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  • What if you wilt them a little in the dehydrator, if you don't want them so crunchy and then stuff them with a nut pate. There are several good ones on this site. I like macadamias or cashews, and red bell pepper pureed with a little lime juice and …
  • Right! I've read about using a light bulb, that should pose no threat.
  • This might sound crazy, but I've seen websites with instructions about making your own with a light bulb and a fan. It seems possible and might be worth a try.
  • No need to be sorry! Yes, what I usually do is start by cutting the oil in half and try it. If it needs some, I add it. If it's good, the next time I cut it a bit more. I haven't had texture problems, perhaps it as to do with my own taste buds, the …
  • Almost all of the books I've seen are liberal with the fats! I always cut them waaaaayyyy back with no problem.
  • Matt Amsden's Rawvolution has a photo of every recipe. I love the book, some of his recipes have become staples.
  • Here is the pizza bread, it's amazing, everyone that's ever tried it, raw, vegan or not, has loved it. http://www.goneraw.com/recipe/awesome-pizza-bread I'd also try some flax crackers, they are easy and pretty reliable. I posted one on here that wo…
  • I didn't have the exact same problems that you are, but it did take a little bit to get the hang of it. I can tell a difference when our humidity is high. Times quoted by someone in Colorado are very different than times quoted by someone in Texas! …
  • I've been reading about Olive Leaf Extract, for other issues, but I keep hearing that it is great for candida.
  • Thank you! I liked it because it was pretty inexpensive and I could get it in bulk to try it. I may sprout my own too, I love it in tabouli.
    in Sprouted qunoa Comment by daniefon
  • I'm not sure about the prices you're finding, but you won't find better nuts than these. I visited this farm when I was in Molokai last year, they produced Them on a very small scale and completely by hand. Purdy himself toured us arou d his place, …
  • What about Brazil nut protein powder. I've bought it online in the past. Their description is that it is made from nuts that have been cold pressed to remove the oils and then ground. It tastes good too. I wonder if the pulp from making milk would b…
  • I've enjoyed burritos and tacos the most at the raw food restaurants I've been to. I also liked the nori rolls and "burgers" I've had. I've not been as interested in the kelp noodles and kale salads as I make them all the time at home. However, I ea…
  • I love it marinated and dehydrated until it's very crisp. However, I have sliced it and sweated out the bitter juices by salting it and letting it sit, then wiping off all of the excess salt. Then I've made baba ganoush (spelling?) by pureeing with …
  • Hmm, I posted a comment earlier today and now it's not here? Anyway, I make yerba mate lattes. I buy an unsmoked yerba, so it may be milder. You can do a search on this site for yerba mate latte and my recipe will come up, as will a few others. Good…
    in Yerba mate tea Comment by daniefon
  • How about raw quinoa? I soak it overnight and make tabbouli, it's excellent. I just had some for dinner.
  • I prefer not to eat anything cooked. There are so many other vegetables that I love that I can live without brussel sprouts.
    in brussel sprouts Comment by daniefon
  • I used to love cooked raw brussel sprouts. So, when I went raw, I tried them raw.I shredded them in my food processor and dressed them with an asian styled dressing.They were edible, but pretty strongly flavored. They were ok. I love all of the cabb…
    in brussel sprouts Comment by daniefon
  • Thank you for the idea, Joanna. I made some this afternoon and it's delicious!
    in Blackberries! Comment by daniefon
  • My two cents on yogurt: the best thing I've ever done for my health was getting off dairy. I was vegetarian for 15 years before going raw. Quitting meat made me feel so much better and my digestion went from not so good to much better. However, the …
    in yogurt Comment by daniefon
  • both chia and flax seeds are good sources of omega 3s. And they tast so much better than fish oil in a gelatin capsule. They are packed full of good nutrition. I found this on chiaforhealth.com: Chia seeds and oil naturally contain more than 60% Ome…
  • I decided to look into this. I found a website that gives potassium info for high blood pressure, but has other info too. It talks about overdose, but more in relation to supplementation. What I found interesting is that there are many foods that ar…
  • I would try baking soda or salt mixed with a little of your favorite and gentle liquid soap. It'll make an abrasive paste.
  • Here's mine: http://www.goneraw.com/recipe/mac-and-cheeze
  • I posted one, but it used spiralized acorn squash. I'll see if I can find it, if it's what you were looking for, great, if not, no problem.
  • No offense taken! I was just teasing. This is really the only way I've made it. I like it so much that it's the only thing I've tried. Oh and wait, I forgot to include the ginger! It calls for a t. of chopped crystallized ginger, which probably isn'…
    in Wild Rice? Comment by daniefon
  • I am not someone else, but I'll give you my favorite recipe for wild rice the measurements are approximate, adjust to your tastebuds: marinate 1 c. soaked rice in : 2 t. sweetner (honey, agave, etc) juice from 1/2 lime 2 T. olive oil 1 t. chopped fr…
    in Wild Rice? Comment by daniefon
  • I soak it for a couple of days in the refrigerator until it starts to split. I like marinated in salads.
    in Wild Rice? Comment by daniefon
  • Thank you! I'm going to order some.
    in Sea Spaghetti! Comment by daniefon
  • what do they taste like. I read on the website that after soaked they are like al dente pasta. If they have a good or neutral taste, they could have a lot of potential. I eat kelp noodles like crazy, but I really only like them with asian flavored s…
    in Sea Spaghetti! Comment by daniefon