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  • I'm on PEI, which is pretty close. Don't have the budget for this now, but I'm sure you'll sell 'er quick. Happy travels!
  • Do not soak!!! They absorb ten times their weight in moisture, so... if you soak you're going to be in trouble!
  • PowerLifer, I hear ya! I'm in rural Canada myself, and I have never actually met another raw fooder in person (except my MiL, who got me into raw foods).
  • Thanks for taking the time to say hi, Hikuro.
  • Good luck and thank you for participating, PowerLifer! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, and there is a first-time for everything. :)
  • Thanks for your feedback, you two! I really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment. I made the movie in iMovie (for Macs only). It was very easy! I agree about seaweed. Dulse and kelp noodles are necessities in my raw life... Warmth, La…
  • PS: I made the video. But I do think it's worth watching! It'll give you a kick-in-the-pants if you need one. :)
  • Sounds great, Rustic Bohemian. Thanks for the contest, I'll enter shortly.
  • Sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out.
  • Congratulations, Alex. I look forward to following your blog and journey, Best, Laura-Jane  
    in Raw Blogs :) Comment by The Rawtarian
  • I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, then I use coconut oil as a moisturizer afterwards. It works great for me, and I have acne prone skin. I haven't heard of using it as a cleanser or eye makeup remover. I'll have to try it, great idea. Best, L…
  • Lots and lots and lots of bananas and handfuls of nuts!! Have fun! Laura-Jane  
    in RAW camping? Comment by The Rawtarian
  • Welcome Casey! What are some of your favourite raw recipes so far? Are you into green smoothies yet? Good luck, Laura-Jane  
  • It's your health. Cut back on other costs if possible. Feed your body what it needs. Also, your appetite will diminish and you'll eat a lot less. It seems really expensive at first, but you'll learn. Bananas and apples are your best friends. And sta…
  • I like both sweet and savoury at different times, but sometimes I just crave savoury like mad. When I'm really wanting something savoury I generally have mock tuna. I prepare raw tuna more than any other savoury recipe, for me it's a staple. Same wi…
  • 100% dedication and commitment. If you have that the rest is easy!
  • I watched a good YT video about the difference. I have no idea whether it's all hype of not, but the video seemed to indicate that there were many types of chia, and salba was the most nutrient-rich version. Not sure if it's simply a scam though!
  • I hear you about the agave concerns. I have switched from agave to honey. I can buy it locally from a farmer. It's not vegan, but for me it works even though I eat a very strict raw lifestyle. I don't have any good date tips either, but I'll watch t…
  • No blender? You've gotta get a blender. Even a cheapy $30 one! Do you have a food processor? If so, you can make raw carob truffles. Very easy. If not, I agree, cut up fruit is one of the most delicious desserts on the planet. -------------------…
  • What books do you have? I'd post them on here to start. :) ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Rawtarian - Tips and recipes for raw fooders  
  • Have you made pasta (raw alfredo sauce and zucchini noodles)? They pack pretty well and are delish. ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Rawtarian - Tips and recipes for raw fooders  
  • This isn't really a chart, but I've written out a few of my favourite substitutions. It might help. I don't think there's a good substitution for chia seeds. They are really unique. They become gelatinous, kind of like tapioca. I would suggest that…
  • I know it's too late, but I say don't do it! You'll screw up your taste buds! I wonder whether you did indeed go to Pita Jungle? ---------------------------------------------------------------- The Rawtarian - Tips and recipes for raw fooders  
  • I've written up my own "how to sprout" blog, complete with pictures. I always have a jar or two on the go. They are inexpensive foods and so delicious. Alfalfa are my favourite sprouts. -------------------------------------------------------- The …
  • Lol, love that gorilla sandwich! I can't wait to try that. Re: lunches, I make sure to always have raw crackers on hand. Then I bring half an avocado in a ziploc, a spoon, and some salt. I spread the avocado on crackers, add some sprouts (in a zipl…
  • I don't soak mine. Similar to FiberArtChick, the trick is to just keep on processing. Don't give up! The nuts go through different stages. I blogged about what I do: http://therawtarian.com/raw-almond-butter-recipe/ I don't add water, although I'm s…
  • I use parchment paper or mesh that came with my dehydrator.  
  • You could try Sunny Raw's whipped cream recipe (scroll to find). It looks divine! http://www.therawtarian.com
  • My husband calculated this for us, because he objected to the dehydrator for energy reasons. Luckily, we realized that it doesn't cost much so he conceded to my buying one. Based on our electricity rates (approx. $0.15 per kilawatt hour), if the de…
  • Nice blog. One suggestion: try to change your settings so that people don't have to have special accounts to leave comments. I know it's possible to change the settings to allow anonymous and just name/url combinations. You'll probably get more comm…
    in my blog Comment by The Rawtarian