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  • edamame3: "They said the fat in the cheese and meats on the pizza really helped the patients assimilate the lycopene from cooked tomatoes!" Well probably, fat is really important when it comes to assimilating nutrients. When people have fatty dressi…
  • Ok thanks Yeah I didn't know they existed either I should try them next time
    in MASTER CLEANSE Comment by onion
  • I'm on day 7 of the master cleanse now (in order to get back into raw, as I wasn't over break), however I have not been doing the cayenne. I don't eat that much spicy food and so I really couldn't handle it in the lemonade. I tried doing a concentra…
    in MASTER CLEANSE Comment by onion
  • This is an inappropriate place to post this - but yes, Mike Patton is God I'm curious too about why you don't want to consume fermented food? It's such an ancient technique with so has so many health benefits
  • Hmmm, don't think I will be using agave as much now either. I much prefer raw honey anyway. I haven't tried stevia yet though
  • One time at Trader Joes this woman behind me just looked at my basket and burst out laughing. I buy a lot of bananas... Although right now apples are replacing bananas as a staple -$1 a bag at the farmers market!
  • Don’t worry Khaas Ladki I agree with you, which is why I will probably drop down to 80% in the long run. I want to experiment with completely raw first though.
    in RAW OR COOKED?!!! Comment by onion
  • Don’t worry Khaas Ladki I agree with you, which is why I will probably drop down to 80% in the long run. I want to experiment with completely raw first though.
    in RAW OR COOKED?!!! Comment by onion
  • Avoiding screens that emit blue light, like computer and TV screens after 10pm should also help your melatonin levels, as the blue light inhibits the release of melatonin. Bananas, tomatoes and walnuts contain small amounts of melatonin, I eat mashe…
  • Good subject – I want to start dumpster diving when I have more time
  • My Dad has mild psoriasis and takes evening primrose oil for it. Maybe it’s similar to the flaxseed oil rawlizard was talking about? -My acne has cleared up! I’ve had it since I was 12. It’s never been severe but just always an issue. Now after two …
  • Word, almond butter+peeled apples+all spice+food processor= so good. Wouldn't have tried it had I not read your suggestion, cheers oh and a little bit of lemon juice
  • I use it to – it’s the cheapest one at Whole Foods
    in Agave Comment by onion
  • 1 – Bananas 2 – Cacao nibs, coconut oil, raw desserts 3 – Apples, greens, hemp seeds, hemp oil, oranges carrie6292 – word, I’m so going to try that out this weekend sounds yummy
  • legs_77 I was just watching Jameth Sheridan on Rawkathon. He was saying that sometimes vegetarians are anemic because dairy blocks the absorption of iron. So there is less of a problem if one is vegan than of one is vegetarian. pianissima The phytoe…
  • Oh yeah the elements for life thing? It’s such a good idea. I know – my Friday class was cancelled which meant I could go!
  • I got to see him talk at the Newlife expo last night, it was awesome – he’s such a good speaker ( :
  • It seems that Trader Joe’s doesn’t blanch their frozen fruit, if anyone shops there: http://www.rawfoodchat.com/forums/transitioning…
  • Hey TreeOfLife, Desserts! Gah, I just made some avocado ice cream and it’s so good. I’m not really attracted to nuts, but all the nuts in desserts… And I don’t want to have to analyze what I eat, and figure out how much fat and how much carbs etc I …
    in October 811 Comment by onion
  • Hey, I’ve been 80/10/10 this past week now by default. (I got my tongue pierced so since it hurt too much to chew I’ve just been fruit and green smoothie-ing it up). What’s really weird though is I’ve started to crave greens. I just finished a huge …
    in October 811 Comment by onion
  • Sorry, that’s unfortunate. Yeah, orange juice seems to work with everyone Hope you get better soon : )
  • I did a science research paper on herbalism last year and I was interested in what I read about garlic and it’s history. So I tried it when I was sick and I have used it since as it worked. However I guess everybody is different and it may not work …
  • Hopefully this doesn’t sound too gross – but it helps to suck a clove of garlic. I do it when I get a sore throat and it works for me. “Eat raw, freshly-crushed garlic. Garlic has powerful anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and boost…
  • Hey, I’ve been 100% for one month now and just signed up this week. I lived in NYC for three years now, but I lived in Mosgiel (near Dunedin) all my life before that.
  • Hey, I’m living in NYC and have been 100% raw vegan for a month now. I’ve always eaten a lot of raw fruit (when I was eleven/twelve I found this old book in the book case – Raw Energy, reading it completely changed the way I ate. I still ate a littl…
    in Hello, Everyone! Comment by onion