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  • Rawsiki, I totally feel you on so much of what you said, so can I share a bit of my food philosophy with you, and you can just eat the meat and throw away the bone(pun intended). I feel that food should be a blast, it should be fun! If this whole th…
  • aaaaahhhh! Yes, the corn is not organic, I didn’t think of that! I bet that is what the problem was. As corn comes into season these days, I will be able to get organic, I can’t wait!!
  • definitely ebay
  • IF you are looking for a good moisturizer to go with your internal dry skin solutions, then I would suggest coconut oil. My one year old used to have all sorts of weird skin bumps like rice crispies! Well, we started using it on our bodies, face and…
  • Ashtangi108- well if you move to SC, I will me happy to show you 14 Carrots and introduce you to the lady who has a raw meal catering service, and has the potlucks, just let me know if you are interested and I will give you my email address.
  • Wow! A real honest to goodness raw food joint?! I had no idea! Benny, I am with you on the preferring to prepare food in my own kitchen, but one thing I miss about being raw in SC is just the go-out-and-grab-a-meal-ability that Americans are so accu…
  • Benny! There are no veg restaurants in town, but we also have Earthfare, but there is a smaller place I go to that has fabulous produce and even a few raw desserts for sale. There is another larger store with all sort of raw breads and snacks and st…
  • Benny, I am in Columbia, but Charleston is about the only place I love in SC. Are there any veg places there? I only know about Whole Foods. Guys, this is so awesome! I thought I was the only one who knew just a few, and REDHOUSE, I am so with you a…
  • Thanks ladies for the input! I am making my shopping list right now! I had no idea about some of these things like beets and olives, which is great because I love them all!
    in Good for Skin Comment by sabriya
  • Thanks Justine, that is a great idea, with just putting a variety in front of her, especially since her attention span is …..hmmmmm…. She will pop the veggies in her mouth before she even realizes it!! The tactics we parents have to resort to!
    in Sweet tooth Baby Comment by sabriya
  • Wow, this sounds right up my alley! I think I will go out and get one tomorrow. Question. I have had a child, so I think that qualifies me for one size over the other, but it was a c-section, so does that count? Would I still need to buy the one for…
    in Diva Cup anyone?? Comment by sabriya
  • I have found that the cleanse was much easier for me when I was not raw, but the results were better for me now that I am raw. When I was non raw, it took a couple of days before I started to feel weak and shaky. And then after that, I would have go…
    in LEMONAID DIET Comment by sabriya
  • SocaL, I got that from one of our school lessons in Korea. Now, it makes me wonder if it was just a bit of propaganda, since the book was produced in Korea. It said Japan first and Korea/Hong Kong second. Well, be it true or not, you will be pleasan…
    in Moving to Korea Comment by sabriya
  • HI! I just moved back from Korea where I lived for 15 months, teaching. Unfortunately, fruit is extremely expensive in Korea, and it is not easy to find organic. The readily available fruit is very high in pesticides especially the apples. You can o…
    in Moving to Korea Comment by sabriya
  • There is a recipe from Vanessa Sherwood on GLiving network http://gliving.tv/greenchefs/vanessa-sherwood/C… with a great looking chocolate ice cream recipe.
  • I just used it and it was weeeeiiiirrrddd! I will not buy it again! I made an awesome salad that was decidedly less so because of that crazy Slim-cado!
  • Great, that is a relief!
  • My almonds came today, and they are really beautiful, and definately raw. But to be sure, I will see how well they sprout
  • Yes, the FAQ was a bit unclear about whether the other nuts were raw as well, so I emailed and they said that all of the nuts are raw.But I don’t think the walnuts and pecans are organic, just the almonds.
  • Hi! Try http://www.almonds-from-california.com/ppcart/ I just bought 10 pound of almonds there for $58 and the shipping was free. They also sell pecans and walnuts and pistachios. What is even better, they are not bound by that new law in California…
  • When my breastmilk dried up on the eighth month because of stress, I started to feed my daughter goat milk and plenty of green smoothies and she is thriving!
  • This is real food for thought. As a raw vegan, I do feel a lot of pressure to get the Vitamix. Everytime I use my $20 blender, I think to myself, “If this were a Vitamix, this smoothie would be so much better”. If I can find a cheap used one, then I…
  • Me, too, I love that even though raw, we can still make all kinds of goodies in a dehydrator. I think basically 99.99% of all raw fooders who have a dehydrator, use the Excaliburs because it can function at lower temperatures and it has trays, and i…
    in Food Dehydrator Comment by sabriya
  • I’ll have to give that try!
    in kimchi Comment by sabriya
  • thanks coconutty! I bought this one home made from a Korean church group, so I think that must put me out of the woods. WooooHooo!
    in kimchi Comment by sabriya
  • The Luna Pastel cafe looks so cool, but I am in South Carolina, so that is out. But I am planning to go to Living Light in the near future, to get more experience. Raw Chef Dan charges $30,000!! But from the looks of his recipes, I am sure his servi…
  • Hmmm, an internship. That is a great idea, to learn from someone else’s mistakes so I can make fewer of my own!
  • Thank you so much writeeternity! I had a look and it seems right up my alley! I want to start a small raw take-out joint, but I just didn’t know what my first steps should be. That business guide seems like it will save me from making a lot of mista…
  • I don’t know what area you live in, but after going raw, I have eaten at the Cheesecake Factory, and they had a few great salads that were raw, and had some nice flavor combinations. They have Vietnamese lettuce wraps that you can get without the ch…
    in Flat Top Grill? Comment by sabriya
  • Bowling ball milk….. Are bowling balls raw?