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  • I think maybe some people find them too detoxifying. If you feel sick, stop eating so many. And don't be alarmed when your pee turns pink.
    in beets Comment by penfold
  • I get my seeds from Mumm's, and really like the quality and the service. I'm in Canada. I don't know if that makes a difference. Their site is www.sprouting.com; choose US or Canadian store on the left. The seeds are not nitrogen packed, but I've ne…
    in About Sprouting Comment by penfold
  • I get eczema when I'm stressed, or if the weather's really hot for a long time. The only thing that has ever worked for me was this cream: http://www.aromacrystal.com/index.php?page_id=26 It's got all kinds of essential oils in, so it wouldn't be go…
  • This thread's a good one to look at: http://www.goneraw.com/node/19948
    in Cheez Fridge life? Comment by penfold
  • pixx, I've started looking into these, too. I could be wrong, but I think the only one comparable to the Vitamix and Blendtec is the 3 hp one - which comes with a polycarbonate or a stainless steel carafe. The glass ones only come with the lighter d…
  • I really liked Food Matters - didn't think it was boring at all. It doesnt' have the slight reality tv feel that Raw for 30 Days has, which I was grateful for. It is kind of talky, but very interesting.
  • Also - if you're used to over 3000 calories, and you've dropped to just over 2000 don't you think your lack of energy, etc. might be connected?
  • I'm with RawK - increase your fruit consumption. It seems quite possible to me that you're not lacking protein, but carbs. If you're eating over 2000 calories a day from varied foods, you should be getting plenty of protein.
  • I think using paper exclusively would create a different product than using a mesh tray. I think the paper would likely become part of your food if you let it dry to completion on there (depending on what you're drying). But if you let the top dry, …
  • Sorry, don't have any experience with silicone, but your assumption about the wax paper is correct. And I am often able to reuse the wax paper a few times if I'm careful with it. I wouldn't think silicone would be any worse than using teflex, etc. i…
  • I like what Tonya Kay says about raw food. I'm paraphrasing, but she says while all other diets are diets of exclusion, raw food is a diet of inclusion. Being a vegan means you DON'T eat meat, dairy, etc. If you eat any of these things, you're not v…
  • At my health food store I go to, any dried, unsulphured fruit is labeled as such. I don't know what raisins would look like, but pineapple, banana, papaya, mango, are all a darker, less vibrant color when they're NOT sulphured. Anything really brigh…
    in raisins- raw? Comment by penfold
  • I buy buckwheat, shelled pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, as well as unhulled sesame in bulk from totally mainstream grocery stores (Safeway, Extra Foods, etc.) and they always sprout - every seed just about. I choose to take that as a good sign.
  • Golden kiwi. I had always thought they were just kind of gimmicky or something, so ignored them. A guy from New Zealand was staying at the hotel I work at. He actually grew kiwis and had a big box with him. (Never quite got a straight answer as to h…
  • Taken from the FAQ at www.larabar.com: What is meant by raw? Raw means uncooked food in its real, most natural form. At L
  • Good movie - but there was one thing that kept driving me nuts. It didn't seem like the people really understood why they were supposed to be eating the food they were given. There's a scene where they're all drooling over bread and crackers in a st…
  • Papaya thickens things up nicely. I use it for pie fillings it gets so thick. Persimmons are good thickeners for smoothies too. I'll chime in with the chia recommendations as well.
    in Thickeners Comment by penfold
  • Don't worry, Zoe. The mind can be so powerful that trying to avoid the negative seems like a good idea to me - in your case anyway. You can't help but know the side effects, you're just trying to stay positive right now. I understand that perfectly.…
    in cipralex Comment by penfold
  • I've been on Celexa for two years now, and it's the best thing I ever did. I was always very skeptical of depression and anti-depressants. It took me a long time before I decided to ask my doctor to give me a prescription. Once I started I was worri…
    in cipralex Comment by penfold
  • sweetpea, are you keeping the sprouts in the dark? If they get too much light it might make them bitter. I’ve never done it though, so just a thought. I know that if I grow my sunflowers in direct sun, they get really spicy and strong-tasting, so it…
  • Actually, the hulled ones taste way less bitter to me. But, yeah they’re not raw. The salt that pianissima mentioned would be a good idea as salt balances out bitterness. Warming your milk a bit can help, too.
    in Raw Sesame Milk Comment by penfold
  • I think it just has to do with your taste buds. Sesame seeds always taste bitter to me, too – as tahini or anything. And I always taste overpowering avocado flavour in every desert other people say doesn’t taste like it at all. You’re just more sens…
    in Raw Sesame Milk Comment by penfold
  • Lots of nurseries will give away trays at the end of the year – brand new or sometimes with a crack or something. Even the trays they give you just to carry your plants in will work. They have kind of a large-holed mesh bottom, but if you put a shee…
  • I’ve found thinking federally just brings me down, so I try to focus on the local candidates. Maybe we’re lucky here, being in a very small riding – I know a couple of the candidates personally. It makes so much difference when you can actually focu…
  • Branwyn, I’d agree you’ve got persimmons in the first picture (lucky), and as you’ve figured out, the berries are NOT Oregon grapes. Oregon grapes grow on low bushes. The leaves are more like holly, like you said, and very spiky, turning mottled dar…
  • I mix a heaping teaspoonful into orange juice - 4 to 6 oranges - and it ends up tasting a little malty. Pretty good.
  • I like what bitt and DagnyTaggert say above. Along those lines, try to keep your cooked food lightly cooked and vegan. If even that’s hard, maybe accept one heavily cooked, so not what you’re aiming for food a day, just for now – don’t even think ab…
    in I feel so stupid!! Comment by penfold
  • I have just a basic Nesco one. http://www.nesco.com/products/?category=300&sub… It does have a temperature control, but I’ve never done any sort of test to see how accurate it is… It’s all plastic, but it’s cheap, so of course it is. Based on yo…
  • My period’s totally affected by changes in my diet, amount of stress, activity level, sexual activity level. if there’s nothing else going on for you, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the diet.
    in Late period Comment by penfold
  • It could be iron deficiency. That’s what was causing my bruising a few years ago.