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  • sounds kind of crazy to me, but i’m first and foremost a vegan so i am probably biased against anything including meat/other animal biproducts.
    in The Wai Diet Comment by hannahmarie
  • i just point blank find sprouted chick-peas disgusting and operate under the assumption that anything that gross couldn’t be good for me.
    in Legumes?? Comment by hannahmarie
  • beany- for sure! if i get annoyed with someones questions i just say: i’ve researched my diet. have you? almost no one can say they have…
    in VENTING! Comment by hannahmarie
  • omshanti—i get the saaame thing. always.
    in VENTING! Comment by hannahmarie
  • meh. college. i felt the same way as you. i got my degree anyway and am doing nothing with it! still at a completely non-college-needed job.
    in College Comment by hannahmarie
  • i get a lot of the benefits of eating raw that i do when i am intensely working out (i just finished biking across the us and biked for hours pretty much every single day, for example). i, unfortunately, was not eating raw pretty much at all on the …
  • you could try craigslist.
    in Local Farmers Comment by hannahmarie
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  • i do not see one, but i am about to graduate in nutrition and could become one if i went on to do an internship and pass the test (i don’t think i want to at this point, but that’s besides the point). i think that it depends on who the RD is and if …
  • so no one knows the nutritional value of nuts milks? runnagirl- i do enjoy making my own larabars (i try to be as minimal as possible on packaging, plus they are expensive!) but when i am 100% raw i have a hard time with them because of them combini…
  • I have seen brazil nuts around here, but I heard something about them not being really raw.
  • they do contain soya, so i would say don’t eat it if you are allergic. many people question if it is really raw, anyway. if you aren’t that strict about raw and want non-soya… i think braggs might be good for you, but that is another ‘questionably …
    in Soy Sauce Comment by hannahmarie
  • this is maybe fake raw, depending on how raw you are (when i am REALLY calling myself raw i do fruits, veggies, raw nuts.. none of that maybe raw stuff), but soo good. raw tahini nama shoyu apple cider vinegar lemon juice water parsley chives …
  • i have no idea about french vanilla, and i have an ice cream maker, but i have made ‘mint’ ice cream before. i just blent up nut milk(made a very thick one! more like nut cream), coconut flesh, fresh mint, and agave and mixed it in my ice cream make…
  • it might be a cheap-o method, but my mom used to just cut some off and chew on it… like a cow or something, and spit out the hard stuff. you could probably just eat the whole thing?
  • Ah! Thank you germin8! I just saw this today and couln’t find another thread with it. I am so glad you all saw it already!
  • just curious, what pH do these strips test? obviously not blood pH (since that must be in between 7.35-7.45) so what are you guys testing? pee? spit?
  • i was thinking about starting a juice fast soon… so i can join you in your efforts to cleanse, but no master cleanse for me, i have too much fresh produce for that.
  • i made a pine nut cheese once (only once, it took so long to dehydrate i don’t feel like doing it again) and kept it in the fridge wrapped in cheese cloth. it was fie for however long i kept it for… i think it would keep for a while.
  • you could try a copper IUD
    in Contraception Comment by hannahmarie
  • i’ve wondered the same thing, but i am pretty sure there is still a good amount of good stuff in the pulps… i’m definitely one of the people that uses those leftovers, it seems a waste not to.
  • california, usa
  • i can’t agree more, savrah. some of my great friends are nothing ‘like’ me. i don’t think anyone should just automatically be discounted for any reason. i find more and more people ‘breaking up’ with old friends because of some minute detail, but re…
  • i’m kind of going through the same thing, too. it isn’t too intense, though, just because i spent a few years with the friends i had going through an ‘i don’t drink or do any other kind of drug’ thing, so it is kind of like back to square one with t…
  • hm, honestly, i got mine both used and am so happy with both of them. $5 each on craigslist. i think if i spent a lot of money maybe i would regret it… if you don’t mind spending a lot of money i think excaliber is the dehydrator to buy… as for juic…
  • ok, i submitted a recipe to this site, now everyone can be in the know.
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie
  • bluedolfin.. wait, are you making a joke? my cheese cloth is just cotton? nothing un-vegan.. I would say use maybe even a cup of ROG to a blend of water, there is no reason not to start with more because you can always add more water if it is too th…
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie
  • ha ha, bluedolfin. um, yeah, exactly like nut milk. i like it because i like the taste and it is way cheaper than the other stuff(at my co-op ROG are only $.99/lb). i would say experiment with the ratio to your liking. i only make a blender-full at …
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie
  • no problem, you can also just soak and eat raw oat grouts. i actually like soaking the grouts, making oat milk, straining through a cheese cloth, and eating the leftover pulp as oatmeal… it is really good!
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie
  • bluedolfin- i usually just soak it overnight and it gets soft enough (sometimes 24 hours). i like adding it to veggie salads (just a bunch of chopped up veggies).
    in Starch? Comment by hannahmarie