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  • I’m 26 mother of 3 (9,3,1) the younger two will eat almost everything, we snack on lots of fruits and veggies. Unfortunatly I have many nay sayers in my life (believe my children are deprived because they havent had candy since Dec.) I’m hispanic an…
  • I tried doing it over night but it didnt work out. The detox was to much and my kitchen wasnt ready for a raw diet. So for now we are doing 95% Vegan and raw Wed. and snacks. This has been working out fine for 2 weeks now and I plan on keeping this …
    in Struggling to go Raw Comment by Mami
  • which free gift do you recomend?
    in Dehydrators Comment by Mami
  • hi_im_kelsi : in that case I think I will wait till next Friday and see if I can come up with the extra $$ to get that one, is such a great deal good looking out ;)
    in Dehydrators Comment by Mami
  • Pre-dreads : scrub clean scalp with baking soda and rinse with apple cider vinegar and lavender oil. Post-dreads: Dr. Bronners peppermint soap. Underarms: cornstarch, baking soda, lavender oil mixture. Teeth: peppermint soap shavings Face: Raw honey…
  • Munchie – it was day 3 for me too, I started eating cooked rice once a day and I find that eating 3 oranges helps for some reason with headaches.
    in Detox ? Comment by Mami
  • Thanks, I’m def. having detox symptoms then, I have been having mood swings twards my husband but am totaly energetic and feeling light and great. He thought this is what it was he has been taking the change light than I have because I want to hurry…
    in Detox ? Comment by Mami
  • not magazines but other things like credit card offers and paper that is printed on office paper not colored or anything we blend in the blender with water and turn it into paper pulp and make new sheets of paper the kids color on :)
    in junk mail solution Comment by Mami
  • Storm Talifero has been 31+ years raw vegan and is realy lean and muscular also his son Snow who has been raw since before birth and vegan from his 20’s and is a Larg muscular man. But I dont know of any woman who have thrived on this diet long term…
  • I’ve been dropping hints on thats what I want for Christmas, lets see if my hubby gets the picture or if I actualy have to cut out the add and stick it to the mirror LOL. I am sold on it and like the red one.
    in Herb Garden Comment by Mami
  • RawJim- oops I’m so use to only one forum that I’ve ever frequented and am so used to the slang DD= dear/darling daughter DH= dear/darling husband MIL= mother in law
    in Sesame street on milk Comment by Mami
  • You know DH and I arent grossed out from the brown eggs we get from a local farmer because we’ve seen the chickens and they are pretty and healthy but there is a farm a mile away from our house where all the chickens have balled butts and they just …
    in Sesame street on milk Comment by Mami
  • Will the Breville be good for making almonds into powder for thickening soups? and good nut milk?
    in Vita-Mix?? Comment by Mami
  • ooh that is scary because my kids love eating alfalfa sprouts with lemon and salt :(
    in Sprout Toxicity Comment by Mami