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  • Thanks for your input, edemame3. However, did you even check out what GeneWize does? Based on your comment, it doesn't seem like you did. The reason I say this is that GeneWize supplements are primarily food-based. If you look at the list of ingredi…
  • I really like the Sprout Master, by Life Sprouts. It consists of stackable trays that are easy to use and clean. You just soak whatever you’re sprouting overnight, then put it in the tray, rinsing 2-3 times a day. A 2 tray sprouter with center divid…
  • Besides simple, quick, low-to-no equipment recipes that use a minimum amount of seeds, nuts, oil, and coconut, I’d like recipes that use a minimum amount of sugary stuff such as agave, high sugar fruits such as mangos, and innovative use of nice alk…
  • I’ve been doing primarily the alkalarian diet recommended by Dr. Robert O. Young in ‘The pH Miracle’ for over 5 years now. Dr. Young attributes all health symptoms including gum issues to the over-acidification of the body. His research is quite com…
  • I recommend getting a dehydrator (excalibur is the best) and packing dehydrated stuff with you since you have no refrigeration. If you have room, consider getting a Picnic Time Turismo backpack. They’re insulated, so you can pack food that needs to …
  • The brand of rectangular-shaped containers I use is Glass Lock. These are the only containers that I’ve found that are completely spill-proof. They’re great!
  • Thanks for the info.! I checked out both products, and I agree with you that the Tribest looks to be the better product. I’m thinking about getting one myself. Let me share my favorite food travel backpack with you: It’s the Picnic Time Turismo. Thi…
  • I don’t have one myself, but a friend of mine has one, and he really likes it. He gave me a demo, and it’s easy to use. I’m thinking about getting one myself.Let me know if you decide to get one, and if you’re able to find a good deal on them.
  • I personally recommend LifeSprouts.com. Their products aren’t the cheapest, but their quality is the best! If you can afford to buy in bulk, their products are pretty affordable.
  • I recommend the ‘Curly Girl’ book and system of going shampooless. I use 1 part vinegar, 1 part lemon juice to clean my hair, and I use a leave-in conditioner by Giovanni. I still use small amount of shampoo about once a month on my scalp, and I nev…