a couple months to heal itself from dryness. Not only did 811 heal me of IBS and Candida, but it's also healed all of my negative thoughts related to food from past years having an eating disorder. That is invaluable to me.

  • ajchanterajchanter Raw Newbie

    lulushka8m, the fat content is not over a day, but is meseared over the YEAR (or to some, over the week/a few weeks). So you could have 2 avos a day when they are in season for about a week or 2 but then go without for a longer period. (:

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie


    that's great to hear that you eat so much fruit, but if you eat that much fat everyday from avocados it may give you problems. i too used to have 2 avocados everyday and that gave me problems. it was a little hard at first but i pretty much gave up avocado and i feel really good now. i eat a little on occasion and i can instantly tell because i get tired. just try to eat a little less everyday and that will help. i think the ideal amount is about half of a small avocado no more than 3 times a week.

    if you eat enough sweet juicy fruit your body will become really hydrated and your skin will look amazing. on average i get between 70-100oz. of water per day just from my fruit.

    and superfoods are not recommended. they are a waste of money. nothing is more superior than whole, fresh, ripe, juicy fruit.

    best of luck!

    sexyraw99- an all veggie meal is great if it's mostly greens. it's a great way to supply minerals. just make sure that you eat so much juicy fruit before that you won't want to eat any after the veggie meal. if anything is in the stomach fruit will be blocked from going to the intestines and it will begin to ferment.

    zinfandel- that's great about the ibs and candida. i had candida before i started this diet and it healed me after just a few days of eating nothing but fruit.

  • J AJ A

    I love fruits. Ripe, raw fruits are the kind of food my body craves the most. The aroma, the taste, the colors... I love it all.

    However, I have serious Candida problems. To put a long story short, I went raw (90 - 100 %) last July and kept eating mainly fruits (I've always loved fruits, used to be a chocolate addict but got rid of it within 3 weeks of going raw). Bit of veggies, green smoothies, a tiny amount of nuts. An avocado here or there. After 3,5 months, I got real sick, thought it was detox and stayed at home. Lost all my body fat, looked like a skeleton, sunken eyes, all dry, couldn't eat, drink, barely move... Finally went to the hospital after 4 days of what I thought was detox and found out my appendix had ruptured (appendicitis). Emergency surgery, intravenous antibiotics, two days at the hospital and back home to recover. Should have been 9 days on antibiotics but quit after 6 days. Had a serious Candida infection (systematic candidiasis) by that time, the antibiotics opened the way for them, and I was far too weak to fight back. Could barely walk 20 feet to the kitchen, was lying in bed most of the time, having horrible pains - even after the surgery. The pains finally disappeared after 1,5 months. I've never been this sick before, not even near. I'm 27.

    I couldn't eat much but kept drinking at least 64 oz of water every day. Ate fruits only, didn't feel like I could digest anything else. I lived on fruits alone for 2,5 months. Fruits and water. Nothing else. In the beginning, I didn't eat much - maybe 2 apples, three bananas, a handful of grapes, a pear. After 2,5 months, I was beginning to feel physically better - slowly - but had a horrible mental fog that would lift partially for a few days, only to return and to get even worse. The Candida was the worst I've ever seen, where it was visible. By 2,5 months I added some green smoothies and veggies to my diet. 4 months after the surgery, I was physically fine - no fat left but building steadily muscle, looking fine, feeling fine physically. Still tired and lethargic with a horrible mental fog. 6 months after the surgery I was better than ever, physically, with more muscles than ever (though no bodybuilder by any means), even without any real excercise. But still that mental fog persisted, and so did the Candida. I tried different Candida remedies (mainly grapefruit seed extract) which would help and then I'd think I was fine, yet the infection would return. I still have it, 6,5 months after the surgery. I still have some kind of mental fog even though I am able to work my way around it more. I eat around 2 pounds of greens a day (mostly in green smoothies), 6-10 pounds of sweet fruits, lots of avocados, some other veggies, no nuts och seeds, drink a lot. 100 % raw. No dehydrated foods. No supplements. No desserts.

