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  • I’m also curious about this as I’m moving to San Diego in November!! Moth, you live in Boston, right? I just moved out of Allston to spend some time home in NY before my move. I’m sooo looking forward to a non-Boston winter!
    in San Diego Comment by jackiev
  • Sarah Palin truly scares me for many of the reasons discussed above. Eve Ensler, the American playwright, performer, feminist and activist best known for “The Vagina Monologues”, wrote the following about Sarah Palin. Drill, Drill, Drill I am having…
  • I have a memory foam mattress…it is the greatest thing in the world!!! I can’t rave enough! It takes about a week to get used to but after that there’s no going back. I don’t even have a Tempurpedic brand and I got a 20 year warranty…if it sinks or …
    in Uncomfortable Comment by jackiev
  • thanks for letting me know ardesmond…it should be working now
    in super-mom.com Comment by jackiev
  • i come home to a flyer in my mailbox that’s annoucing the new farmer’s market that is coming to my town a BLOCK away from me!!!! and it’s open late enough that i can make it after work! yay!
    in good news! Comment by jackiev
  • el-bo you’ve done pretty amazing these 2 weeks and have been a constant source of info and support for everyone so there is no disappointment!! i too have had some cooked food this week…it’s funny that after 8 months raw i’m having more cooked food …
  • pianissima – i did get them from whole foods so that’s good to know. i’m hoping the others will be fine. i’ll thump ‘em and see what happens, el-bo. we can confer later on our watermelon thumpin technique haha.
  • mycgrrl…i will have to make the trip out there, that sounds wonderful!! pianissima – i couldn’t agree with you more. it’s such a different feeling of “full” that will take some time to get used to but it is a great feeling to know you’re giving your…
  • nycgrrl do you mind if i ask you where you’re near on long island getting all this yummy fruit?? my family lives out east in bellport which is near no whole foods, no nothing so i have to go to stop and shop when i am there. i am always jealous of t…
  • wow, pianissima that artical was amazing…gave me the boost that i needed. :-) marichiesa, i know what you’re going through, which is probably why i gave into some not so good cravings this weekend. but don’t worry, like everything, it’ll pass. el-bo…
  • hey guys…just wanted to thank you all for the never ending advice! It’s weird to me that not eating enough is leading to less sleep. I’ve been pretty tired and thought it was because of that… I love fruit with salad! I’ve been putting ripe mango on …
  • Thanks for the advice el-bo and Greg. I do love my orange juice but for now I’m squeezing them by hand so I get pretty sick of it after 3. I prolly should go buy an electric citrus juicer and make my life a little bit easier. Bananas are just so che…
  • okay…you’ve conviced me! I’ve been high raw for about 8 months eating whatever I wanted as long as it was raw. I realized after a meal at Alissa Cohen’s Grezzo on Sunday (which was freakin delicious by the way) that I just can’t do the gourmet stuff…
  • I also use really raw honey…it’s sooo good! ardesmond, if you figure out how to make honey mustard dressing PLEASE let me know!! I used to LOVE that stuff…a little too much! I tried making it once but no such luck…
    in Honey!! Comment by jackiev
  • You have to go to Quintessence. It’s unbelievable – best food I’ve ever had!
  • Thanks! Or maybe I’ll just lug my dehydrator home from Boston to NY and make it the day of?? haha
    in Easter dinner Comment by jackiev
  • Okay, well now I am definitely making it! How long does it keep? I might have to make it in advance.
    in Easter dinner Comment by jackiev
  • I’m not sure what I’m going to do for a main dish yet but I’m thinking about making this apple cobbler for desert. it looks so good!
    in Easter dinner Comment by jackiev
  • Hi rawclaire. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-W80. It was about $200 and it works great! I got it at Target.
  • Caprese is a layered salad of tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and sometimes balsamic vinegar…definitely one of my faves back in my non-raw vegan day. The crust and crackers sound great! Breakfast bread and nut butter mmmm…
  • angie – I just ordered a Spirooli spiralizer. I didn’t get it yet (can’t wait!!) but it seems pretty heavy duty. You can make spaghetti with zucchini and squash and also lasagna…just layer zucchini slices with tomato/tomato sauce and whatever nut ch…
  • signed it!
  • rinsing your mouth with salt water supposedly helps
    in MC: tongue ulcer Comment by jackiev
  • I’m moving to San Francisco in October!! I’ve never even been to CA so should be an experience! how do you like it?
    in San Francisco? Comment by jackiev
  • I’m on chapter 4 as well…it’s amazing!
    in A New Earth Comment by jackiev
  • 23 :-)
    in How old are you? Comment by jackiev
  • mmmm onion rings!! how long did it take to dehydrate?
    in Battered & Fried!! Comment by jackiev
  • The North End in general is very upscale so yes, it was a little expensive. The entrees were about 20 dollars.
    in grezzo!! Comment by jackiev
  • Well my friend and I pretty much tried everything on the menu! It’s small since it changes weekly…but my favorites were the Vanilla Turnip and Green Apple Soup and the Gnocchi Cabonara mmm! It’s in Boston’s North End.
    in grezzo!! Comment by jackiev
  • You’re welcome. If you click on the “forum” tab there is a little search box on the right side. I looove the “Just Veggies” but for some reason it gives me such a bad stomach ache! I have to force myself not to buy it…very sad.