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Hello, Everyone!



  • Hi,

    My name is Paris and I live in Manchester (UK). I am 20 and I am studying also. I have been vegetarian for most of my life and I am now transitioning into raw. I am so pleased I found this website- I love finding out about all of your experiences and, of course, the amazing recipes!

    Paris :)

  • Hello Everyone!

    I am new to being raw only 5 days in. I went raw about a year ago for only a week.

    I've been vegetarian for about 8-9 years.

    I'm excited to learn many new things about living raw, especially how to get started.

    Could anyone please give me advise on kitchen necessities for going raw?

    I have been pricing excalibur dehydrators. Do they really work good and any suggestions?

  • I am embarking on this seemingly mad journey into totally raw food as I want to heal my body from recurring problems ( kidney and gall stones). I say mad because I am from Northern Ireland and we love a good steak here like or a sunday roast. I am a christian and a few nights ago a prayer of faith after much emotional turmoil drove away whatever spirit of sickness was trying to floor me. In the last week I have prayed over my children (two wee boys)when they had high temperatures and soon they cooled in the night when asleep. Various sickness have noticibly come at a recent time when I decided to fight in my faith and not back down for family and freinds. My parents married life was at its wits end and very threatened, freinds areheavy into drugs and one is clearly under an evil spirit that come in his dreams and is sending him down the path of using methodrone a legal high and now he is a shadow. I am out of work and my ex (mother of my kids is struggling with ill health. I have recently read a book by John Eldredge called Wild at Heart and it strengthened me as a man in this world and made me want to fully enter into the warrior spirit of God. However I am left with a body to look after, flush out toxins etc. I feel that my healing has taken place but God is calling me to a healthier way of life and leaves some healing to the individual.

    How Satan must hate it when we don't die prematurely because of diet but live as long as possible. I love some meats so it will remain to be seen whether I need them or not. I don't personally believe that all meat is bad, certainly not biblically. But remember Daniel who challenged Nebuchanezaar to a meat diet verses raw..He won woohoo...lol

    this is war people. Our very relationships and families are are stake here. Satan wants only to steal kill and destroy life itself. With Jesus blood at Calvary we are more than conquerors though and the battle is already provisionally one. So chin up and keep the faith!

    So I'm praying for you all on this site, you all seem great peeps :)

    Love peter

  • I am new here and am on a journey to more raw food in my lifestyle. Will I ever be a complete raw foodist? Hopefully one day. Small moves...small moves.

  • Hi everyone. I'm Katr

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Congrats on day 1, Katrin! Just make sure to eat lots of sweet, ripe fruit, limit your fat intake, and get in some non-sweet fruit and greens and you'll do just fine. :)



  • Will do! Thanks for the advice :)

  • Greetings all. I joined the site about 1 week ago. I am a born again vegetarian, thanks to my daughter. I am on a journey to becoming a raw vegan. I tell everyone I talk to that we do things in baby steps. Most folks cannot do things cold turkey.

    We do what we can when we can and hope for the best. I will get where I want to be when I want to be there, but getting there is so much fun.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    What a wonderful outlook, Cooking Lady! :D



  • Hi everyone. I'm only semi-vegetarian (I eat some seafood) but have been adding more raw food into my diet. I probably do a raw meal 3-4 times a week and I did one whole day eating raw. I really like this site because there are lots of good recipes and everyone seems pretty nice.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Welcome to the forums forbescj:).

    You'll like it round here most are pretty nice and easy going.


  • Hello everyone,

    I'm new here.:) My name is Evelina and I'm from Lithuania. Sorry about my poor english. :s I'm nor 100 % raw neither a vegan but I'm trying to eat as raw as I can. I wasn't eating meat since 14 years old for three years and one eyar ago I stoped to eat diary, fish and eggs too. I'm not sure will I ever be 100 % raw but I'm trying this out and have many dificulities. Anyway, I'm happy to find this place and much usefull information.

    Sorry about my poor english again.

    Cheers. ;)

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Hi Evelina! Wow, you went vegetarian at 14 years old?! Good for you! :)

    Going raw is super simple (simpler than going cooked vegetarian or vegan, in my opinion). Make sure you eat as much sweet fruit as you care for, limit your fat intake, and get in your tender greens and non-sweet fruits and you'll do great!

    Welcome to the forum,



  • Thanks for advises swayze :) Yes I became a vegetarian at 14 but I weren't eating only meet so it wasn't hard. I was dreaming to be real vegetarian for all that time. :]

    I don't want to loose weight and I can't find other benefits in low fat diet so I don't see the point to limit fats in food. I wish to eat lots of sweet fruits but I live in Lithuania. Only seasonal fruit possible to eat in all winter is an apple. And I know only five seasonal vegetables to eat in winter. That is onion, carrot, cabbage, beetroot and celery root. :D Everything else is not seasonal so it has lots of chemicals and I can't afford organic fruits or vegetables. Anyway, I hope some day to eat all organic food B) and untill then I'll see what I can do. :D But I feel really better to eat more raw food then before and hope to continue that. :)

