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  • Me too, I think it definitely still would be for someone without excess copper.
  • For the longest time I thought I didn't like almond butter... it just sat there in the fridge. Too thick, sticky, whatever, I wasn't into it. But now I figured out how to dilute it into a creamier sauce and I LOVE it now! I put a scoop in blender, s…
  • My eyes were dark brown my whole life and seem to be more hazel/greenish now. An iridologist told me that dark brown around the pupil is indicative of a love of sweets... true for me!
  • I've been doing a lot of research on zinc recently... it may be that even though you are eating plenty of zinc in the nuts and veggies, the copper in the nuts competes with the zinc, so you may actually need more. The ratio of zinc:copper ideally sh…
  • Khaas Ladki Can you tell me more about how TMJ is related to fat intake and hair loss. I definitely have an issue with this as well, I wasn’t aware of any connection. Thanks!
    in beautiful hair Comment by kauaigirl
  • lovetobenatural…yes, my periods have adjusted to the moon cycle, are much shorter and lighter, but I have an intense few hours of cramps that I never got before. I feel this is very cleansing because I get very emotional and then suddenly the cramps…
    in beautiful hair Comment by kauaigirl
  • I have some thoughts on this issue since I have been dealing with it also for the last two years since going vegan. My first thought is that perhaps while are body is detoxing from going vegan or raw, our bodies are ultra-focused on repairing the mo…
    in beautiful hair Comment by kauaigirl
  • Love, love, LOVE IT!
  • I second Raw Food, Real World! It is so beautifully designed and recipes are a perfect MEDIUM in complication level.
  • These may be kind of “out there” for some people but I find it helpful when I’m feeling heavy and craving fats (almost always). Remember that we are going through a HUGE transition on earth right now. Without fats we may become too sensitive or ungr…
    in Fat cravings Comment by kauaigirl
  • I definitely use Rainbow Green and Juliano’s book the most….just bought Raw Food, Real World and loving it too!
  • Hi Nagev, I am reading David Wolfe’s new book, Amazing Grace and it has a lot of great info about this topic. Really interesting stuff. Aloha!
    in Magic Mushrooms Comment by kauaigirl
  • rawfood.com has the best of everything!
  • I totally agree with K8lish! I’m sure SoCal or other Natural Hygienists will get on here and say NO! you do not NEED them and they are a big waste of money or something like this so before they do….I feel AMAZINGLY great on superfoods versus regular…
  • I just listened to some of David Wolfe’s interviews from the Best Day Ever…and he mentioned that not using a good sea salt in your diet can be very dangerous, unbalancing and can cause low blood pressure and fainting. Wondering if you have been avoi…
  • Yes, this happens to me too. It’s been happening for years but much less frequently now that I am raw and have done some colonics and intestinal cleansing. I can pinpoint the cause a lot better these days….the last two times it was: Gourmet raw meal…
  • David Wolfe says to fast on grapefruit juice for three days. It’s in Eating for Beauty.
    in cellulite Comment by kauaigirl
  • Just got hooked on Bikram in the last month and it is already completely transforming my body. I totally CRAVE it now to squeeze out the tissues. Intense detox though! For Melissa…everyone is saying greens and that is awesome but for me, increasing …
  • Even chickpea miso? I thought this was ok b/c it is not soy-based?
    in miso Comment by kauaigirl
  • Yes! I just started taking Bikram classes and coconut water is perfect! I save the meat for the post-yoga smoothie!
  • No, I wasn’t there, I found it online on a Urantia Book forum.
  • There is a lot of good information on Curezone about eye sight improvement. I saw a good one about how darkened rooms and wearing sunglasses can weaken your vision. I stopped wearing sunglasses and after a few months, I barely need to squint. I can’…
  • Wow, is there some kind of conspiracy going on in the SD area? First my fave restaurant, Kung Food’s was closed abruptly under mysterious conditions and now Cilantro’s LIVE is serving cooked food. I did always question the location of Chula Vista bu…
  • Fruit, fruit, fruit! I think citrus would be great, as well as any high Vit C fruit… cantaloupe, tomato, cherries, papaya. Pineapple too!
  • Another good option for deodorant is essential oils. There are many that have anti-bacterial properties but I’ve used lavendar the most. Apply straight or put diluted into a spray bottle.
  • Yes. It goes in cycles for a long time.
    in Am I detoxing?? Comment by kauaigirl
  • OOoooh I almost forgot the Tree of Life in Patagonia, AZ is my REAL fave! They do it up buffet style with tons of choices. Had an amazing live pizza there.
  • Sedona Raw Cafe in Sedona, AZ is my all-time fave! Everything is great, especially Magic Bars. D’Lish in Sedona has one raw meal that is amazing too, but the rest is cooked. Here in Kaua’i, we have the Blossoming Lotus which is great but only has 3 …
  • The coolest thing about growing figs on a tree is that one day they are just barely turning brown/black and then the next day one or two will explode to almost twice their size and are very dark. This is when the birds peck into them so I have to wa…
    in Figs! Comment by kauaigirl
  • I have a fig tree in my back yard…had never had a fresh one until Thursday but eat the dried ones all the time. Two figs were ripe on Thursday…OMG….unbelievable! Something special is going on in there. Too bad my tree is tiny so there won’t be as ma…
    in Figs! Comment by kauaigirl