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  • It usually takes me about 15 to 20 min. to actually FALL asleep. So I would be getting pretty much no sleep if I tried to do this. Certainly not for me, and only two hour to boot? No thanks. I like 8 to 10!!!!
  • Raw corn is soooooo yum! It is juicy and sweet and flavourful. I hope it is healthy to eat it raw!!:} I can’t wait untill the little farms around here start selling corn on the sides or the rural roads!! YUM!!
  • WHAT is wrong with being excited about food?
  • WHAT is wrong with being excited about food?
  • Thaks for that. Falls into line with most other things i’ve read on the subject.
  • It boggles the mind! Did they ask REAL raw fooders to participate in the research? people like Storm and his family, the Butenkos, David Wolfe, Juliano, me? Obviously not. A real raw foodie, does not just eat a few apples a day, or even just lettuce…
  • stylistchick – have you tried going to a Chinese grocery store? I get them from one and they are 1.29 each. Stuff is usually cheaper at Asian markets.
  • I will only drink the fresh stuff. i crack the Thai coconut open and drink it immediately. i have read it tends to oxidise very quickly when it hits the air. I read about someone doing a lab test on young coconuts and no trace of formaldahyde was fo…
  • Zoe – Lucky lucky you!! That would make things so easy to have a partner in ‘crime’! :)
  • It really does make it challenging for me to stay raw as much as i would like. i find i am tempted by cooked junk. Otherwise it’s fine. He respects my choec and i respect his. I never hassel him about eating what he eats, it’s not worth it. We have …
  • About 2 or 3 a day. They are really a convenient food. They come in theie own container, and smooth up smoothies nicely. make thengs nice and sweet too. Kandaces banana crepes shows just how versitile this fruit is!!
  • As far as i had been told, the groats ARE raw. It’s rolled oats that are not. I don’t use the groats, they tend to be a bit much on my digestive system!! I tend to steer clear of grains totally.
    in Oats Comment by Luna blu
  • I do this with collard greens. They make perfect taco shells! I usually do a walnut taco meat, guacamole, corn salsa, and a cashew sour cream. All raw, all yum!!!
    in TACOS! Comment by Luna blu
  • not according to a Thai freind of mine!! Also, a freind of mine from Vietnam wouldn’t go to Thailand right now!! Just saying be smart and safe.
    in Thailand Comment by Luna blu
  • Jealous. But keep safe! I have heard it is no longer the safe utopia it used to be . :( Oh I would love to have a Thai coconut right from where the originate!! And FRESH durian, Oh yeah mama!!!
    in Thailand Comment by Luna blu
  • I agree with Benny. I don’t need to tell this guy off. It would fall on deaf ears anyhow. He is soooooo set in his thoughts that he wouldn’t listen. Was he a vegan before? I couldn’t read the whole thing, far too irritating.
  • Oh hey meditating. Yes this guy is wiggidy wacked!! There is only one thing that will ‘blow your guts out’ It’s called a semi automatic machine gun. ;)
  • Although I am a follower of the Buddha, I do beleive in the fundamental teachings of J.C. At the core of what Buddha and Christ taught was to love and treat others and ourselves with respect. I think websites that are like the one alix brought up, d…
  • Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong it is. We just have to arm owrselves with knowledge, and sift through the crap that’s out there. There is alot of junk on the internet. Maybe I am wrong, but the site came off nast…
  • I remember reading a list of famous celebrity vegitaritans once, and Jesus was one of them. The stuff said on that site is completely INSANE, and actually downright mean. Are the people who made the site Christians? They certainly don’t act like it!…
  • I lost 15 pounds in the first month, and now, even though I have 15 more to go, the weight loss has come to a sreeching halt. I even did only green smoothies for 5 days and not one ounce came off! I am getting a bit discouraged!! It’s not the main r…
    in Weight loss Comment by Luna blu
  • gernin8 – Cardamon, ginger, cloves? I am not sure, I get it premixed from my local indian store!! i think the true mango lasse only has cardamon though. Powdererd.
  • 2 cups fro. mango, HUGE handfull spinach, dash of indian chai spice, tbsp. tahini. Voila, a raw non dairy, green Indian mango lasse!! Never fails to please!!
  • Red star nutritional yeast is by far the very best. It is the only one out there that can garantee the b12 as well! Added bonus.
  • i absolutely love the stuff!!!! I take it just with water on an empty stomach. I don’t think it works well mixed in a smoothie!! I think it is absorbed better on an empty gut! Tonns of energy. I take about 1 to 2 tablespoons a day. I don’t know what…
    in e3live? Comment by Luna blu
  • Bunny – oh and your hair looks great to me, but your soup idea freaked me out a little!! i am sure it was good though. maybe!:) lovin your vid. blog!!! i am thinking aoubt doing that now too. much easier than typing, typing, typing.
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Luna blu
  • Bunny – I hear you about the cost of nuts! It IS nuts!! Are almonds laced with gold or what? I don’t buy raw almond butter (nor do I buy unraw almond butter!) because it is 20 bucks!!! for an 8 oz container!!!! Now that is robbery!!
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Luna blu
  • Audrey – glad you like. My fave is the one where he is flying with the jets in the background. That is the wallpaper on my computor. just love that pic. It’s how i feel on raw, like I can fly at supersonic speed!!!
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Luna blu
  • you feed that many on that amount?! i feed ME and it’s about 100 a week!! BUT it’s worth it to me!!!
    in Grocery Bill!! Comment by Luna blu
  • I get my organic spices from my local health food store. if they are organic, are they still irradiated?!