  • Hey everyone! I'm Nichole, and I live in Oklahoma! I decided to go raw to "up" my health and fitness! I've just lost 66lbs since having my 4th baby on April 29th, 2010 by eating better and doing P90X, and I'm wanting MORE health and fitness results!! I love Mondays and the 1st of the month b/c everyone is always saying "I'll start ... on Monday (or the first of the month)", so since November 1st happened to be on a Monday, I thought "I better make this a good one!" so I went raw/vegan that day! Today is day 3, and I'm loving it! I do need more ideas though for dinner! LOL



  • Hi! I'm Melissa, and Husband & I are trying to replace at least half of our food intake with raw. Each Tuesday I'm going to try a new recipe (hopefully from this site... there are tons of awesome looking ones!) & feature it on my blog: http://www.ahappyone.wordpress.com. Hope you'll stop by and check out my adventures!

  • Helloooooooooooooo.......I am new to the raw concept and have just started to incorporate raw recipes in the morning and afternoon. I am not sure if I am ever going to go completely raw for life, but my goal is to go raw starting new year's to my b-day in August or until I hit my goal weight, which ever one comes first.. By then, my other goal is to not have missed any of the processed foods and meat I currently consume. Glad I found a place to share this journey.

  • swayzeswayze Raw Newbie

    Sounds like a good plan, briarpatch. Welcome to the forum! :)



  • Pame'laVik'toriaPame'laVik'toria Raw Newbie

    I have been uninterested in animal products ever since I moved off our farm as a child. Milk products were amazing fresh from the cow, and all meat needed was alittle butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Healthy animals (who have the choice to eat and find their own food) taste completely different then what you buy in the store. So I just lost interest because I knew that the sauce on meat tasted good, not the meat so why eat meat? Anywho, I would have gone raw decades ago if I knew u could get all ur nutrition on raw. I was convinced you need grains and dairy. I've posted on this forum some of my benefits. You can also see my blog.

  • Hi...My name is Jade and I'm from Milton Keynes in England. I am 26 and I have been vegetarian my whole life as my parents were already vegetarian when I was born and raised myself and my 2 older brothers and younger sisters as veggies! when I was 21 I decided to become fully vegan mostly for ethical reasons but also for all the health benefits too. I have been thinking about trying the raw diet for a while and I am so glad I discovered this website and joined up. I am going to start with a master cleanse detox to get my sys tem prepared to reap the full benefits of a raw vegan diet!

    Hello to you all...


  • Hi all!

    I'm Shelby, I've been a vegan for a year now and I'm currently transitioning to a 90-100% Raw Vegan diet. I don't personally know anyone who eats even relatively raw, so I look forward to getting to know all of you and hearing your tips/advice/experiences. :)

  • Greetings everyone!

    I'm 48 and have been a vegetarian since I was 18 years old (wow, 30 years). However, I haven't been a model vegetarian, because I've eaten too much and haven't moved around enough. I'm now way too heavy and tired, and am plagued by a lot of aches & pains, and vague symptoms that I don't have the energy to pursue.

    I've heard of the raw food diet, and like most people, thought it was bonkers at first. But over the past few years, I've heard about more and more people trying and liking it.

    I dabbled in it a few times, but didn't stick with it because I didn't have the proper equipment, didn't want to give up cheese, etc. etc. etc.

    I finally caved when a coworker's wife was diagnosed with cancer in her lymph nodes. They overhauled their lives completely to save her, and went on the raw diet. It's been a year, and she's doing amazingly well. She hasn't been given a clean stamp yet, but her doctors are very hopeful, and I have to say, she looks amazing, even better than before she was diagnosed.

    He's been talking about their raw diet, their Excalibur, their Vitamix, their dedicated little room for sprouting, and I kept thinking that I'm already practically a vegan (except for cheese), I already put a lot of time and effort into my food to make sure it's meatless & eggless. So why not make the leap?

    I ordered the 9-tray Excalibur with the timer - it should arrive next week. I have a Magic Bullet already that I love, but when it dies, I'm getting a vitamix. I've converted almost everything in our fridge to organic. My husband (not even vegetarian) is fully supportive - he's not willing to make the leap, but he's willing to do all his own cooking. (Although if my health turns around the way I'm hoping, he might tiptoe into raw waters.)

    Anyway, like any newbie, I'm quite excited. I started eating raw in earnest last week, and already my pants have loosened a bit and I'm feeling a little better.

    Looking forward to reading about the rest of you, hearing your success stories, learning how you overcame obstacles, and so on!

  • Hello,

    My name is Stephenie, I'm from Northern California, and I'm new to raw after watching the movie "Food Matters." The movie encouraged me to try going raw. I have started to ease into it by slowly changing my diet, and I plan to start going completly raw by June 13. I have been collecting things I need in order to go raw and doing some research on recipes. I still need a dehydrator and sprouting kit. I am a little nervouse but I am also very excited to take this journey. I would love to hear suggestions on how to start, or what to buy... ect.

