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  • Fruit!!! I really like to refuel with green smoothies (with protein) after a workout. But beforehand, I just like doing it on an empty stomach or eating with bananas and dates (often during a workout), or just a grapefruit or orange before hand.  
  • I adore green tea and drink 2-4 mugs of it a day...I feel great when I drink it. It raises my metabolism and fights cancer...it's a bit bitter, but I got used to it...it keeps me nice and warm when I need it. www.rawroyalty.blogspot.com
  • Thanks for all the feedback...I think it's good just to be aware of the calorie count in the "heavier" items in raw food...simply because I seriously can gain weight on raw food and I can even gain a lot. 1/2 cup of nuts is up to and over 200 cal. I…
  • Schmoopee~ Is that a medjool date or just an average date? Thanks for the info too. Also wondering, almond flour (1 cup), how much would that be? Stevio~ Yah, it seems like a lot of raw food people either eat way too many calories (heaps of nuts, dr…
  • Valeria~ Where did you get the Gwyneth excercise routine? Sounds cool.
  • Stevie~ My Dad had a really bad split in his skin. It was really deep and the skin around it was hard. I offered him some of my Burt’s Bees stuff and he came to me the next day with an amazed face! He showed he how fast it was healing! I don’t think…
    in Split Skin Comment by Charis
  • I love kale chips…here’s a blog post I did about them… http://rawroyalty.blogspot.com/2008/05/kale-chi… and here’s the recipe here on Gone Raw http://www.goneraw.com/recipes/1673-Dilly-Dally…  
  • Troublesjustabubble~ So glad about the coconut oil…cuz that’s the one I use. I just wish it was organic…it doesn’t say…so it probably isn’t, but it’s certainly incredible quality.
  • Just got the Excalibur and I LOVE it!!! Got the 9 tray! It’s been going full steam since we got it. So stoked about it! www.rawroyalty.blogspot.com
  • Annabelle77~ I had a friend who only washed with conditioner. How do you like it? It sounds great. Do you wash the roots or just the ends?
    in Raw Beauty Comment by Charis
  • Troublesjustabubble:)~ I got it at health food store…in the beauty section. Some people used vit. E to heal scars too, or tummy stretches in pregnancy (altho’ apricot kernel oil is good for that too).
    in Raw Beauty Comment by Charis
  • RawSarah~ How do you put coconut oil on your hair so that it looks healthy-shiny rather than “oh, she needs to wash her greasy hair” look? lol, I would like to try that. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for the face!!! I like to use it as an eye c…
    in Raw Beauty Comment by Charis
  • Stephanie~ I did it and it was good. But I could’ve made more of it. I love the program…it teaches not only good self-control, gives great weight loss…helps us not to seek so much stimulation, eating for eating…if ya know what I mean…but I was alway…
  • I love “Raw Food Real World”...it was the second book that got me into it…but my absolute very very favorite that not many people have heard of!!!! IS….drumroll…”Recipes to Rejuvinate your life” by Serene Allison. It is incredible and oh-so fun to r…
    in Favorite Raw Book Comment by Charis
  • Rawguru is nice…very kind to me when I ordered…sent me two free raw magazines along with it, which was a pleasant surprise.
    in rawguru.com? Comment by Charis
  • I’m hoping to train for a half marathon too…we’ll see…but I would love some great recipes for those more sports and running oriented people…what helps in runs tips and other stuff like that. Keep it coming!
  • Moles that stick out can fall out, but what about the moles that are just brown spots on your skin…not raised. Is there a way to get rid of them naturally, without anything too drastic?
  • BeTheChange…what’s the basic-ness of the book…the science of raw? raw recipes? menus? a raw program? benefits of raw?
  • Yes, a lot of people use agave nectar too. I used maple syrup for most of my cleanse, but at the end I ran out so I used raw honey. Why don’t you try buying organic cayenne pepper? This is what I did…if it’s organic and a good product, it shouldn’t…
  • If I had money for a juicer, I would buy the Green Star or the Omega. Right now I use an old Hamilton Beach juicer…it’s slow, but it does work for greens and fruit. But the pulp is super wet…that is very frusterating because it’s so not economical. …
  • Try Cheesecake!!!! Lots on this site…do a raw nut/date crust and top with a cheesecake-ness delight. I tried a recipe from this site for my raw b-day party and all my family ADORED it and wanted seconds. I’m going to make it again soon. www.rawroyal…
    in Dessert help Comment by Charis
  • I liked that site so much, I added it as a link on my blog. www.rawroyalty.blogspot.com
  • Storebought raisins are brown too….
    in raisin' a question! Comment by Charis
  • I would love more info on this too, I’m learning to do running more and am hoping to do a half marathon next year, just started training for it.  
    in Endurance Athletes Comment by Charis
  • Waterbaby, thanks! I love green smoothies, but never have tried just normal grass. Do you know any special benefits of it?
    in Greens 101 Comment by Charis
  • Zoe, you use normal grass for green smoothies? I’ve never heard about that, but I’ve often wondered why. We live in the country, so I could use fresh, wild grass…what’s so good about wild grass? Is the fibre too tough (like wheatgrass) for our diges…
    in Greens 101 Comment by Charis
  • Just think of a small piece of date being stuck in between your teeth, raw or not…it still will start to digest/rot (enzymes and salivia in the mouth) and it’s super sugary (natural) which will cause cavities anyway. That doesn’t sound too hot. I’m …
  • I don’t drink the globs, that’s gross…for me anyway. And I didn’t even think you were supposed to eat them.  
    in kombucha Comment by Charis
  • Vitamineral green is supposed to be superb.
    in Green Superfoods? Comment by Charis
  • The cool thing about a good blender is that you can do both…if you want to juice, but can’t afford the juicer…you can just blend up your veggies/fruits, and strain it with a nut milk bag and there you have it…fiber-less, fruit or green juice. Go wit…
    in Whick is better...? Comment by Charis