    I ate 100 % fruits for 2,5 months. My Candida kept getting worse and worse. I had no fats at all.

    As much as I'd love to believe in what you and, for instance, Frederic Patenaude say about fat being the culprit behind Candida, it just isn't true in my case. Pity, I'd love to eat tons of sweet fruits, but I tried that already and failed.

    The problem is this: the fruit we eat is not what our ancestors ate. The fruit we eat has been cultivated for thousands of years into the sweetest thing imaginable. Hundreds of generations have passed, always picking the sweetest offspring, to get even sweeter fruits. Where are we today? The fruit we eat is lightyears from the fruit our paleolithic ancestors ate. I know a gal who has spent 10 years of her life living with different indigenous tribes around the globe, to study them - out of interest, she's no scientist. She told about a "wild" tribe she lived with somewhere near Indonesia, this tribe had basically no contact with the outside world, and she said there wasn't one sweet thing in their diet. They were hunters-gatherers, ate wild fruits, veggies and roots, plus hunted some meat. The fruits they ate, she said, were never sweet. The oranges, for example, tasted more like wood than anything else. And these were ripe fruits. I know she hasn't conducted an organized study of any kind but the conclusion I draw is that the cultivated fruit we eat today, even when all organic, is way too sweet and contains way too much sugar when compared to what our bodies have evolved to live on. I live in a Northern climate and have never been to tropics so all I can compare with is wild apples and pears, which indeed are a lot less sweet than the cultivated apples and pears we usually have.

    My conclusion is that we should not eat much cultivated sweet fruits. Some of us seem to be able to eat lots of them without any major issues, which is great, but others can't, for exampel me - after all I've been through, my body couldn't give the growing Candida fungi a fight, and eating sweet fruits only, I kept feeding them and helped them to take over my body in an ever greater degree. I am revocering slowly, gravitating towards much greens, little fruits and some veggies, though my sugar-spoiled taste buds will still crave sweet things above all else. Sweet fruits still make up most of my calories. Maybe my body will one day be able to deal with sweet fruits like Frederic Patenaude's and maybe my body will one day be like it was before the appendicitis incident, and then maybe I'll be able to eat lots of sweet fruits without any problems, but there just is no way for me to get rid of the Candida if I don't stay low in sugar-rich foods, including sweet, cultivated fruits. And, living far in the North and wanting to use as little of the planet's precious resources as I can, I should anyway eat more locally produced (raw) foods, which are not sweet most of the time.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    that's a shame! i'm so sorry to hear about your illnesses. that's interesting that these problems seemed to get worse after the appendix was removed. before doctors and scientists thought that the appendix had no function, but everything in your body has a purpose. did you know that the appendix is responsible for recolonizing your intestines? this may actually be your problem, not the fruit.

    have you tired to water fast? that may help. your body is a self healing organism and when given the proper rest and only a little water when you're thirsty it will have the opportunity to use it's energy to cleanse itself.

    your body is craving the sweets because that's our fuel. it's what your body runs on. i do agree that fruits have been cultivated to be sweeter and i do agree that it doesn't seem to be a problem for most people.

    that's great that you're eating a lot of veggies and greens but make sure you're getting enough calories. it's nearly impossible to get enough calories from veggies and greens unless you're adding fat which would be detrimental. you would have to eat 300+ stalks of celery, or 20 heads of lettuce, or 45 cucumbers to get enough calories just for example. that's why fruit is so great because it has plenty of calories.

    i hope you get well.

  • J AJ A

    Oh, about calories - I sent a list of what I eat to a friend and she calculated my calories to 3200 - 4200 kcal / day. I eat tons of food, less right now (cause I'm trying to drink more, eat less) but I've been eating 3200 - 4200 kcal / day since around february. I can eat 10-15 bananas without stopping and round off with an apple and grab some grapes, too, so calories are no problem. In fact, my friend couldn't understand I wasn't gaining weight - but then again all those calories come from fruits and greens (plus some veggies). Can't gain weight with those.