  • G'day all :)

    Am from Adelaide South Australia, I been 100% raw now since March 2011, it's wonderful.

    Nice to find a site that has so many enlightened people :)

    Up till now I have been pretty much consuming juices, fruits and nuts, hope to get some advice from more experienced raw foodists so that I may expand my diet.

    Nice to be here :)



  • Hiya,

    I'm Syd or Sydney, or Sydelicious as some people seem to like to call me :D

    I've been vegan for 4 years or so and about 2 years ago my boyfriend also went vegan, he watched Earthlings and said he never wanted to hear the word "meat" again.

    You'd think that would make it easier on us but since then it's been a challenge feeding both of us on our insanely busy schedules and our very different health needs. His tummy can't handle all the fiber I'm so used to and I gain weight just looking at his tofurkey sammiches.

    He came to me one day and said he wanted to try eating less of the processed stuff and more like the way I need to eat to keep my weight in check. I told him I've been wanting to cut out the junk too because i can feel how icky it makes me. All bloated and swollen with salt and I don't know what else. I've never been one to worry about my weight, the issue for me was always health. My doc says he's never seen a healthier body but after many tests cannot pinpoint my sudden rapid weight gain.

    I have no intention of going 100% raw but I need to get more whole veggies, fruit and leafy greens into my life and I think raw is the way to do it.

    This site is a fabulous resource! I've used it many times in the past few years and now I've decided I need to talk to like minded folks who aren't trying to sell me products and supplements and gimmicky "cleanses." I just want to treat my body like a temple not a cheap used car, prevent more suffering by those exploited by the food industry and soften the human blow to planet.

    Thanks for the excellent information for the last few years, I'm excited to start getting into the discussions!

  • Hello, everyone!

    I live in San Antonio, TX, and I am a fairly-recent convert to veganism and raw foods. I began making huge dietary changes in March of this year, so I've only been on this path for about 4 months. I am trying to move to either a completely raw diet or one that's about 80 or 90% raw.

    I changed my diet in an effort to wrest control back after dealing with ovarian cancer. I read several books that spoke of the link between animal protein and cancer, and I also read a lot about the benefits of a raw diet. So here I am--trying to find the best ways to integrate this new way of thinking and eating into my life.

    I hope to find good advice here, as well as some interesting and tasty recipes. The biggest challenge I'm facing right now is integrating raw foods into my life in a way that doesn't involve hours of monitoring dehydrating foods and sprouting seeds, etc. My first try at sprouting garbanzo beans was an unmitigated disaster (fermented beans--yuk!). But I won't give up!

    Anyway--hello, again! I hope to learn lots from all of you and to make my own contributions, small as they may be at first. :-)

  • Mindful Maida,

    Hello and welcome! I'm also a fair newbie to this dietary life but I'm loving it! The forum here is a great place to ask questions and get encouragement. Many of the people here (myself included) have personal blogs or web sites with lots of good information and suggestions to help you stay the course. One of the best things I can tell you is that in my own experience, I'm not where I thought I would be on this road and I'm okay with that. I have allowed my rules to change as I have learned more about my body's needs and about good nutrition in general. Be careful to listen to your body and keep your rules simple. Everyone is different and we all have unique needs nutritionally. Don't get too caught up on the dogma of "being raw" or any other diet for that matter. Congrats to you on your decision to take control of your body and your destiny!



  • A big HELLO to eveyone :-)

    I have been vegan for a about 10 years and veggie before that, and have been wanting to go raw for a while now, but I have to say have not known where to start! Im not 100% raw yet but am working at getting there. So far I incoropate green smoothies into my day and eat salad and 'nibble' on raw veg. Ive joined this site to get more help and advice from others on here to help me be more adventerous with my food :-)

    All help and advice appreciate very much x

  • My name is Tajna,I live in Hawai'i, and I started my raw food adventure in August.I'd had a lot of emotional times this summer,plus traveling,and when I was traveling I was drinking Odwalla juices a lot.I know they aren't fresh juice,but I noticed how much better my skin got,how my energy level went up,and how well I slept.When I got back,I decided,I'll see how long I can go raw! Although now I am incorporating cooked quinoa and other grains back into my diet,I'm still 99% raw.I simply could not digest grains and legumes raw without a lot of discomfort and pain,and a nutritionist I had been seeing advised me to.

    My favorite raw foods are dates and papayas,mmm.I love to make a protein shake with fresh almond milk,raw carob,figs,VEGA protein powder.I make lots of fresh fruit juices/smoothies.Made guacamole with zucchini slices for lunch along with a huge salad the other day.

    The only thing that is challenging for me is eating on the run.I have low blood sugar so need to eat something every 3 hours.I always try to have a Two Moms in the Raw bar with me,or some raw enzyme bar.The hardest part will definitely be traveling,because I can't bring fruits/juices on planes,and run the risk of extremely low blood sugar.That's something I need to work on!

  • Hi all- I'm Leslie. I've been veg most of my adult life, vegan for the last several years, and am now transitioning into a raw diet (maybe 80-90%). I am interested in learning more and staying inspired!

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