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  • FAQs re: Points, Leaderboard and Ranks!

    You may have recently noticed some changes here at the community forum related to your account!

    To add some fun and recognition to standout members of this community, we have implemented a points and tracking system to the community.

    Generally, the more points you have, the more you have participated in the community! And, over time, as you earn more points, you will earn badges.

    How to earn points: You earn points on the fly when another member "likes," (1 point) "LOLs" (1 point) or "Promotes" (3 points) your post. But the main way to earn points is by earning badges. (For example, for every 10 posts you make you get 100 points. Click here to view the badges and how to earn them.)

    FAQ: Badge points are only awarded when you earn the badge. So you won't get any of your 100 points for making 10 posts until you've made your 10th post and you've earned your badge!

    FAQ: "Asking a question" and "creating a post" are treated exactly the same when it comes to the number of posts you have made. For example, to get your 10 Posts badge, you could ask 10 questions, or comment on 10 posts, or write 5 posts and 5 questions, and so on.

    FAQ: All of this stuff happens automatically - no need to sign up or turn point tracking on.  If you haven't logged into the community in a long time, your points won't get calculated until you log in again.

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  • Week 2 on the Low-Rat Cleanse

    It sounds like you are doing beautifully with it ... And you've got a lot of background with raw food to help!

    I feel you about keeping the external world at bay with their treats!! Especially hard at home... You're doing amazing!cool 

  • Has anyone tried the watermelon island? What are the results?

    I've never heard of it - what is it? It sounds kinda magical :)

  • Any recipe requests?

    I am looking for three ideas for raw recipes that you'd like me to create!