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  • wow, normal lawn grass. Does that have the same benefits as wheat grass? And if I throw some grass (wheat of otherwise) directly into my high speed blender will I get the same benefits as using a wheatgrass juicer? Thanks!
    in Greens 101 Comment by northernlights
  • It’s “flimsyness” is one of it’s best qualities. Of course, it isn’t flimsy at all but I know what she meant by it. I thought the same thing when I first opened it. I wondered why after they made the worlds best blender they made the container out o…
  • with aquaponics the plants get there nutrients from the fish poop
  • leaflowers! Thank you so much for that aquaponics link!!! I have never heard of that but I am going to do it! What an awesome idea!!! That is so cool! yea!
  • I use ice cube trays with plastic wrap over and toothpicks as sticks. They stay in place because of the plastic wrap. :)
  • I wish I could eat all organic! Although I wouldn’t be eating very much considering what is available to me where I live in northern Norway. I am happy if I can find a melon… huff.
  • I am also a little weary of it. Would it mess up your metabolism? That is my concern…. Afterwards would your body try to collect lots of fat for fear that we might do something crazy like that again?
  • I have an excaliber and my food does not smell the same and usually it makes the whole house smell fantastic. Of course, it depends what you are making… I have made some things that smell nasty and did in fact make me want to throw up… but that was …
  • This is totally normal. On cooked food you eat a ton of food compared to what you need on raw. Raw food is more nutrient rich and your body gets what it needs faster.
    in not hungry? Comment by northernlights
  • Hey Zoe, I actually stopped eating (for the most part) meat and dairy after reading Allen Carr’s book “Easy weigh to lose weight”! I lost my first 15 vegan pounds a year ago because of that book! I still have some raw pounds coming off but am close …
  • Thanks for sharing. I can relate to what you are saying. I am also raw on and off and can really tell the same differences you are experiencing. I hope that I will find a way to stay raw soon. Because I love the benefits. But, it really is a commitm…
  • Chilove: Would potato chips go under the category of “starches”? My weakness in my transitioning is potato chips. (I am still not back to 100%... somewhere around 80% but filling that 20% with things like potato chips makes me feel disappointed in m…
  • Well, I would characterize myself as high raw and transitioning… so I am still in the phases of detox etc. I was also very healthy when I started however, I feel SO much better than ever before raw. (except when experiencing detox stuff) The most ex…
  • Raw ice cream. I am transitioning, too. For about half a year… and a big bowl of raw ice cream is great. I have all the equipment but find it easiest to make in a food processor. Frozen bananas with raw chocolate sauce or frozen strawberries with so…
  • Thanks, Chilove. What a great post. It was really cool of you to just put that out there. I was about 90% raw but then went on vacation in a different country (lots of eating out everyday for 2 weeks, not raw) and now I am getting back to my normal …
  • Lots of love to you and your dad!!!
  • Amen to the greens and bananas. Try the massaged kale salad on this site. That is a good way to eat LOTS of greens painlessly. Also, banana ice cream!!! yummy yummy yummy. I aspire to be a gorilla… it is true… greens and bananas are the best!
  • The same exact thing happened to me last week. I am never home from work sick maybe once every 2 years or so… and if that maybe home 1 day. But last week I was sick from saturday to thursday. There is also a flu going around here. Although I was 2 w…
  • hahaha… skin falling off? That was creative :-) I have not lost any hair or skin.
  • pizza, of course!
  • I only know other raw-fooders online, unfortunately. So 0 here, too. What would we all do without the internet?
  • I am 29 :)
  • I have never seen coconut oil that wasn’t solid like butter (except after warming it up, of course). And I keep it in a cupboard. I just bought some and the expiration date is a year from now. So I think yours should be good!
  • Welcome to “the boat” as in we are all in the same boat :) You’ve got tons of support on this website. The longest I have done 100% raw was about 2,5 weeks. Otherwise I guess I average out at about 80%... For me it will be a long transition I expect…
  • The same thing happened to me, Karen. I tried it awhile back and could only get 3 cups down… A couple hours later I had one BM with some water flushing but just a small amount of those 3 cups…. I peed out most of it. I don’t think I can get down 4 c…
  • Thanks for the tips! I ship to mom and mom ships to me so it’s all good :)
  • Practically speaking it might be a good idea to have it where there is a really active raw food community. I love the idea and since I would have to travel really far to be a part of it I would appreciate enjoying a community with lots of farmers ma…
  • I do, although he is the type that doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen… so he is high raw because that is what gets served up at our house!! He is also not often to be seen at a grocery store… so he is raw minus the odd frozen pizza and 6-pac…
  • Cool topic! I am a musician. I am a flutist (of the classical variety) and am getting married to a jazz musician and we are both dabbling in the raw food lifestyle. I have been mostly 100% since the end of January (- a couple of social pressure situ…