  • J AJ A

    I have noticed I feel better when I abstain from eating and drink water only until noon. Been doing that for a week and it really makes a difference when it comes to that fog. Then I'll have a green smoothie at around noon (fresh squeezed organic orange juice with lots of organic greens) and eat mainly sweet fruits all afternoon, eating what I feel like having.

    I'm sure the surgery has affected my body somehow, it should never take 6+ months to recover from that kind of surgery. The doctors told me it'd take 2-4 weeks and 1,5 months later I still was a walking skeleton, couldn't even lift up my 4 years old daughter in my arms! The surgeon told me I was in a pretty bad shape and I later understood I probably wouldn't have made it if I'd stayed one day more at home. If I understood her correctly, the appendix was somehow stuck under a corner of my pelvis and they had to cut me up pretty bad to get at it.

    I haven't thought of actually water fasting, maybe I should. I feel good when I live on water only, physically weak but mentally good. Tell you what, I'll give it a shot and see if it helps. It's not easy as my house is currently full of fantastic organic fruits just waiting to be eaten, but I'll do my best... I also need to work a lot (intellectual, not physical) right now, but we'll see - maybe the water fast will even help me to concentrate on my work.

    The only thing I've heard about appendix is it used to be a part of some kind of leaf-digestion thingy, I read that somewhere (the surgeon of course told me it was good for nothing). I did have some raw non-diary probiotics 2 months after the surgery but didn't feel like carrying on with it.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    that's great! before you water fast i really recommend reading any fasting book by herbert shelton. he had conducted over 40,000 fasts with people that had all sorts of ailments so he really knew what he was doing. you can probably find some really cheap used books on amazon. just make sure you fast when you can completely rest most of the day.

    also, with the green smoothies it may be better to peel the orange and throw the whole thing in. the fiber helps the sugar release more slowly.

    i had been putting off a fast for a little while because i had so much good fruit in the house that i didn't want to go to waste, so i finished it off and then fasted. it makes it easier when it's not around.

    wow! that's a lot of calories! if you're not an athlete i'd recommend eating less. eat what you feel like you burn. that may be hindering your cleansing process because the body is using up so much energy to digest the food. i do a form of exercise everyday but not very vigorous, so i eat about 2,000-2,500 cals per day. you'll figure out exactly how many you need. but that's good, i was worried you weren't getting enough haha.

    good luck and i really hope you get better!

  • J AJ A

    Thanks, I'll look up Herbert Shelton. I've been eating what I've felt like eating. I don't plan my eating and certainly never prepare any meals. Then again I guess it's kind of wrong setup, I'm at home most of the day (home office) with my wife and 2 kids, we order organic fruits & veggies from a wholesaler once a week so the house is more or less always crammed with fruits & veggies. Since I'm at home I'm eating most of the time, I notice I eat less when I'm away. I also eat less when I excercise more... so I guess I mainly eat out of psychological reasons, not physical. Maybe I'll just order less every week...

    I also was real real thin just a few months ago, my ribs were clearly visible and other bones too... so I think I've needed lots of calories, to build up a new body. I've put on an amazing amount of muscles in just 3 months without much excercise but maybe it's time to eat less, drink more.

    I sure hope to get better, too! No - I've decided to get better. I've noticed a huge difference in what I do when I decide things instead of hoping for things. I used to think "I hope this'll turn out to be a good day, I hope I'll get lots of work done" and then I would get almost nothing done. Lately I've decided how much work I want to do and I've achieved more than I thought I would! Makes a whole lot of difference, to me at least. But I've also been drinking more water, eating less and that's probably a part of the equation too.

    Somebody told me I should blend whole oranges (skin and all), is orange skin edible? The idea with juicing the oranges was to leave more space for greens. Now I feel I'm getting enough greens anyroad, might as well throw away less food and use whole oranges.

