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  • just wanted to add that Natalia Rose's recipes are all really easy too. she never uses ingredients that have to be sprouted or dehydrated...all you need is a knife and a blender. very simple and yummy.
  • I too have not tried them but I wanted to second the fact that they look amazing. I am intimidated by the wrappers. Please let us know how they turn out!
  • oh yeah, i totally know the smell you are talking about. I think it just completely depends on the bag you get...sometimes they smell stronger than others. I actually stopped eating them because I kept getting bags that just smell so bad and taste w…
  • poemomm you're my hero! thanks for everything you do for us!
  • Poemomm that's so nice of you to take requests! I have always enjoyed your recipes, you are so creative!!!! I am looking for a corn chip that is actually crunchy and doesn't involve flax. Tortilla chips were always my favorite junk and I feel like n…
  • yea its for your face, its supposed to take away acne, scars, stretch marks, everything. and it's supposed to make your products sink in more deeply. you should google it and tell me what you think!!
    in derma roller Comment by iheartveggies
  • on no lol!!!! raw will fix that for sure.
    in stuck Comment by iheartveggies
  • dafodil- is this a tried and true recipe you have used before? it sounds good in theory, but I wanna make sure before I use up my almonds!
  • just wanted to share my acai experience. I was drinking an acai berry juice called "mona vie" that I was told was raw by the distributor I got it from. I later learned that the acai berries were flashed pasteurized and then mixed with other juices f…
  • thanks so much for your reply! I sent her over an email at blessed herbs just to feel it out. I said I was interested in the free trial but was hesitant because I have wasted alot of money in the past on cleansing products. She said I could use the …
  • greeneyedlady thank you for bringing up the free trial for blessed herbs. I think I will try it since so many people have had a good experience. so it sounds like the powder is pretty filling if you couldn't even manage to get it all down in one day…
  • Yummm, nori rolls are really good, and nice because you can change the ingredients everytime based on what you're feeling. The other night I did kelp noodles, avocado, cilantro, sprouts, and bell pepper. so good. The best food combining chart, in my…
  • Kelly- I think food combining is the hardest part of this whole lifestyle. The hardest part for me is, I want to combine avocados with everything because they are my favorite food lol. A favorite, simple, meal of mine that combines well is some spir…
  • Hey Stylestacey- are you giving up all herbs, or just dried ones? I feel like fresh green herbs like cilantro and basil are beneficial, but maybe you are trying to avoid them all.
  • Sonnenhut you inspired me to make some salsa :) It was soooo yummy. My boyfriend walked in the house and was like, " yum what is that?? it smells so good in here!" and then "No way, you made this? It's better than store bought!" Haha, loved it. I at…
  • Raw n Lovin It- do you make the plum sauce or is it store bought? Also, would you be willing to share the cashew or sunflower seed sauce recipes that you like?
  • Pesto is a sauce usually made with fresh basil, olive oil, garlic, and pine nuts. There are different variations, like cilantro pesto or avocado pesto. I like Bitt's pesto recipe on this website the best: http://goneraw.com/node/12705
  • My favorite raw supper is as follows: Butternut Squash Con Agli Olio http://goneraw.com/node/9813 And Kandace's Caesar Salad http://goneraw.com/recipe/spinach-caesar-salad-and-caesar-salad These 2 recipes are sooooo good, they never fail to satisfy …
  • joannabanana that sounds super yummy, but what is nooch?
    in Kelp Noodles Comment by iheartveggies
  • Nope that's exactly what that means. I think its extremely difficult to get the meat out and cut it in long strips. They use it alot in curry recipes I see in raw restaurants. I don't like them very much and prefer kelp noodles or squash noodles mys…
  • Are those meetups still going on Sunday nights at Thrive?
  • I'm in Seattle! Well, a little north actually, but I work in the city.
  • I have to second the thanks- I just looked up that carrot polenta gravy business, and my mouth has been watering since. I don't suppose you would want to come to my house in Seattle and make it for me, eh, eh?? Haha, anyway, thanks again, it looks r…
    in Winona Comment by iheartveggies
  • Joannabanana- I juice greens in mine everyday with no problem. I especially love kale and juice that all the time. Maybe you need to replace a part? I think they sell replacement blades on the website. Either way, you are being cheated lol!!
  • Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that I have the Jack LaLanne juicer and I love it. It isn't a masticating juicer though, which some people prefer. I have never had any problems with mine and I use it almost every day. I think it rinses clean p…
  • When I was at the Tummy Temple the other day I was reading a little book about the colon and how grains are super mucous forming. I don't know if you eat raw grains, but you could try to avoid those for a while.
  • I think that everyone needs to do their own research when it comes to this and decide what they are comfortable with. Just because I told everyone about a positive experience I had does not mean I am trying to "sell" them anything. It's not like som…
    in colonics... Comment by iheartveggies
  • My hydrotherapist told me that I could insert the tube or she could do it for me. I actually chose to have her do it for me, because then I am able to lay on my side and its quite an easy process lol. The place I went to felt like a spa, you come in…
    in colonics... Comment by iheartveggies
  • ps- Just wanted to add that I went to "TummyTemple" in Seattle. GREAT place!
    in colonics... Comment by iheartveggies
  • Hi, Zinfandel! I just got done doing a serious of colonics, I did one every two weeks. The girlfriend I went with was recommended to come every week for 90 days to get rid of some parasites. They hydrotherapist will see what comes out of you and tel…
    in colonics... Comment by iheartveggies