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  • really good advice! Last night after posting this, I sat down and ate an apple. I joked with my boyfriend saying "what a concept!" Thank you!
    in Frustrated Eater Comment by ambergirl
  • Hmmm....No, I'm not going to try it, but I will tell you why I've never believed the "demonetization" of fruit to begin with: I consider myself a Christian, and a creationist. In Genesis, it talks about how the "original" food was fruit. the consump…
  • see, now I'm confused....I really messed myself up bad a few years back, and I need a liver cleanse too! Will there be any way for me to tell if the liver cleanse worked? I magically became "intolerant" to several fruits and nuts, and would love to …
    in LIVER FLUSH??? Comment by ambergirl
  • I COMPLETELY agree with Janie. Please be careful. I came to raw looking for hope, really. I had a long history of bad bad relationships with food, and going Raw really did help heal some of those wounds. However, my problems started to sneak back up…
  • yes! I use coconut oil too and my eyelashes are STUNNING! which is awesome because I have always hated mascara (it seemed to be a mutual relationship as well).
    in eyelashes Comment by ambergirl
  • well for english not being your first, i must say that you speak and write it very well! Thank you so much for your tips and advice!
  • :/ well, i suppose I lfet one small detail out. About 2.5 years ago i overdosed on sleeping pills, twice. You guys are saying that I’m toxed up, and that this is most likely why i am having these reactions; do you think those pills had anything to d…
  • perhaps your groats went rancid?
  • Jsorensens2 I think that you shouldn't be afraid or intimidated by the recipe...raw foods is about experimentation and finding what's right for you; what works for one wouldn't really work for another, you know? Be a little more free with your creat…
  • Thank you so much you guys! And especially to SammeeRsoe thank you so much for your reply. I guess that i have to come to terms with the fact that maybe raw has become a sort of diversion instead of a cure for me…and while i would love ot argue that…
  • oh I am SO MOODY!!! when i’m not on the raw boat that is.. it’s horrible. for both my boyfriend and I. When I’m 60% raw and above, we’re good. No moodiness. However, when I fall out the raw boat, oh the downslide is terrible. There’s anger fits, tak…
    in Moody? Comment by ambergirl
  • Also, kale chips are awesome; all you need is kale (washed), olive oil and sea salt. And then pop into the dehydrator until crisp. Yummy!
    in Kale vs Spinach Comment by ambergirl
  • Yup!! I think you hit the nail on the head here. :)
    in Kale vs Spinach Comment by ambergirl
  • i once tried to make a salad dressing out of olive oil, apple cider vinegar and honey. I am NOT lying when i say it tasted like stomach bile. Dead on.
  • i soaked my wheat berries and then turned them into a bread…its in the dehydrator right now… wheat berries make wheat grass?? I feel so silly; i didn’t know this!
  • this is such a good topic. I came to raw because I used to be bulimic. Raw was the only thing that could keep me out of the bathroom! But i too have begun to see old habits rising…i am new to this diet, and when i slip up (like today at lunch..spicy…
  • yes. but i stated that already
    in My cashews Comment by ambergirl
  • :) thanks Sedona! And i love pineapple and papaya too!! And i will try the green smoothies.. I’m getting excited again!!! :D
  • this has been on my mind a lot lately. Even keeping me up at night. I know it’s not healthy (i’m working on this) but i am obsessed with my weight. I’m always paranoid that i’m too “big”. Last night, my boyfriend was looking up the caloric info on n…
  • hey there! yes I too used to suffer from depression, panic attacks, and even suicidal thoughts…RAW HELPS and like others have said there’s no real formula for curing – just stay on it!!
  • Alyzink- I’m on a budget too!! And guess what i just discovered? Your blender (i have just a normal one too.) It CHOPS NUTS! into a POWDER!!! WOOT!! hehe. So, no need for a nut grinder. Also, in placement of a dehydrator, put your oven on lowest se…
    in raw on a budget Comment by ambergirl
  • i’m so lost… this sounds like it would be an interesting thing to try… except i have really REALLY curly hair (check the photo, or my myspace). So i’m not sure that this would work. I can’t comb through my hair without it being A) wet and B) having …
  • i don’t think i have lost weight on this diet, and quite honestly, it is discouraging me. I try not to think about it. I work out a TON, and i am seeing some improvements on my backside… i guess i’m just impatient, and I need to understand that this…
  • I live in St. Helena, CA. I and I basically the only raw person I know… However i do have a very supportive boyfriend. He’s not raw, but he helps me out! He lives i Santa Rosa, which is about 10 min away from Sabastapol, and I hear that this summer,…