  • avalonaavalona Raw Newbie

    Reading about the body and nutrition is my hobby. To let you know where I'm coming from: authors like Sally Fallon who wrote Nourishing Traditions really inspire me. When speculating about what the body is designed to eat we must consider that humans all over the world were eating very different diets all those thousands of years ago. It depends on where those ancient humans were living.

    For example the Inuit people in the arctic ate a diet of primarily whale blubber for thousands of years and are a people who had no known history of degenerative diseases of any kind. Recent research in the western medical establishment has overturned their findings about the evils of fat. There are good fats and bad fats.

    Sugar is now implicated as the number one cause of heart disease in America. According to some nutritional historians and many researchers in the field, the human body is designed for fat as its primary energy source. Sugar (especially refined sugar of course) is a rare thing for the human body to have to deal with and it is now recognized that the production of insulin at the quantities necessary to deal with modern fruit and sugary items is actually an emergency response of the body.

    Insulin, just like cortisol (one of the human stress hormones) is damaging to the body, particularly the heart. Sugar is so dangerous a thing to the human body that too high a blood sugar count can kill you immediately, this why diabetics can die if they don't get their insulin shot fast enough.

    Before you try to subsist only on fruits, please read more on the biology of the human body. Fat is necessary for life. Consider that every single cell in your body needs fat to live because all our cell membranes are made of lipids, which are fat. Our brain is a concentration of fats, and desperately needs those Omega 3's to function properly. Research now correlates a deficiency of omega 3's with depression, and so close are these factors correlated that they have noticed the greater the deficiency of omega 3's, the greater the case of depression. Our skin needs fat in order to retain its moisture and be soft, smooth and healthy. This is why lotion is made up of fat (Shea butter, cocoa butter, etc. are all fat!).

    Candida's main source of fuel is sugar! An all fruit diet is exactly what is necessary to sustain and grow an overwhelming candida population in your body. Starve the Candida, heal yourself. Reduce your sugar intake as much as possible. Eat good fats (ie, not over-[processed, or trans-fats).

  • J AJ A

    Hi Avalona,

    Thanks. I'm deep into paleolithic thinking (and paleolithic foods, that's where I came from to raw) and I've read a fair deal about where humans come from and what they've eaten along the road. I'm sure you know homo sapiens is a relatively young (around 200,000 years) and genetically very tight species (with very little genetic variation). We all descend from a pretty small group of individuals who left Africa some 50,000 - 70,000 years ago. Yet this tropical species has been able to live anywhere from tropical rainforests to the Arctic North and thrive on a huge variety of diets, ranging from tropical, mainly plant based foods to arctic, almost meat only based foods (a lot of it raw). Not just survive (as some would like us believe) but thrive, with no or very few diseases and illnesses. Like the inuits for example. However, homo sapiens is essentially a tropical species and thus has been living mainly on southern produce for the absolute majority of our life span (homo sapiens 200,000 years, homo around 3-4 million years). Homo erectus left Africa early on (1 - 1,5 million years) and its offspring, homo heidelbergensis (-> homo neanderthalensis) and homo florensis did evolve outside Africa but there's no proof of their genes ever getting mixed with ours. Anyroad, being a tropical species we've been eating fruits for a long time, but like I said above likely not very sweet fruit. I wouldn't be afraid of "sugar" as in "natural, unaltered sugar" like in fruits but human altered sugar is a different thing altogether. Someone said, "if God made it - eat it, if man made it - don't eat it" and there's much wisdom in those words. I wouldn't eat fly agaric though so some common sense is needed...

    Yeah I think too that Candida loves the sugar from all the fruit I'm eating. What baffles me though is all these people saying they cured their Candida with 80/10/10 meaning they eat lots of fruits. How come they can get rid of Candida while eating lots of fruit sugars?

