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  • I agree with Sky Princess! I need my blender and a good blender at that! We burnt through two “regular” blenders in no time! It really does depend on what raw foods you eat most…
  • I made this this too and WOW!! daikon juice! HOT! I just totally wrote this recipe off! Daikon was all I could taste!
  • A conversion chart in the front of the book for US readers should suffice.
  • I pick mine up at the grocery store, but I have seen it at the health food store also.
  • I buy it as a tea by Traditional Medicines. It’s called Smooth Move.
  • BreakingFree- Today I tried the carmel apple dip recipe- on here and it is DELICIOUS! My son requested that I put it in his lunch tomorrow with some apples!
  • HERE YA GO! THESE are also good! I have them in the dehydrator right now! They taste like apple pie without the crust!
  • I agree with rawfaerie. Start by substituting their milk with nut milk. They probably won’t even notice the difference since the cereal will still be the same! If they like salad, offer it as their side item in lieu of something else. Make them raw …
  • I am not far from Colonial Williamsburg. No raw restaurants nearby. But I suppose you could live off of salad bars and fruit salads while on vacation? The nearest raw restaurant is probably an hour away.
  • Hi BreakingFree! I am raw and Christian. I read your profile too. I think it is easier for me to maintain raw because it was a slow transition. I am not 100% raw, but mostly raw. I do allow myself a cooked meal in the evening if I want it, but it is…
  • Thanks newbie! Because I really want the mushroom couscous in the fridge! lol
  • Thanks! I will be tivo-ing too! :-)
  • Thank you so much for the suggestions! I was afraid I was going to have to avoid all recipes calling for pine nuts! :-)
    in Pine Nuts Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • Thanks Newbie. And I saw in another post that you are in Richmond? I am on the peninsula! :-)
    in Pine Nuts Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • Thanks Bluedolfin! I am about to go to the Outlet Mall and see if I can find anything there! Otherwise, I will be shopping online I guess! Thanks again!
  • Apple peeler/corer/slicer It looks like this.
  • Thanks RawVoice. I have been cold the entire time. I decided to break fast today. I went 4 days. But I am ready to eat!!! And looking at all of these recipes on goneraw really make me want to EAT!!!!!
  • I use Vitamineral Green and I LOVE it! On the 2 or 3 rare occasions when I did not have my Vitamineral Green smoothie in the morning, I could definitely feel the difference! Less energy and needed a 2pm nap! I am not 100% raw, still eat at least one…
  • I bought my maca powder at a health food store. The health food store I go to also carries raw cacao.
    in SPIRULINA? Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • germin8 When you say
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE the BlendTec! I never had the VitaMix, so I can’t compare. But I don’t need a tamper. I agree with that! On very rare ocassions, I have had to open and “re-adjust” the food b/c of no air pockets or not enough liquid to get the cycle g…
  • Nezumi Is it possible that the mucoid plaque could be broken down by the herbal tea before you flush it out with the salt water in the a.m.? I am on day 3 of the Master Cleanse and I have passed some mucus looking stuff (sorry if t.m.i.) but it wasn…
  • Does the mucoid plaque pass when you are on the Master Cleanse?
  • I happen to LOVE goji berries! I soak them before I put them (and the soak water) in my smoothie every morning with my Vitamineral Green, pear, banana, maca, ground flax seeds, agave and ice! Delicious! Does anyone know an online store with a reaso…
  • I second the Smooth Move tea! Works wonders overnight!
  • Excalibur all the way! :-)
    in Dehydrators Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • I know this group is done w/ their master cleanse, but I am starting mine! It will carry me into the New Year. I will be done on Friday, Jan. 4th! This was a better time for me—on vacation and all…—So we will see how it goes!
  • KurdishMom- I am not completely raw either, but I have cut dairy out of my diet and my son’s diet. I use to wake up every morning with a congested nose and my son’s breathing was terrible at night. We did the Singular and the prescription nose spray…
    in flu Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! ;-)
  • Goji berries and Vitamineral Green does this to me also! Glad to know I am not crazy!