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  • rawkidchef... i got mine at rainbow grocery in san francisco, but you can order it from http://www.dr-cow.com/ sorry, i haven't been on the site in ages.
  • i mean age for like, 3 months, so that it becomes solid like a regular cheese would. i’ve read my ann wigmore. i’m looking for a culinary perspective. thanks though!
  • are you against nuts? nuts will take care of your whole problem. larabars are a great, easy to transport, convenient snack. also, if you don’t have a dehydrator, you can sometimes buy dehydrated crackers and stuff at the health food store, if there’…
  • anglea stokes has a life.. http://www.rawreform.com she is actually one of the people who inspired me to take raw food seriously. although i admit… her “music videos” are not my favorite thing ;)
  • hey slosh i love your posts and your humor on this site. not that this is a humorous post. it is clearly not. what you are describing sounds like manic depression or bipolar disorder. i’m not a doctor, so i can’t diagnose you. i agree with mon46 tha…
    in Depression Comment by mandelicious
  • i love maca and cacao together. if you don’t dig on nuts, you could make a smoothie with maybe, maca, hempmilk or hempseeds & water or coconut water, cacao, banana and agave to taste. if you wanted to, you could add spinach to that, and maybe so…
    in Maca recipes? Comment by mandelicious
  • rawfance, i didn’t know gratitude had raw bagels & lox! that sounds awesome. i’ve been trying to get my husband to go with me for ages, he’s not down. i’ve had plenty of unforuntate recipe mishaps, although the worst was when our blender jar was…
  • awesome. i’m thinking nori rolls & a big salad…
  • i’m always hearing about the hemp ice cream at judahlicious. i went there once and they didn’t have it. i got a smoothie, it was pretty good. i love: 1) cafe gratitude everything 2) cafe gratitude especially, sampler plate, nachos, tiramisu 3) the f…
  • i like to cut the stems out, use the leaves in kale salad (massaged with salt & lemon) and juice the stems with celery, apple & lemon. sometimes i put a few whole kale leaves in as well.
    in Kale Juicing Comment by mandelicious
  • i like to marinate my (sea tangle) kelp noodles in a mix of almond butter, tahini and miso, sometimes with a little bragg’s amino’s and apple cider vinegar, soemtimes ginger and garlic, soemtimes green onion. add chopped veggies & sesame seeds, …
  • so uh, last night i ate chinese food & ben and jerry’s. i am definitely impure. i surrender to the mercy of the raw food police…
  • i use bariani too, but i’m in san francisco, nearby where it is made, so we have it at our farmer’s markets… i used to get the “first lady reserve” olive oil from trader joe’s… $5.99, unfiltered and really good. not organic though.
  • well, i don’t mean to be offensive either, but if you don’t see a difference between a plant and an animal… i think you have bigger problems than what food you are eating.
  • i need way more food at lunch than 2 pieces of fruit. i would eat those between meals of salads or veggie noodles or other raw entrees.
  • so today’s breakfast (for 2) included: 2 bananas 1 cup or so frozen strawberries (was all i had, would usually use more) 1 cup ice cubes 1/4 cup mesquite 1/4 cup maca/quinoa/kiwicha blend (they were out of the straight maca) 1/4 cup hemp protein (i …
  • i have them for breakfast… and lose weight. i think you’ll still lose weight, but it depends on the person.
  • love grey’s anatomy. didn’t like it at first, but then watched two or 3 episodes… am hooked for good now.
  • i’m a little bit of a nerd… professional tech geek… and i did love buffy, and liked star wars and lord of the rings. never got into star trek or battlestar… the new dr. who is cool too.
  • in most cases, if someone calls for coconut butter, they mean coconut oil (they will usually specify in some way if they really mean coconut butter.)
  • yes, the butter will have protein and fiber, while the oil will have… oil. the artisana coconut butter is a fairly new product, so people used to be able to use the terms interchangeably, and no one would notice. now it’s all confusing. anyway, they…
  • you can just put spoons or knives in as posicle sticks, if you don’t have anything closer… plastic would probably work better than metal, but whatever.
  • i tried to eat some recently… it was just so slippery and weird, i couldn’t deal with it at all… but maybe added to a smoothie? i used to put aloe juice in smoothies and it tasted bad… but maybe the fresh gel would be ok.
    in Eating Aloe Comment by mandelicious
  • any of the ones in boxes will not be raw. if you have a raw restaurant in your area, they will often sell you a bottle… but it’s probably quicker and cheaper to just make it at home. if you don’t want to strain it, use macadamias or cashews…
  • i’ve made avo/carrot soup before. i made it too spicy though and couldn’t eat it. but if it were just a little spicy it would probably be really good! i think you wouldn’t need nearly that much carrot juice… like maybe 1 whole big avocado for 2 cups…
  • davod wolfe is totally not my thing. i think he’s nuts. my raw crush (shhh… don’t tell my husband) anthony andersen, raw model. http://www.rawmodel.com (although… he might be prettier than me!)
  • lemon cookies!
    in #1 recipe Comment by mandelicious
  • so, cooking is processing… yes, some foods raw foodists eat may not be 100% raw, but you are still eating 99% raw foods, so of course they would see the same benefits.
  • whoa, vomit? i’ve definitely never vomited from raw power and i eat it all the time. weird. you’re not allergic to brazil nuts, are you?
  • i use the raw power, mainly because it tastes better and has beter texture than the straight hemp protein (it has brazil nut protein as well.) it also has maca & goji berries for additional tastiness.