  • J AJ A

    Oh by the way Avalona (and others), suppose I need to stop eating sugars to get rid of Candida - will I be able to return to eating fruits once I'm free of Candida? And when will that be, how will I know? I know I still have it though there are no visible signs of the bugger - but inside it's still causing trouble. I just wonder how you can tell when there's none left...

  • Has anyone read THE LIVE FOOD FACTOR by Susan Schenck? It has sections about all the different types of raw and living food "diets" I highly recommend reading it to anyone interested in this type of living diet. Check it out and make your own judgement about which one you would like to follow.

  • joannabananajoannabanana Raw Newbie

    Kelly, you sound just like me when I try to explain the way I eat. It's so funny. As soon as I read 80/10/10, I couldn't stop telling everyone all this new information I learned because it helped me so much!! However, outside of this site, I usually NEVER bring up my diet with people anymore. It's only created endless arguments with my friends and family. I mean, I'm not opposed to answering questions about my diet, but I've observed that people think it's totally wrong and inhumane to not eat a lot of fats.

    Yesterday an older woman at the gym started talking to me about diets/food and she was complaining how I needed to add nuts, seeds, and oils to my diet or else I wouldn't live a long life. She said that fruits and vegetables have no protein so there wasn't a point for me to be working out at the gym. Some people are just warped!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hi joannabanana! haha it's so funny when people worry about your diet because you are so much healthier than the person worrying. my family did argue and worry about me at first but i present them with a lot of evidence and they know now, they just won't give up their unhealthy habits though.

    i've also learned, at least with the people around me, to just tell them how i eat and let them ask me questions. they see how much better i look and feel now so they are curious! lead by example!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hey nancy i haven't read that book. i'll have to check it out. if you want any reading recommendations check these books out:

    your natural diet: alive and raw foods by david klein and t.c. fry

    any health book by herbert shelton, especially natural hygiene: man's pristine way of life (natural hygiene makes so much sense, and they teach you that your body is a self healing organism. so they can't sell you any cures or superfoods or other things to make a profit like some other people. their writing is not skewed by greed).

    the 80/10/10 diet by doug graham

    the china study- can't remember who it's by

  • the china study is by T. Colin Campbell

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    glad i could help :)

    as long as you exercise and don't overeat you will be fine. at the beginning of the diet it helps to record how much you eat and put it in a program like cron-o-meter, just till you get the hang of how much you need to eat. you can download cron-o-meter for free. http://spaz.ca/cronometer/

    it'll show you your percent of carbs, fats and proteins. all the viamins and minerals are set to rda standards. rda standards are for the average sad eaters. if you eat a raw diet of fruits and greens you need less vitamins and minerals because they are so readily available to the body. oh and i'm not sure if you eat salt right now but if you do, you will loose a lot of water weight once you cut it out of your diet. if you need any advice the people at 30bananasaday.com are very knowledgeable about the diet.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    avalona- i have done lot's of research for myself and have tried every diet. nothing compares to an all fruit and greens diet. fat is not what feeds cells. sugar does. if you take fruit away from the diet you'll crave things like complex carbs because they are broken down into sugar. like i said, everything in your body is broken down to a simple sugar called a monosaccharide to fuel your body and cells. nothing is broken down to a fat to feed your body. all fruit has a percentage of fat and that percentage is the perfect amount for our bodies.

    fruit is the human species specific diet. why do our closest living relatives whom we share 99% of our genetic makeup with eat a diet predominantly in fruit? what we eat in the wild if we did not eat fruit?

    why does fat make so many so sluggish? because it's hard to digest. why would mother nature design us to eat something and not give us the digestive capabilities?

    the natives that live in cold climates that live off fish and blubber don't live very long, and they don't thrive. most of them lose all their teeth at an early age because their bodies are so acidic from all the meat and fat that the calcium is leached from their bones and teeth to neutralize the acidity.

