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  • Hi Tessa! I remember that this was a problem that happened with the apps that sometimes happens with phone upgrades. Can you try *uninstalling*/deleting* the app and then *re-installing* the app? (You won't have to pay for the app twice, as long a…
  • Great question - interested to see if anyone else has any insight into this!
  • I've never heard of it - what is it? It sounds kinda magical :)
  • Hi Karen! Great question - It is a monthly subscription that renews automatically until you cancel. There is no minimum, though, so you can cancel after one month if you like. Basically, when you check out your credit card will be charged the month…
  • Hi Thomas, I'm sorry, I don't have any specific links for you. Good luck in your search and making your customer a happy one :) 
  • It sounds like you are doing beautifully with it ... And you've got a lot of background with raw food to help! I feel you about keeping the external world at bay with their treats!! Especially hard at home... You're doing amazing! 
  • I recently received an email on this topic from Kalle and thought I'd share it here with you! "Someone on your forum was asking for a Porket juicer gasket. Mine is also missing and I tried a couple of small stovetop Espresso maker gaskets and one w…
  • I am posting this question for one of our members, Liz, who messaged me about burdock root: "I ended up on this site while researching using burdock root ... my question is how much water to burdock root should be used to produce the juice?" Can a…
  • Welcome, Raw Food Girl! Congratulations on your week on Phase 1! Here are my Coles Notes answers to your questions :)  1) Cacao - I am not very familiar with the Rainbow Green Diet, but I say go for it :)  2) I use Maine Coast Dulse myself 3) I …
  • Hi Angie! Great question - In short, what you are doing with the brownies, is making 1 big batch of brownies at the beginning - and then you need to divide it up into four servings. Eat one serving on the first day, and save the remaining three ser…
  • Nice catch, Claire!  Everett, hopefully that does the trick for you. Let me know if you encounter any other hiccups :)
  • Hi Bibi!  I know you and I chatted about this over email, but I wanted to leave a note here in case anyone else is reading this.:) We were having technical difficulties, but everything should be back to normal now! Thanks for reporting - as alway…
  • Hi Bibi!  I know you and I chatted about this over email, but I wanted to leave a note here in case anyone else is reading this.:) We were having technical difficulties, but everything should be back to normal now! Thanks for reporting - as alway…
  • Hi Jan! Excellent question. The easiest way to save your favorite recipes is to "favorite" them by clicking the "heart" icon on the recipe. For example, on this icing recipe the white heart is located on the right-hand side on top of the photo its…
  • I also have a Breville. Mine is a Juice Fountain. It works really well (its' the only juicer that I've ever had), but it does take up a lot of space. I keep it underneath my counter (in a cabinet). 
    in Best Juicer? Comment by The Rawtarian
  • I don't tend to use a lot of packaged superfoods so I don't have any experience with these ones, but hopefully someone who is familiar with these brands will chime in!
  • Aww - my heart.... it beams :) So glad to have you both here, Nikki and Catherine!  Yay for a fresh start in 2016! 
  • Preparation is key! If you have good food around and easy access to raw meals and treats (by making them in advance and planning your meal in advance, at least a meal beforehand) you'll be setting yourself up for success :)
  • Hi Cynthia! You can find the recipe on the website here: raw alfredo sauce. But in short, here are the ingredients and basic directions: 2 1/2 cups cashews 1 tablespoon lemon juice 2 cloves garlic 1 1/2 cups water 1/2 teaspoon thyme spice …
  • Hi Cynthia! Great questions - when logged into TRK, you can get all of the ebooks here: www.therawtarian.com/ebooks Your membership will auto-renew on December 3rd or 4th, so you will want to cancel any time before then if you don't want to renew.…
  • Great question - generally, if the recipe is only eaten once during that day or the next few days, you're good to go to eat as much as you want.  We don't want you to go hungry! Occasionally, there will be a large recipe (example, entire batch of b…
  • what have you been eating, specifically? 
  • Hi K.!  I too am often a hard-copy kind of girl. Is there a particular book that is giving you trouble? PS: Old is merely a state of mind, and you're not there, that's for sure :) 
  • Great ideas here :) Added to my to-make list!
  • Wish I lived closer too!
  • And mine is "Eat to live, don't live to eat."
  • Great job, Claire! Lots of good recipes on there, and nice photos--too! Way to go and keep it up.
  • Make a conscious commitment to go raw. If you commit to yourself you can't go wrong. I would advocate going 100% raw for 30 days as a fresh start to reset your palette.
  • Hi Papa, Sounds as though you are off to a great start with green smoothies every morning. I agree about the medical system. Sometimes medication is necessary, but other times medication is simply prescribed because it's the easiest fix. Changing th…
    in Hi All Comment by The Rawtarian