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  • It seems that it is raw. You can get more info over on this thread.
  • The guys at livingnutz.com seem to do that. They soak them, flavor them up and dehydrate them. I’ve never done it but they look soo yummy.
  • p.s. Grezzo is taking reservations starting today!
  • I’ve been to Organic Garden a couple of times. The food is good (taco dinner…yumm) and I love the atmosphere. They also sell some books and pre-made goodies which is cool. The only thing is that they do throw some non-raw things on your plate so mak…
  • yes I live in Boston and I am soo excited!! and I’m from NY so I get the best of both worlds…just went to Quintessence last week mmm. I love raw restaurants! :-)
  • what are nightshades?
    in nightshades? Comment by jackiev
  • i show up to christmas eve dinner at my aunt’s as the only raw one and she surprised me with zucchini pasta with tomato sauce and these very yummy lettuce wraps! i am very lucky to have such a supportive family! for dessert i brought Zoe’s walnut cr…
  • Actuary, although totally not representative of who I am! currently on a journey to figure out my true calling :-)
  • Your tongue will get white and fuzzy. The book also says that once your tongue turns a clear pink you’re ready to stop the cleanse…but who knows how long that could take! My tongue was still fuzzy after 10 days.
  • Hi guys! I did the MC for the second time about a month and a half ago…it was amazing!! Spiritedmama – I personally didn’t do the salt water flush at all. The first time I did the cleanse I made the lovely mistake of using 2 tablespoons of salt and …