    humans in the last 10,000 years have not been eating a natural diet so looking back at that will not help us learn anything except how to cook grains and meat and fish. and i do agree with JA. we are a tropical species that evolved from africa. humans that moved away from the tropics had to adopt unnatural diets to survive. it is possible to survive on the unnatural diets of meat, fish, grains, etc. but it is not possible to thrive on these diets.

    sugar is not the cause of heart disease. refined sugar definitely contributes but the main cause is cooked animal meat, cooked fats (which turn into transfats), excessive use of condiments and salt, and an unhealthy lifestyle with lack of exercise. i have never heard of a person that had heart disease because they ate fruit, ever! read the china study.

    there are fruitarian diabetics that have been able to decrease their insulin intake by 30% after just a few years and are needing less and less as they continue to eat an all fruit and greens diet.

    if you say that sugar feeds candida then why do so many fruitarians live free from candida and why do so many people that eat raw gourmet high-fat struggle with it? i've never seen so many candida threads on a website in my life as i have seen on this website. why? because most of the recipes on here are high-fat!

    i was eating raw gourmet, high-fat and developed a candida overgrowth. i didn't have candida when i ate sad. why did it go away after 2 days on a fruitarian diet? because i took away the fat and i started to eat what my body was designed for. on a high-fat raw diet i could barely get out of bed in the morning and i had horrible acne. on an all fruit diet my skin cleared up and i have tons of energy.

    you can read everything you want about any diet but all information is contradictory. until you have found the truth for yourself you should not be spreading guesses written by other people. there are so many people that have cured themselves of amazing things by eating their natural diet.

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hi. it's a diet that consists of raw fruits, greens, and some veggies. you aim to eat no less than 80% of your calories in carbs and 10% of your calories from protein and 10%of your calories in fat. the book is written by doug graham and it's a great read.

  • littlegemslittlegems Raw Newbie

    I wonder why I keep hearing people talk about high fruit vs. high fat? I eat a ton of fruit while following the Phase 1 diet of Gabriel Cousins. This is what cured my candida. It has been several months, and I've been feeling fine. I'm ready to start introducing some sweeter fruits back into my diet.

    However, for this entire time, I've been eating a ton of tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, lemons, and berries with my greens and veggies. I haven't been deprived of fruit at all.

    Before following the Phase 1 diet, I had been eating along the 80/10/10 diet, and my candida got out of control. I had been feeling really imbalanced, and had a terrible candida rash all over my arms and legs that only went away once I cut out all of that sugar!

    I really think that listening to our bodies is most important, and not following a rigid diet that someone else has outlined. I had stubbornly stuck to the 80/10/10 for months, convinced that it would cure me, when it was just making my condition worse!

  • kellyannekellyanne Raw Newbie

    hi littlegems! are you sure you weren't confusing detox symptoms with candida symptoms? they can be very similar. a lot of people break out, are irritable, get rashes, exhaustion, brain fog, etc. while they're detoxing. we're you following the diet to a t, eating 100% raw low-fat, food combining properly, exercising, get sunlight, and not eating irritants, excitotoxins, or stimulants?

  • kelly

    The book The Live Food Factor has all of T.C Frys, Dr. Grahams, Victoria Botenkos, Victoria Bidwells', Vivian Vetranos' Gabriel Cousins'. plus many more innovating raw food advocates. The aspects of natural hygiene and all types of others, it just explains their views and lets the reader decide what is best for them. But they do emphasize the natural hygiene first because Victoria helped write the updated version. Check out Victoria's web site she has many freebies some are just testimonials but others are very helpful. My favorite is the Fruit and Vegetable lovers calorie guide (free pdf file)


    I think you would enjoy the site and the book. also Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetranos' The Health Seekers

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    I eat primarily fruit and greens but I absolutely HAVE to get some fats in order for my hair and skin to be healthy. Maybe it's because I live in the midwest but seriously, it gets dry here. I love my fruits and greens though and I rarely eat nuts and seeds if ever. I get my fat from occasional avocados as well as some olive oil.

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