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  • Well, I am happy to say I had time this last weekend of Christmas break to make raw granola cereal and raw fudge (yum!). I also made it to the store to restock my goji berries and buy some Vitamineral Green! Like you chicagomama, I have found that b…
  • Eating raw and then having schedule changes has led me to a more vegan lifestyle. I have tried blending the two eating styles. I incorporate more salads with their dinners. My family members are all such picky eaters so it is hard t blend. My husban…
  • I see most of you stay raw by eating simply. I think my biggest issue is I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I love the taste and the texture and my favorite raw foods require preparation and work! It was so easy during the summer. Also last school year w…
  • If you dehydrate them after soaking they will last longer.
  • Thank you so much EVERYONE for your replies! It is good to know that I am not the only one who struggles! I know we come on this site because we all eat raw but it just seems everyone who speaks out repeatedly are 100% or close to it and for perfect…
  • The carrot-pecan is my personal favorite!!!
  • Are you looking for OAT groats? If so, I believe they are very different from buckwheat groats. Oat groats are what steel cut oatmeal looked like before they cut it up into smaller pieces. But someone correct me if I am wrong!
    in groat-love Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • I have bought one from them and they sent me a link so that I could download it to my computer. I hope this helps.
  • Okay. So I found out no beverages or drinks are allowed in the park. So I guess I am ending my MC early. I am ravenous anyway! Maybe longer next time! Sorry I couldn’t go longer with you RawVoice…
  • Oh the temperature here is in the 80’s and 90’s! But I started freezing almost immediately! Well, I made it through the night. I put the cookbook down and watched about 3 episodes of House Hunters. Then I finished crocheting a baby blanket for my si…
  • I don’t know why I wait until I am on this MC to start looking at all the raw food recipes! Now I wanna quit so I can EAT! You never realize how much food is a central part of our lives until you aren’t eating! How frustrating! And why did I make th…
  • Well, it is halfway through day 2. I’ve been sleepy today. And I am COLD!!! That is why I quit the MC halfway through back in Jan. That and the fact that I just wanted to chew something. Well, I am sure tomorrow will be better. But in the meantime….…
  • I do Smooth Move too. I think I will also start using it for both a.m. and p.m. I don’t want to salt water flush again. That stuff burns coming out! lol And today it just did nothing for me. I was a little hungry mid-day today. But I drank some pepp…
  • So how is day one going for you, RawVoice? So far, so good for me. I actually did the tea Sunday night and salt water flush on Monday morning in preparation for today! I couldn’t finish the salt water today. It made me nauseous. I had 2 cups of lemo…
  • I am starting tomorrow too! I decided not to give myself any type of time limit. I am just going to do it for as long as I want to do it. At first I worried about fourth of July (and my husband’s family is having a reunion this weekend too) but then…
  • I am starting tomorrow too! I decided not to give myself any type of time limit. I am just going to do it for as long as I want to do it. At first I worried about fourth of July (and my husband’s family is having a reunion this weekend too) but then…
  • Thanks for the response Meditating! :-)
  • BeTheChange said: “I would suggest perhaps going vegan completely and then raw? That way, you will first fend off the cravings for a lot of SAD things, and then you will have a much easier transition to raw.” I totally agree. I have been on and off …
  • She is doing some 21 day cleanse…
    in oprah cleanse? Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • 1 mango, 1 banana, 2-3 handfuls of spinach, swirl of agave, little water (about 1/4 cup) and ice. Delicious! And even MORE delicious is when you substitute the water with COCONUT WATER!!!!!
  • Thank you all for your replies!!! :-)
  • Thanks for all the replies! Guess I will see what Philly has to offer when I get there! And if worse comes to worse, I will find some tasty fruit to eat! ;-)
  • I made the cheesecake and it is delicious!!!! I made a crust out of almonds and agave though. I didn’t have any pistachios… My kids loved the cheesecake too!!! Thanks again waterbaby!!! Please let me know if his other recipes are good and quick!
  • Thanks again waterbaby! I will try the recipe soon and keep you posted! :-)
  • Thanks kevin! I have that one! :-)
  • Thank you SOOO MUCH waterbaby! Do you have to soak the Brazil Nuts?? Please keep me posted on how you like the book! I am considering buying it! How do pistachios taste???
  • Thank you Zoe! I will look into her Detox Delights book! So the recipes are fairly easy? With easy to find ingredients?
  • Champion juicers on ebay!!! Nothing juices gingerroot like my Champion!!!
  • I have processed jicama for sushi rice (from Raw Food Real World).
    in raw rice Comment by wanna_B_raw
  • Will be 31 next Friday, the 21st! But people still mistake me for a high schooler! lol